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ORCH29f   LOVE CHILD A New Musical by Freda Kelsall and Christopher Irvin. The Amber Ring (2005) : The story tells of families living in a textile town, the mill-owning Cloughs, and the staunch chapel-going Holroyds, an unmarried mother, the hand-to-mouth Wilkies, and the relationship of sons and daughters whose destinies are influenced by the traumas of World War I.
It has fun, pathos and romance, and needs plenty of energy!
The original songs illustrate a journey from Music Hall style to the Charleston era, with at least fifteen roles for solo performers, (some can be doubled;) and a range of scenes to engage the full ensemble.
The show can involve 30 - 50 singers, actors, and dancers, accompanied by a pianist and a small orchestra. It can be simply staged, in an open area with set elements positioned by the cast as part of the action, combined with the creative use of sound, lighting, stylised costume, and minimal props; or there are opportunities for more complex and costly productions. In certain circumstances, permission may be granted to adapt the work to suit the needs of particular groups.
Love Child was commissioned in 2003 for final-year Performing Arts students at Huddersfield Technical College in West Yorkshire, England, and first produced at the Highfields Theatre in April 2004.
"A new show to delight audiences for years to come"
LOVE CHILD was commissioned by Huddersfield Technical College in 2003 as a full-length musical for Performing Arts students, accompanied by six musicians. A large cast carried the story of three families in a northern textile town through the changes occasioned by World War I, their songs reflecting the loves and joys of youth being battered and matured by suffering. This overture for full orchestra develops some of these themes. First performance Saturday 15 November, 2008 The Boots Orchestra, Nottingham
(f) Band Parts : Flute/Oboe/ Clarinet in B-flat/ Violoncello/ Percussion   (f)£15.00 each orchestral
Search on :CATNUM='ORCH29F'. 1 entries found in GANDSMUSICSCORES

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