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CATNUM Composer Title Description Comment PICTURE Price Category Type
ALB3   BOUND ALBUM : NEW SELECTION BOUND ALBUM : NEW SELECTION from W.S.Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan's Popular Comic Opera IOLANTHE Selected and Arranged for the Pianoforte by Charles Godfrey, Junr./SELECTION of ARTHUR SULLIVAN'S POPULAR SONGS Including The Lost Chord, Old Love Letters, A Life That Lives For You, I Wish To Tune My Quivering Lyre, The Gay Hussar, From Rock to Rock, Sleep, My Love Sleep and Once Again Arranged for the Pianoforte by William Henley (1904)Non-coloured. Album also contains The Cingalee Selection (1904)/4 Songs including Dinah's Birthday/ Cadet Two-Step/A Waltz Dream (coloured)/ Selection from The Girl From Kay's (1903)/Dance by Herman Finck (coloured)(1910)/Slumber Song by Squire/Songe D'Automne (coloured) (1908)/ The Chocolate Soldier Waltzes (coloured)(1908)/Folies-Bergere March (1897)/Grieg Pianoforte Album/On the Road to Zag-a-Zag (coloured)(1911)/Selection from Veronique (1904)/Half Hours with Offenbach and Audran (Duets) NEWLY REBOUND IN GREEN CLOTH     £40.00 GANDS ALBUM
PIANO7c   THE CASINO GIRL. Musical Comedy. Words by HARRY B. SMITH. Music by LUDWIG ENGLANDER. Interpolated numbers by Harry T. MacConnell and Arthur Nevin : (c) Selection by Herman Finck (1st Violin/Conductor only). Hawkes (1900) pp8     (c)£5.00 GANDS piano
VOC35X FINCK, Herman A "G. & S." COCKTAIL A "G. & S." COCKTAIL or A Mixed Savoy Grill. Written by Lauri Wylie. Composed by Herman Finck. As performed at the LONDON HIPPODROME in Better Days (1925) and broadcast by the B.B.C. Ascherberg, Hopwood & Crew (1936) pp48 (Time of performance approximately 25 minutes) (a) original @ £35.00 SOLD (b) £15.00 (A4 photocopied spiral-bound booklet)     (a)ORIGINAL SOLD(b) £15.00 (A4 photocopied spiral-bound booklet) GANDS VOCALSCORE
VOCA1272 LOHR, Hermann OUR LITTLE CINDERELLA A Play with Music in Three Acts by Leo Trevor Lyrics by Arhtur Wimperis. Music by Hermann Lohr. Chappell (1911) pp155. Ex-Pub.Lib. Contents VG. Cover (within library binding) : full-page photograph of Miss Margery Maude as Cinderella The show was produced by the actor-manager Cyril Maude (1862-1951) who co-ran the Haymarket, and later the Playhouse theatre. In OUR LITTLE CINDERELLA he plays Lord Punterfield (a rather Trollope-like name!). Cinderella is played by his daughter Margery Maude (1889 -1979).   £30.00 GANDS VOCAL SCORE
Search on : 'HERMAN' . 4 entries found in GANDSMUSICSCORES

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