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BOOK628 Eden, David & Meinhard, Saremba THE CAMBRIDGE COMPANION TO GILBERT AND SULLIVAN Memorable melodies and fanciful worlds the comic operas of Gilbert and Sullivan remain as popular today as when they were first performed. This Companion provides a timely guide to the history and development of the collaboration between the two men, including a fresh examination of the many myths and half-truths surrounding their relationship. Written by an international team of specialists, the volume features a personal account from film director Mike Leigh on his connection with the Savoy Operas and the creation of his film Topsy-Turvy. Starting with the early history of the operatic stage in Britain, the Companion places the operas in their theatrical and musical context, investigating the amateur performing tradition, providing new perspectives on the famous patter songs and analysing their dramatic and operatic potential. Perfect for enthusiasts, performers and students of Gilbert and Sullivan's enduring work, the book examines their legacy and looks forward to the future.
Includes a fascinating contribution by film director Mike Leigh, offering insights into the creation of his film Topsy-Turvy
Presents a musical rather than a literary approach, treating Gilbert and Sullivan's works as operas, not as plays with music
Ideal for students, performers and enthusiasts alike
p/b (2009) pp292   ISBN: 9780521888493 £22.00 new GANDS BOOK
BOOK537 MACKIE, David ARTHUR SULLIVAN AND THE ROYAL SOCIETY OF MUSICIANS OF GREAT BRITAIN. Proceedings of the Society's 145th Anniversary Festival Dinner (1883) and other papers relating to Arthur Sullivan and the Society. London 2005 Laminated paper wraps pp148. Inscribed : To my very good friend Maurice Farrar - from one author to another. David Mackie Sep. 15, 2008. Published by The Royal Society of Musicians of Great Britain. Registered Charity Number 208879.       £15.00 signed GANDS BOOK
BKS138a SCHOLES, Percy A. SCHOLES, Percy A. THE MIRROR OF MUSIC 1844-1944. A Century of Musical Life in Britain as reflected in the pages of the MUSICAL TIMES. Novello (1947)
(a) Volume I only, dw pp523. Arthur Sullivan pp472/ Plate 62
(a) Volume I only, dw pp523. Arthur Sullivan pp472/ Plate 62       £10.00 GANDS BOOK
BKS156 THEATRE OWNERSHIP IN BRITAIN THEATRE OWNERSHIP IN BRITAIN. A Report prepared for The Federation of Theatre Unions. London (1953) pp281 - includes Savoy Theatre p110         £40.00 GANDS BOOK
Search on : 'BRITAIN' . 4 entries found in GANDSBOOKS

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