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BKS151 THE STRAND MUSICAL MAGAZINE THE STRAND MUSICAL MAGAZINE : SIX VOLUMES in grey cloth library bindings . Edited by E. Hatzfield Vol. I : January to June, 1895 pp484 (some light foxing on edges): pp21-27 SONG : EDWARD GRAY. Words by Alfred, Lord Tennyson; Music by Sir Arthur Sullivan/ pp83 - 89 The Royal College of Music/ p97 Hayden-Coffin/ pp169 - 174 Interviews with Eminent Musicians : Sir Arthur Sullivan/ p175 Miss Jessie Bond/ Plate p242: "THE LOST CHORD" From a photograph by W. & D. Downey/ p248 Edward Solomon (with photo.)/ p253 George Grossmith also SONG p279: My Lady Nature's Little Joke/ pp403-5 August Manns (includes references to Sullivan's orchestral output)
Vol. II : July to December, 1895 pp524 (some light foxing on edges): ppp12-3 Chas. Coote and P. Bucalossi/ p170-1 Balfe/ pp172-3 The Story of The Bohemian Girl
p416 Ernest Bucalossi
Vol. III : January to June, 1896 pp428: p160 Albert Chevalier (with photo.)/ pp226-7 Norman Salmond (with portrait and costume photo. as Richard Coeur de Lion in Sullivan's IVANHOE)/ pp233-239 SONG His Lady. Words by R.S.Hichens. Music by Edward German
Vol. IV : July to December, 1896 pp424 : p72 Two Savoy Favourites : Miss Florence Perry and Miss Emmie Owen/ p136 Sidney Jones (with photo.)/ pp332-335 Chapel Royal
Vol. V : January to June, 1897 pp388 : pp196 -201 Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall
Vol. VI : July to December, 1897 pp428 : pp8-9 Sir George Grove/ pp269-271 Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company
      £100.00 6-VOL. SET BOOK
Search on :CATNUM='BKS151'. 1 entries found in GANDSBOOKS

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