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CATNUM Artist Title Description Media PICTURE SerialNum Price Category Type
CD732 GILBERT, W.S. THE BAB BALLADS New recording by the W.S. Gilbert Society (2 cds) with Simon Butteriss, Charlotte Page, Adrian Lawson, Bruce Graham, Leon Berger and Barry Clark.       £10.00 new   CD
CD731 Gilbert, W.S. & SULLIVAN, A THE MIKADO. HIGHLIGHTS. The English National Opera Production Cast: Richard Angas, Bonaventura Bottone, Eric Idle, Richard Van Allan, Mark Richardson, Lesley Garrett, Jean Rigby, Susan Bullock, Felicity Palmer. English National Opera Orchestra and Chorus. Conductor Peter Robinson. KOCH International (P) 1986 © 1994 Total Time: 40:26     £5.00   CD
CD745 GILBERT, W.S. & SULLIVAN, A. Choice slections from Gilbert & Sullivan THE MIKADO and RUDDIGORE + Burnand and Sullivan's COX AND BOX. Charles Court Opera with the Eaton-Young piano duet : John Savournin, Elizabeth Menezes and David Menezes. Recorded at Trinity College of Music, 7 & 8 August, 2006       £6.00   CD
CD739 Gilbert, W.S. & Sullivan, A. RARE EARLY RECORDINGS : PINAFORE & YEOMEN (1907) Sir Arthur Sullivan Commemorative Issue 1900-2000. Symposium 1267 (2000)       £10.00   CD
CD714 GILBERT, W.S. & SULLIVAN, Arthur H.M.S.PINAFORE Original 1930 Recording H.M.S.PINAFORE: PRO-ARTE DIGITAL CDD 598 (1992). D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. Conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent. Supervised by Rupert D'Oyly Carte. Cast: Henry A Lytton, George Baker, Charles Goulding, Darrell Fancourt, Sydney Granville, Stuart Robertson, Elsie Griffin, Nellie Briercliffe, Bertha Lewis     CDD 598 (1992) £15.00   CD
LP671 GILBERT, W.S. & SULLIVAN, Arthur RUDDIGORE (1924) The Light Opera Orch. and a DC Chorus of 12 unspecified singers (3 of each voice) cond. Harry Norris. Cast: George Baker, Derek Oldham, Leo Sheffield, Edward Halland, Darrell Fancourt, Elsie Griffin, Bertha Lewis, Eileen Sharp. Pearl Gem 133/4 wallet, VG   GEM 133/4 £30.00   RECORDING
LP672 GILBERT, W.S. & SULLIVAN, Arthur THE GONDOLIERS (1927 Recording HMV D.1334-45 Electric) Under the direction of Rupert D'Oyly Carte. Cond. Harry Norris. Cast: Henry Lytton, Winifred Lawson, Derek Oldham, Aileen Davies, Leo Sheffield, Bertha Lewis, George Baker, Mavis Bennett, Arthur Hosking, Ronald Stear, Richard Walker, Herbert Aitken, Beatrice Elburn, Sybil Gordon, Gwladys Gowrie, Doris Hemingway. Pearl GEM 141/2 Mono     GEM 141/2 £30.00    
CD715 GILBERT, W.S. & SULLIVAN, Arthur THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD Original 1928 recording PRO-ARTE DIGITAL CDD 3417 DDD DIGITAL (1992). The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. Light Opera Orchestra Conducted by Sir Malcolm Sargent. Supervised by Rupert D'Oyly Carte. Cast: Arthur Hosking, Derek Oldham, Peter Dawson, Walter Glynne, George Baker, Leo Sheffield, Winifred Lawson, Nellie Briercliffe, Dorothy Gill, Elsie Griffin.     CDD 3417 £20.00   CD
CD736 GILBERT, W.S.G. & SULLIVAN, Arthur TOPSY-TURVY Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1999) A film by Mike Leigh. Music of Gilbert & Sullivan. Conducted & Arranged by Carl Davis     Sony Classical SK 61834 £10.00 NEW   CD
CD19 Hawes, Terry and Gilbert, W.S. HIS EXCELLENCY. HIS EXCELLENCY. Libretto: W.S.Gilbert. New Music by Terry Hawes. Cast: David Luck, Paul Mills, Nova Skipp, Faith Stretton, Jean Aird, Chris Vincent, Leon Berger, Stan Wilson, Rosalind McCutcheon, Mick Wilson, Sarah Lodge, Peter Francis. Chorus & Orchestra directed the Composer. Members of the Royal Academy of Music. Produced, Recorded, Edited and Mastered by John Dervish. Adrenalin Music Productions Ltd AMP001 (2001)       £15.00 NEW GANDS RECORDING
CD734 SULLIVAN, Arthur & GILBERT, W.S. IOLANTHE HIGHLIGHTS DC Opera Co. cond. John Pryce-Jones Cast: Richard Suart, Lawrence Richard, Philip Creasy, John Rath, Philip Blake-Jones, Jill Pert, Regina Hanley, Yvonne Patrick, Madeleine Mitchell, Louise Owen, Elizabeth Woollett. Jay Productions (1991) Koch International 340 282 (1986/1994) 44:47       £6.00 secondhand   CD
Search on : 'W.S.' . 11 entries found in GANDSRECORDINGS

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