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CATNUM Author Title Description Comment PICTURE ISBN Price Category Type
BOOK593   PLAY PICTORIAL : RED CLOTH worn and dull, some spine edges splitting, ow contents good PLAY PICTORIAL 8-9 : VOLUME EIGHT (1906) (with Index to Characters) Vol. VIII. No. 46 pp1-28 THE FASCINATING MR. VANDERVELDT; Vol. VIII. No.47 pp29-56 THE GIRL BEHIND THE COLUNTER; Vol. VIII. No.48 pp57-84 HIS HOUSE IN ORDER; Vol. VIII. No.49 pp85-112 SEE-SEE; Vol. VIII. No. 50. pp113-140 TRISTRAM AND ISEULT; Vol. VIII. No. 51 pp141-168 THE WINTER'S TALE. VOLUME NINE (1907) (with Index to Characters) Vol. IX. No. 52 pp169-196 THE MERVEILLEUSES (with colour plate); Vol. IX. No. 53 pp197-224 THE NEW ALADDIN; Vol. IX. No. 54 pp225-252 ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA (with colour plate); Vol. IX. No. 55 pp253-280 WHEN KNIGHTS WERE BOLD; Vol. IX. N.56 pp281-308 MISS HOOK OF HOLLAND; Vol. IX. No.57 pp309-332 MY DARLING (with Henry A. Lytton) (spine edges splitting) @ £20.00
PLAY PICTORIAL 10-11 : Vol.X No.58 pp1-164 (with Index to Characters) (1907) TOM JONES; THE GIRLS OF GOTTENBERG; THE TRUTH; THE MERRY WIDOW; BERNARD SHAW PLAYS; THE GAY GORDONS. Vol.XI No.64 pp1-84 (with Index to Characters) (1908) MRS WIGGS OF THE CABBAGE PATCH; THE CHRISTIAN; A WHITE MAN; THE THIEF; "MATT" OF MERRYMOUNT; A WALTZ DREAM (spine edges splitting) @ £15.00
      £15.00-£25.00 EACH GANDS BOOK
BKS92 JONES, Brian JONES, Brian. LYTTON Gilbert and Sullivan's Jester. New insight into the life of the famous Savoyard. Includes 26 rare photographs. Basingstoke Books (2005) pp235 (laminated paper wraps) NEW   NEW     £25.00 GANDS BOOK
BKS151 THE STRAND MUSICAL MAGAZINE THE STRAND MUSICAL MAGAZINE : SIX VOLUMES in grey cloth library bindings . Edited by E. Hatzfield Vol. I : January to June, 1895 pp484 (some light foxing on edges): pp21-27 SONG : EDWARD GRAY. Words by Alfred, Lord Tennyson; Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan/ pp83 - 89 The Royal College of Music/ p97 Hayden-Coffin/ pp169 - 174 Interviews with Eminent Musicians : Sir Arthur Sullivan/ p175 Miss Jessie Bond/ Plate p242: "THE LOST CHORD" From a photograph by W. & D. Downey/ p248 Edward Solomon (with photo.)/ p253 George Grossmith also SONG p279: My Lady Nature's Little Joke/ pp403-5 August Manns (includes references to Sullivan's orchestral output)
Vol. II : July to December, 1895 pp524 (some light foxing on edges): ppp12-3 Chas. Coote and P. Bucalossi/ p170-1 Balfe/ pp172-3 The Story of The Bohemian Girl
p416 Ernest Bucalossi
Vol. III : January to June, 1896 pp428: p160 Albert Chevalier (with photo.)/ pp226-7 Norman Salmond (with portrait and costume photo. as Richard Coeur de Lion in Sullivan's IVANHOE)/ pp233-239 SONG His Lady. Words by R.S.Hichens. Music by Edward German
Vol. IV : July to December, 1896 pp424 : p72 Two Savoy Favourites : Miss Florence Perry and Miss Emmie Owen/ p136 Sidney Jones (with photo.)/ pp332-335 Chapel Royal
Vol. V : January to June, 1897 pp388 : pp196 -201 Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall
Vol. VI : July to December, 1897 pp428 : pp8-9 Sir George Grove/ pp269-271 Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company
      £100.00 6-VOL. SET GANDS BOOK
Search on : 'JONES' . 3 entries found in GANDSBOOKS

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