FIRST-RUN PROGRAMMES : colour facsimiles only @ £5.00 each:-

1. Trial by Jury - Compton Benefit : March 1st, 1877 for Henry Compton's benefit performance (Theatre Royal, Drury Lane) which concluded with a performance of Trial by Jury conducted by Arthur Sullivan

2. HMS Pinafore (colour) from the original production, with Cups and Saucers as the curtain-raiser and After All as the afterpiece (inscribed Mar. 1878)

3. The Pirates of Penzance from the original production at the Opera Comique (inscribed 30 Mar 8)

4. Patience (inscribed 6/5/1881) with Uncle Samuel curtain-raiser. Opera Comique

4a. Patience Opera Comique : Morning Performance On Saturday, August 6th, 1881, at 2.30 o'clock precisely

5.. Iolanthe (Pink Souvenir) 1882-1883 with A Private Wire as the curtain-raiser and The Drama on Crutches as the after-piece (IOLANTHE over-lay printed cast list neatly applied at the time)

6. Princess Ida 1884 Prologue and Two Acts

7. Princess Ida (Gold Souvenir) 1884

8. The Mikado (Souvenir) 14/9/1885 the cast is that of the opening night with the addition of the part of Go-To played by Rudolph Lewis

9. The Mikado 7/1885

10. The Nautch Girl 14/11/1891

11. The Basoche 26/12/1891 (sl. worn, folded across, with separate synopsis)

12. Haddon Hall 26/11/1892

13. Utopia Limited (Paper) 24/10/1893

14. The Chieftain (backstrip professional repair) with Cox and Box 2/3/1895

15. The Grand Duke (Souvenir) 12/5/1896

16. The Yeomen of the Guard with After All after-piece 24/5/1897

17. The Lucky Star 28/3/1899

18. The Rose of Persia 11/1/1900

19. Patience 8/2/1901

20. Merrie England 19/12/1902

21. A Princess of Kensington 10/3/1903


1. Patience, Opera Comique before May 1881 £200.00

2. Princess Ida (pink paper) (1884) Three Act version £175.00

3. Trial By Jury. Lyceum Theatre Miss Amy Roselle benefit June 16, 1887 (cast includes Barrington and Temple) £65.00

4. Macbeth (Illustrated Souvenir) Dec. 29th, 1888 with tipped in TELEGRAPH review Dec. 31, 1888 £75.00

5. Macbeth 141st performance June 18, 1889 with Sir Arthur Sullivan's music £50.00

6. Ivanhoe 1891paper n/d (Cast: Salmond, Green etc.) (small 'burn' stain on fold) £115.00

7. Ivanhoe 1891paper n/d (Cast : Salmond, Brownlow,Noije) (inscribed 17/3/91) (small spine repair) £110.00

8. King Arthur. Royal Lyceum Theatre Feb. 18, 1895 with Sir Arthur Sullivan's music £50.00

9. King Arthur inscribed March 4 1895 @ £65.00

10. King Arthur (Souvenir booklet, with water stain to margin, images unaffected) £50.0

Recent acquisitions:


12. 1974 Manchester Opera House (ticket stubs for March 15, 20 & 25) DC OC MIKADO, IOLANTHE, TRIAL, PINAFORE, RUDDIGORE, PATIENCE autographed on cover by Judi Merri £5.00

21. 1979 Opera House, Manchester PINAFORE March 10 (stub) autographed Meston Reid etc. (rather faint) £3.00

23. MIKADO CENTENARY CONCERT (Raymond Gubbay) Royal Festival Hall Saturday 16 March, 1985 £5.00
26.  ARTS COUNCIL OF GREAT BRITAIN. LIGHT OPERA ENQUIRY 1980/1981 with comments on the DC OC pp14 + Appendices
A4 FACSIMILE photocopied stapled booklet @ £6.00


30. FRIENDS OF D'OYLY CARTE car sticker £2.00

CERAMICS (photos. on request):-

36. COALPORT figurines (1990s) : (a) THE MIKADO and (b) SIR JOSEPH  (c) JOHN WELLINGTON WELLS @ £100.00 each


37. JOHN REED. A Pictorial Biography by Ian G. Smith pp208 h/b @ £17.50


THE D'OYLY CARTE COOKERY BOOK. Cookery a la Carte NEW. From 100 Stars of the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company : Cookery a la Carte. Lavishly illustrated. Limited Edition. Foreword by Mike Leigh. Illustrations by Montgomery Flagg, Cynthia Morey & Geoffrey Shovelton. Hardback. The Choir Press (2016) pp218 + xvi @ £24.99

THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD : NEW edition by the Oxford University Press, edited by Colin Jagger:

Vocal Score @ £15.50 (ISBN 978-0-19-338920-5 (9780193389205)

Full Score @ £65.00 (ISBN 978-0-19-341313-9) (9780193413139)

Gilbert and Sullivan Online now handle the distribution, sales and hire of all Sullivan music published
by R. Clyde.

Orchestral parts for all of Sullivan's works published by R. Clyde (and for many other works by Sullivan) are now available for hire exclusively from

In some cases, vocal scores, chorus parts and libretti are also available on hire.


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43. Souvenir of Rupert D'Oyly Carte's 1919-20 Season Prince's Theatre £75.00

44. Souvenir of Rupert D'Oyly Carte's 1924 Season Prince's Theatre (folder with photos.) and ribbon MINT £80.00


17 FEBRUARY, 2015 : the new debut CD of my orchestral works (thirteen tracks) has been released: MIDSUMMER MOODS performed by the Royal Ballet Sinfonia, conductor Gavin Sutherland. Campion Cameo (Cameo Cat. No. 2086) British Composer Series. Playing time over 77 minutes. Available on Amazon OR FROM ME DIRECTLY (£14.30 inc. P&P)


"Light Music trifles to brighten the winter". Classic FM 'Drive' Featured Album, 12-16 January, 2015. Tracks played: Bavarian Village Wedding Dance; Chanson D'Ete (violoncello soloist, James Potter); Celebration Gigue; Four Acres Rondo (clarinet soloist, Ian Scott); Drifting Under Sail:-

"In terms of recordings, Christopher Irvin - born in 1953 - is one of the more under-represented composers of light music. That's now remedied with this album from the ever-reliable Royal Ballet Sinfonia, conducted by a champion of the genre, Gavin Sutherland.

Irvin's music is, by definition and intention, light, undemanding and very old-fashioned. While his melodies may not have the immediacy or the longevity of such masters of Light Music as Binge or Ketelbey, there are some stand-out moments to be enjoyed here. Listen out in particular for a superb violin solo by the Sinfonia's leader Robert Gibbs on Arden Airs, and an excellent clarinet part on Four Acres Rondo".

A review by Neil Patrick has also appeared in the Light Music Society Magazine:

It would have been interesting if the 13 tracks on this extremely enjoyable 74 minute CD had been presented in chronological order of composition (roughly as above) illuminating how Irvin finds his own exhuberent voice in 2011 with his Summer Promenade (my favourite track along with Elegy for a Gardener). His early works (written as incidental or programme music and of course heard here out of context) as less risky and more self-effacing than those written more recently, but every number has its own appeal in this bouncy and cheerful compilation. Light music is reassuringly alive and well in West Yorkshire!

Some of the incidental pieces here last for five minutes or more and can struggle to sustain the listener's interest for that length of time, but most can claim originality and ambition. Irvin also tends towards an over-reliance on timpani, especially during cadential episodes but, let's face it, so did Beethoven.

The recording is all you would want it to be although solo instruments sometime struggle to be heard (such as the violin of leader Robert Gibbs at the closing of Arden Airs) but the virtuoso orchestra is kept on their toes by our Chairman. The disc comes with a very helpful insert containing a description by the composer of each piece and I can think of no better Christmas present for the light music enthusiast.

NEW ACQUISITIONS (8 September, 2014):-

Magazine pages (x4) ( 7 inches x 9 and three-quarter inches) (rare) Cassell's Family Magazine 1894 MUSICIANS.- II. HEAD OF THE PROFESSIONS.pp818-823 by J. Cuthbert Hadden. Includes article on Sir Arthur Sullivan pp818-819 (with fine portrat by Walker Hodgson June 27.94), Also Sir John Stainer, Professor Villiers Stanford, Frederic H. Cowen and Dr. Charles H. Lloyd (all with similar portraits by Hodgson) £35.00

NEW ACQUISITIONS (4 September, 2014) :


further NEW ACQUISITIONS (uploaded 10 June, 2014):


SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN : THE BEAUTY STONE, with book and lyrics by Arthur Wing Pinero & J Comyns Carr. Incorporating dialogue. Two-volume set in red cloth ISMN: M-708031-65-9. The Amber Ring (2010) / Volume 1 / Act 1 xx + pp221 / Volume 2 / Acts 2&3 pp222-524. (Complete orchestral material also available for hire from the publisher Robin Gordon-Powell at the Amber Ring) £150.00 new

SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN : IVANHOE with book and lyrics by JULIAN STURGIS, (prepared from the composer's original manuscript) in three volumes (an Act to each volume). The Amber Ring (2008) (bound in green cloth). Volume 1 / Act 1 M-708031-51-2 pp237 (with Introduction ppvii-xviii) / Volume 2 / Act 2 - M-708031-52-9 pp238-444 / Volume 3 / Act 3 - M-709031-53-6 pp445-631. ( Complete orchestral material also available for hire from the publisher Robin Gordon-Powell at the Amber Ring) £180.00 new

ALFRED CELLLIER, Alfred & W.S.GILBERT: THE MOUNTEBANKS with dialogue. 2-volume set in plum cloth. ISMN: 708031-73-4. The Amber Ring (2013) / Volume 1 Act 1 xvi + pp256 / Volume 2 Act 2 pp257-503. (Complete orchestral material also available for hire from the publisher Robin Gordon-Powell at the Amber Ring) £160.00 new

NEW ACQUISITIONS (uploaded 10 September, 2013)


 G&S PHOTOS @ £10.50 each:

 DONALD ADAMS as ‘Earl Mountararat’ in ‘Iolanthe’ D’Oyly Carte Opera Co.

 CYNTHIA MOREY as ‘Yum-Yum’ in ‘The Mikado’ D’Oyly Carte Opera Co. (hands to face)

 PETER PRATT as “Jack Point” in “The Yeomen of the Guard” D’Oyly Carte Opera Co.

 PETER PRATT as ‘Major-General Stanley’ in ‘Pirates of Penzance’ D’Oyly Carte Opera Co.

 ALAN STYLER as ‘Giuseppe’ in ‘The Gondoliers’ D’Oyly Carte Opera Co.


 THE GONDOLIERS Lancers by P. Bucalossi ('coloured', but rather monocrome) in good condition with music. Chappell pp9 @ £60.00

 DOROTHY Waltz by P. Bucalossi (coloured) cover detached, left edge (but not image) rough, music repaired. Chappell pp7 (embossed stamp 2  5 (i.e. May) 1888) @ £35.00

 ACQUISITIONS (uploaded 14 July, 2013):

D'Oyly Carte Opera Company PROGRAMMES:

1922 Jan. Princes Theatre COX & BOX / PINAFORE (with Lytton) (folded) @ £15.00

1929 - 1930 SAVOY THEATRE. RUPERT D'OYLY CARTE'S SEASON OF GILBERT AND SULLIVAN OPERAS. RUPERT D'OYLY CARTE'S SEASON OF GILBERT & SULLIVAN OPERAS, Savoy Theatre, London. October 21st, 1929, to March 22nd, 1930. Colour plates: Cover - G&S characters in a cavalcade (by Charles Buchel); costume designs by Sheringham and Ricketts (6 plates: PF/ PC & IO/ GN x 2/ PP x 2 + GN backdrop) + b/w photos of the Savoy Theatre and PF/ PC/ GN/ PP (size: approx. 25 x 21 cms) (covers worn) @ £40.00

1937 May 31st Sadler’s Wells THE GONDOLIERS @ £10.00

 1956 Sept. Theatre Royal, Birmingham THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD @ £6.00

1957 March Opera House, Manchester THE GONDOLIERS @ £7.00

1959 Souvenir of the Princes Theatre Season 15th Dec. 1958 to 14th March, 1959 London Season. (contains mint LAST NIGHT programme) @ £25.00
Another copy (without programme @ £20.00)

1959 March Opera House, Manchester  PRINCESS IDA @ £7.00 (with John Reed written in for Peter Pratt)

1959 Nov. Golders Green Hippodrome RUDDIGORE @ £7.00

1961 June Hippodrome Theatre, Golders Green PATIENCE (with WILLIAM COX-IFE slip as conductor) @ £8.00
1961 June Hippodrome Theatre, Golders Green RUDDIGORE @ £6.00

1961-1962  Savoy Theatre GONDOLIERS @ £6.00
1961- 1962 Savoy Theatre IOLANTHE (signed by Kenneth Sandford) @ £7.00
1961- 1962 Savoy Theatre PRINCESS IDA @ £6.00
1961- 1962 Savoy Theatre THE MIKADO @ £6.00
1961- 1962 Savoy Theatre RUDDIGORE @ £6.00

1963 Feb. Golders Green Hippodrome THE GONDOLIERS @ £6.00
1963 Feb. Golders Green Hippodrome THE MIKADO @ £6.00
1963 Feb. Golders Green Hippodrome TRIAL/ PINAFORE @ £6.00

1963-1964 Savoy Theatre PRINCESS IDA @ £6.00
1963-1964 Savoy Theatre IOLANTHE @ £6.00
1963-1964 Savoy Theatre RUDDIGORE @ £6.00
1963-1964 Savoy Theatre THE MIKADO @ £6.00
1963-1964 Savoy Theatre TRIAL/ PINAFORE @ £6.00
1963-1964 Savoy Theatre PATIENCE @ £6.00
1963-1964 Savoy Theatre YEOMEN @ £6.00

1965-1966 Saville Theatre Season  COX AND BOX/ PIRATES @ £10.00
1965-1966 Saville Theatre Season  PRINCESS IDA @ £10.00

1967 Saville Theatre (Playbill Volume 2 No.12) IOLANTHE cast list). With photos. of  RUDDIGORE, PINAFORE, YEOMEN, PATIENCE and PIRATES @ £6.00
1967 Saville Theatre (Playbill Volume 3 No.1) RUDDIGORE cast list. With photos. of RUDDIGORE, PINAFORE, YEOMEN, PATIENCE and PIRATES @ £6.00
1967 Saville Theatre (Playbill Volume 3 No.1) TRIAL/ PINAFORE cast list. With photos. of  RUDDIGORE, PINAFORE, YEOMEN, PATIENCE and PIRATES @ £6.00
1967 Saville Theatre (Playbill Volume 3 No.1) YEOMEN cast list, With photos.of RUDDIGORE, PINAFORE, YEOMEN, PATIENCE and PIRATES @ £6.00




1969-1970 Sadler’s Wells PRINCESS IDA (1970) @ £5.00
1969-1970 Sadler’s Wells RUDDIGORE (1970) @ £6.00
1969-1970 Sadler’s Wells Last Night March 7 (1970) (filled in) @ £8.00


1970-71 Sadler’s Wells (includes separate PRINCESS IDA cast list change), COX and BOX, RUDDIGORE, PRINCESS IDA  @ £8.00
1970-71 Sadler’s Wells GONDOLIERS, MIKADO, TRIAL & PINAFORE @ £6.00
1970-71 Sadler’s Wells YEOMEN, PATIENCE, IOLANTHE @ £6.00

1971 Royal Festival Hall Summer Season MIKADO/ IDA/ GONDOLIERS/ YEOMEN @ £8.00

1971-72 Sadler’s Wells MIKADO, SORCERER, YEOMEN @ £6.00
1971-72 Sadler’s Wells RUDDIGORE, IOLANTHE, PATIENCE @ £6.00
1971-72 Sadler’s Wells COX & BOX/ PIRATES/ TRIAL/ PINAFORE/ GONDOLIERS @ £6.00

1972-1973 Sadler’s Wells GONDOLIERS/ COX & BOX/ PIRATES (with cast change)/ TRIAL/ PINAFORE @ £6.00
1972-1973 Sadler’s Wells MIKADO/ YEOMEN/ PATIENCE (with cast change) @ £6.00
1972-1973 Sadler’s Wells IOLANTHE, RUDDIGORE, SORCERER @ £6.00

1972-1973 Sadler’s Wells LAST NIGHT @ £10.00

1973-1974 Sadler’s Wells TRIAL/ PINAFORE, COX & BOX and PIRATES, IOLANTHE @ £6.00
 1973-1974 Sadler’s Wells  SORCERER/ GONDOLIERS/ MIKADO @ £6.00
1973-1974 Sadler’s Wells PATIENCE/ RUDDIGORE/ YEOMEN @ £6.00

1974-5 Sadler’s Wells THE GONDOLIERS/ THE SORCERER (with indisposition slip for John Reed) @ £8.00
1974-5 Sadler’s Wells THE MIKADO/ PINAFORE @ £8.00
1974-5 Sadler’s Wells RUDDIGORE/ YEOMEN @ £8.00
1974-5 Sadler’s Wells PRINCESS IDA / PATIENCE @ £8.00
1974-5 Sadler’s Wells IOLANTHE/ COX & BOX/ PIRATES @ £8.00

1975 26th March Savoy Centenary Season TRIAL / PINAFORE @ £10.00


1977-1978 Sadler’s Wells THE MIKADO, PATIENCE @ £6.00

1978 – 1979 Sadler’s Wells IOLANTHE, THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE @ £6.00
1978 – 1979 Sadler’s Wells ?? last night - handwriiten programme : RUDDIGORE Ovt. (original) and PATIENCE @ £8.00

1980 22 Dec. to 21 Feb. 1981 Sadler’s Wells IOLANTHE/ PIRATES/ RUDDIGORE (with revised cast list slip) @ £10.00

1980 22 Dec. to 21 Feb. 1981 Sadler’s Wells THE SORCERER/ THE MIKADO @ £10.00

1982 Adelphi Theatre, London YEOMEN / SORCERER @ £7.00
1982 Adelphi Theatre, London PIRATES/ THE MIKADO @ £7.00
1982 Adelphi Theatre, London RUDDIGORE / PINAFORE/ IOLANTHE @ £7.00


IOLANTHE 75th Anniversary 1882-1957. The Streatham Hill Theatre 25th November, 1957 @ £20.00

THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD 75th Anniversary 1888-1963. 3 October King’s Theatre, Southsea (with envelope) @ £20.00

TRIAL BY JURY 95th Anniversary 1875-1970. Sadler’s Wells (with envelope) @ £20.00

H.M.S. PINAFORE 95TH  Anniversary 1878-1973. 10 March Sadler’s Wells (with envelope) @ £20.00

THE MIKADO Centenary. Savoy luncheon 16 March, 1985 £20.00

Other Souvenir programmes:

SOUVENIR OF THE SORCERER 1971 by Osbert Lancaster @ £35.00

1970/71 Sadler’s Wells Season Souvenir (in envelope) @ £20.00

1980 DC OC SOUVENIR BROCHURE (A4 size) (MK; PP; PF; IO; SO; YG : includes colour photos. of the six operas) pp16 @ £10.00

DC OC SEASON PROGRAMMES (most with booking forms):

All @ £5.00

1966 July New Theatre, Oxford
1967/68 Saville Theatre
1969 July Wimbledon Theatre
1970 June New Theatre, Cardiff
1970/71 Sadler’s Wells
1971 Royal Festival Hall
1971/72 Sadler’s Wells Theatre
1972/73 Sadler’s Wells
1973/74 Sadler’s Wells Theatre
1974/75 Sadler’s Wells Theatre
1975 Savoy Theatre
1975/76 Sadler’s Wells
1976 Touring card Aug. – Dec.
1976/77 Sadler’s Wells x 2
1977 Sadler’s Wells x 2
1977/78 Sadler’s Wells
1978 Touring card Sept. – Dec.

A4 two-fold:

1981 June 8 June Theatre Royal Brighton @ £2.00

1981 June 29 Cliffs Pavilion, Southend (with Touring Card  Jan. – July) @ £2.00

1981 July Big Top, Cambridge @ £2.00

1981/82 Adelphi Theatre x 3 @ £2.00 each

Decca promotional leaflet (1960) for IOLANTHE long-playing record release @ £2.00


10 x 8s:

RICHARD D’OYLY CARTE (hands in pockets) @ £8.00


Greetings Cards:

THE SORCERER (Wildgoose) @ £1.50

Gilbert & Sullivan Savoyard Stars @ £1.30 each:

The cards (blank) are colour impressionist 'fantasy setting' drawings of SAVOYARD STARS in costume,  indicated simply as : Illustration Julian.

Manufacturer : Otter House Heritage, Exeter, Devon (around 1998). Distributed by Wildgoose Publications (now defunct)

Still in original cellophane wrappers.

Sydney Granville
Martyn Green
Leonard Osborn & Thomas Round
Peter Pratt
John Reed

POSTERS (Wildgoose):

Brock SORCERER @ £8.00
Ko-Ko @ £8.00



ALLEN, Reginald. GILBERT & SULLIVAN IN AMERICA. The Story of the First D'Oyly Carte Opera Company American Tour. Pierpont Morgan (1979) pp26 @ £15.00


LOWE, T.W. (ed.) A CENTURY OF COMIC OPERA. A Tribute to Sir W.S. Gilbert and the D’Oyly Carte Opera Company. Volume One. Original Illustrations by H.M. Brock. Grayson & Lowe (1985) pp87. ISBN O 948468 009 @ 20.00


Duke of PLAZA TORO LIMITED Prospectus £180,000 (A2 single-fold) @ £10.00

RED CLOTH vocal scores:
GRAND DUKE @ £20.00
HADDON HALL @ £40.00

NEW ORCHESTRAL ARRANGEMENT of Sullivan's YULE LOG MARCH. From the Grand National Ballet VICTORIA AND MERRIE ENGLAND (1897) (arr. © 2012 by Christopher Irvin, from the piano solo by Warwick Williams). FULL SCORE pp16; Flutes & Piccolo; Oboe, Clarinet in B-flat; Bassoon; Horn in F; Violin I x 5; Violin II x 4; Viola x 4; Violoncello x 4; Contrabass x 2 @ £20.00

NEW BOOK : BOUFFONNERIE MUSICALE. Th Story of H.B. Farnie by Keith Drummond Sharp. HENRY BROUGHAM FARNIE (1836 -1889) was a teacher, writer and journalist in mid-Victorian Fife (Scotland), until his scandalous private life caused him to flee to London. While at first continuing as a journalist, he began writing for the theatre and made the adaptation of French opera bouffe his chosen field. Almost single-handedly he made the genre popular, and popular enough to compete strongly with Gilbert and Sullivan's new English operetta. He had more big hits on the London stage than any of his contemporaries and his best shows were constantly revived in the Edwardian period and between the wars, and were popular throughout the English-speaking world. Then he was forgotten until his pantomime in collaboration with Offenbach, WHITTINGTON, the only show Offenbach ever did to an English text, was revived as a 'millenium' special. But he was a significant figure in the theatre of his day. The Queme Press in conjunction with The Fife Family History Society (2010) pp220, coloured pictorial wraps £8.50

NEW BOOK : MAY FORTESCUE "Substantial Damages" by Tony Joseph. May Fortescue (1859-1950) was born Emily May Finney, the daughter of a London coal merchant.

She joined the D'Oyly Carte Gilbert and Sullivan Company in 1881 for the initial run of PATIENCE, in which she created the small part of Lady Ella. When IOLANTHE replaced PATIENCE she created the small part of Celia. She left D'Oyly Carte in 1883. In 1885 she formed - and found fame with - her own theatrical company.

Meanwhile, though, she had taken her first step into the limelight by becoming engaged to a young aristocrat, Arthur Cairns, Viscount Garmoyle. When, a few months later, Garmoyle jilted her, it made her a celebrity. And when, shortly after that, she sued him for breach of promise, her celebrity status became tinged with noteriety.

"When a woman brings an action of this sort, having for its object the acquisition of hard cash, she place herself beyond the pale of delicacy and sympathy.

She cannot serve sentiment and mammon.

The indignation which one feels against the faithless deceiver is very much moderated when the forlorn maiden takes upon herself to revenge her own woes." (The Era, 1884)

It was like TRIAL BY JURY being played out in real life.

D'Oyly Carte Personalities Series, 9 pp128. Published 2011. 30 Illustrations £12.00

NEW BOOK : THE MURGATROYD CODE and other IMAGININGS Playlets devised by Janet Cowley from the Works of W.S.Gilbert. Barden Print, Huddersfield (2011) pp50 (with handwritten biographical note by the author). ISBN 978-0-9566733-1-2 @ £5.00

NEW BOOK by Brian Jones : HELEN D'OYLY CARTE Gilbert and Sullivan's 4th Partner. Everybody loved her . Basingstoke Books Ltd. (2011) pp150 ISBN 978-0-9568394-0-4 / (laminated wraps) (signed) @ £15.00

NEW ACQUISITIONS LIST (posted 13 December, 2011):


1. THE SPHERE G& S OPERAS ILLUSTRATED (1926) pp49 £55.00


2. Jessie Rose as Tessa in The Gondoliers (1906) (postally used 1907, worn) T 994 £15.00

3. THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD (1906) Jack Point and Elsie Maynard (Workman and Coomber) . Tuck Play Pictorial T 866 5291 £15.00

4. THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD (1906) Meryll & Kate (Moyle & Wilson) . Tuck Play Pictorial T 867 5291 £15.00

6. THE LOST CHORD 1-4 Bamforth 4504/1-4 (colour) £40.00
7. THE LOST CHORD 1-4 Bamforth  (b&w) (dated 21/5/06) £30.00

9. THE LOST CHORD (3) Bamforth £5.00

MISS JULIA NEILSON (1868 – 1957):

10. Portrait “Celebrities of the Stage”  Series 1046 Tuck (postally used Oct. 17 1910) £6.00

11. “Flower & Beauty” Series Narcissus F 152 Tuck (postally used 1906) £6.00

12. Miss Julia Neilson and Mr. Fred Terry in “Henry of Navarre”. 722 S Beagles £6.00

13. Portrait. Rotary 156 O (postally used 1907) £6.00

14. Colour portrait (in costume) (worn) £5.00

15. Portrait (at piano with pet dog) £6.00

MARY ANDERSON (1859-1940) :

18. (with glitter decoration of bodice) The “D F & Co.” Series. £6.00

ARTHUR BOURCHIER (1863 – 1927) (WSG connection)

19. Arthur Bourchier, Violet Vanburgh & Jerrold Robertshaw (inscribed THE ARM OF THE LAW Marchc 9th, 1904) Beagles 1532 £6.00

20. Violet Vanbrugh, Arthur Bourcher A 516 (postally used May 9 1906) (ink stain to right of image) £3.00

22. Portrait (Baurchier) (Giesen Bros. Produced in Berlin) pre-1902 £6.00

23. Mr Arthur Bourchier portrait. Beagles 1331 1532 £6.00

COURTICE POUNDS :1862 – 1927

30. Yours truly, Courtice Pounds. P.O.W. Theatre. Sept. ’97 : (11 x 9 cms) mounted on paper £40.00

31. LILAC TIME Lyric Theatre colour promotion postcard (Courtice Pounds as Schubert) £7.00

GEORGE GROSSMITH, Jnr.(1874-1935):

34. Portrait in “My Sister and I” promotional card (Shaftesbury Theatre) (with Leo Sheffield) £5.00


36. As Geoffrey Smith in “AN ENGLISHMAN’S HOME” (with Rock, Inescourt, Hobbs, Wontner and Harrison). Rotary 7457 C £6.00

37. As Don Adolfo in “Havana”. Rotary 1249 B  £5.00

38. Don Adolfo with Evie Greene in “Havana”. Rotary 1249 C (painted on colours)  (postally used January 21 1909)  £6.00

WEEDON GROSSMITH (1854 – 1919) :

39. (portrait) Rotary 1112 £8.00
41. Florence St. John (1855 – 1912) (10.75 x 15 cms mounted ) (possibly as the Grand Duchess) £45.00

42. MISS CATHERINE FERGUSON portrait  Parkslee No.100 £15.00

43. HENRY LYTTON as Jack Point Parkslee No.5 (autographed faintly) £18.00

HENRY LYTTON (1865-1936):

Autographed books to his later girlfriend Ellen Taylor :

45. THE SECRETS OF A SAVOYARD (with worn dustwrapper) inscribed Ellen C. Taylor February, 1930 with an inscription : My love to you from one of the worst to one of the best Henry Lytton.  £45.00

46. THE STORY OF THE SAVOY OPERA (1925) by S.J. Adair Fitz-Gerald (with worn/repaired dustwrapper) inscribed Ellen C Taylor (with IVANHOE by Herman Klein – with eyewitness review of the lead up, and first night - tipped into the back (1929)) £25.00

47. THE SECRETS OF A SAVOYARD Ex The Gilbert and Sullivan Society Library : very worn copy with many press cuttings tipped in throughout 1922 – 1933 + Martyn Green changeover photos. £50.00

Lytton Advertising Material:

49. Sketch pxxiii May 8 1935 what AUSTIN OWNERS say about INVESTING. SIR HENRY LYTTON, THE FAMOUS SAVOYARD, SAYS “I HAVE A SONG TO SING, O!” Sir Henry getting into car, attended by chauffeur with golf clubs (top split, chipped bottom right edge) £8.00 


51. X 3 ALSs 1922 to Miss Brown from Princes Theatre £60.00

52. ALS 12.2.30 from Savoy Theatre £45.00

53. ALS 28 July 1930 (Grand Hotel, Brighton) from Henry Lytton  : guest of honour confirmation £30.00

54. ALS March 8th 1933 Barkston Gardens, Earl’s Court - as if from Henry Lytton  : apologies for absence from wedding anniversary (written and signed by Louie Lytton) £25.00


55. as Jack Point (11 x 15.5 cms) mounted Yours ever Henry Lytton £50.00

56. Signed photo. (13.5 x 22 cms) and inscription £35.00

59. Group of 6  : At the honouring of Sir Henry Lytton. Savoy Hotel October 1930 : Left to right Sir Henry Lytton, Sir George Reeves Smith, Mrs Ena Elverstone, Lady Lytton, Mrs Ida Lytton Gay, Sir Noel Curtis-Bennett (20.5 x 15.75 cms) £35.00

60. Portrait (with hat & monacle) (1920’s) (16.5 x 21.5 cms) £25.00

61. DC OC postcard : company on board (late 1920’s) £20.00

62. Portrait (mounted) (14.5 x 20 cms) (with monacle) £25.00

63. with Douglas Fairbanks and Bertha Lewis (10 x 12.5 cms) £12.00

64. with Canadian Indians (10.5 x 12.5 cms) £15.00

65. visiting Indian tribe near Calgary (17.5 x 12.75 cms) £20.00

66. press cutting : fishing in Loch Lomond £4.00

67. copy photograph of Lytton with Muriel Page and Joyce Penny (15 x 10 cms) £8.00

69. Photo. (9 x 13 cms within overall surround 15 x 20 cms) with caption : Henry A. Lytton. In “Iolanthe” autographed  £35.00

70. Lytton with Lloyd George at a dinner to celebrate his knighthood Tuesday 21 October 1930 (with G&S characters behind) £30.00

71. LINE DRAWING (original in pencil): Henry Lytton as Jack Point (12.5 x 18.5 cms) £50.00

72. worn autographed (faint) photo. captioned Miss Bertha Lewis (14 x 20 cms) £35.00

POSTCARDS featuring Henry Lytton as a young performer:

73. A Princess of Kensington (1903) 574 Beagles £8.00

77. “The Earl and the Girl” Colour promotional card Theatre Royal, Hanley Sept. 19th . Allen 110 (postally used 16 September, 1904) £8.00
78. “The Earl and the Girl” Colour promotional card Grand Theatre & Opera House, Linthorpe Rd.,  Allen 45422 (postally used March 1905) £8.00

80. Lytton, Passmore & Agnes Fraser “The Earl and the Girl” (1903) (with inscription 27 June, 1904) 1415 Beagles £8.00

85. Studholme & Lytton (autographed) in My Darling Rotary 4450 B £20.00
86. Lytton & Studholme & (autographed) in My Darling Rotary 4450 C (EX-ALBUM) £20.00

87. Lytton portrait (signed, and with a message). Beagles No. 107 (postally used 1904) £20.00
88. Lytton portrait (autographed). Rotary 1584 I (with Lytton message) £20.00
89. Lytton portrait (autographed) (April 5th, 1913) Photo. by Stella Barri £20.00
90. Lytton portrait (autographed) Rotary 1584.A £20.00

91. Miss Connie Ediss (autographed) & Lytton in “United Service”. Rotary 160 F £15.00
92. RUTLAND BARRINGTON (1853-1922) portrait. Rotary £8.00

93. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE: (1847-1935)

ALS (single-fold on three sides) to Henry Lytton April 23 1902 from 15, Regent's Park Road, N.W. (resix songs THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH 1st performed 1914)

I fear that the suggestion of letting the music be heard on the orchestra is impossible.

As I have done nothing more since I send you the voice parts. You will find that I say that I could not do anything further until I knew how the keys fitted the vocalists. Nor could I write any of the introductions or melos (all this would be quite a lot, I fancy) until I had satisfied myself on this point

You had better see whether they (the Directors) would care to hear the bare six numbers with Piano accompt. with the vocalists of course. (These would be necessary in any case)

This proposal could be managed by Monday week doubtless, and seems to me the only way out of it : if they are in a hurry.

But I couldnt undertake to finish the score by anything like this time.

You had better see to this at once and let me know.

With kind regards,

A.C. Mackenzie

H.A. Lytton Esq.

I've been wretchedly unwell all this time and quite unfit for work. Just beginning to feel a little better.

I cant write the music within a copy of the book, which I send back to you.

I shall be at the R.C.M. tomorrow Thursday from 2 to 6.
Friday 3 to six

Price : £135.00

94. POSTCARD Rotary 2557 A (portrait) @ £12.00
95. Cigarette card : Wills : Musical Celebrities Second Series No.14 @ £8.00

TRADE CARDS (colour unless otherwise stated):


Coats Beat Six Chord Thread :

96. "Nanki-Poo"--"The flowers that bloom in the spring, tra la,..."  (based on photo of Courtice Pounds) £30.00
97. "Katisha"--"There is music in the whirling of the spindle-..." (based on photo of Elsie Cameron) £30.00
98. "Koko"--"As the best of spool cotton you may desire to buy..."  (based on photo of George Thorne) ) £30.00
99. "Pish-Tush"--"Our great Mikado, virtuous man,..." (based on photo of G. Byron Browne) £30.00
100. "Pooh-Bah"--"I am so proud - if I allowed..." £30.00
101. "Yum-Yum"--"We've COATS' Spool Cotton,..." (based on photo of Geraldine Ulmar) £45.00

102. Miss Ulmar as "Yum-Yum" (7.5 x 12.5 cms) full-colour. On reverse: Straiton & Storm's Pinnacle (cigars) (uncommon) £60.00
103. Another copy sl. trimmed £35.00

104. Thomson's Patent Glove-Fitting Corsets. (full color, approx. 3-1/8" x 5", Trautmann Bailey & Blampey, N.Y.) A single card with full length portrait, adapted from photo of Kate Forster, Geraldine Ulmar, and Geraldine St. Maur as Pitti-Sing, Yum-Yum, and Peep-Bo, each leaning forward holding corsets rather than fans.  "Thomson's Patent Glove Fitting" appears at top. "Pitti-Sing," "Yum-Yum," and "Peep-Bo" appear beneath characters £30.00

105. Mr. F. Billington as “Pooh-Bah”. Straiton & Storm’s Pinnacle cigars £40.00

Part of a  series of seven cards (b&w), reproductions of cabinet photo images of D'Oyly Carte New York cast.  All images are full length.  Performer and rôle identified in upper half of image.  Product mentioned only on back of card.  Cards were offered as a premium, the full set sent free of charge in exchange for 15 wrappers of Dobbins' Electric Soap.(blue black ink, approx. 4-1/4" x 6-1/2", Photo-Gravure Co., N.Y.):

106. Geraldine Ulmar as Yum-Yum--before wall, open fan held behind head. Portrait No. 2 (margin trimmed) £45.00

107. George Thorne as Ko-Ko. Portrait No.3 £40.00

108. Federici as The Mikado. Portrait No.4 Dobbins’ Electric Soap (stained, and margin clipped) £20.00

109. The Waterbury Maids (Watches) (margins clipped in three places) £30.00

110. Yum-Yum (“The Mikado” Lamp Stove) £35.00


112. A series of six stock cards, each depicting a single character from Patience (not identified by name) with a quote from the opera.  Cards have pale green background and a brown line border.  There is space to the left side of the character, but within the border, for advertising. Only available as a set @ £180.00 :
1. "A Japanese young man,...."--Bunthorne (staring at sunflower) (plain back)
2. "Conceive me, if you can,...."--Grosvenor (sunflower on chest) (plain back)
3. "Stouter than I used to be,...."--Lady Jane (holding cello and bow) ) (plain back)
4. I hear the soft note” (plain back)  
5. “If love is a nettle” Patience (plain back) 
6. “When I first” Colonel (plain back)
113. “A very daisy” (Parlor Skating Tourney at the Academy of Music Monday, May 27th, 1882) sl. worn £25.00
114. (a) and (b) "How earnestly precious" (a) “HUNTERS INVISIBLE” PURE QUINCE BANDOLINE POWDER £20.00/ (b) Rundel’s Art Gallery £20.00
115. "How true our love! - He was a little boy!" (plain back) sl. worn £25.00
116. (a) and (b)  "In a rapt ecstatic way" (a) I.C. CIGARS (b) French Dye House (both sl. worn) £20.00 each
117. (a) and (b) "You hold yourself like this" (a) (Excelsior Metal Polish/Lynn Grocers) £30.00/  (b) Hydeman Fancy Goods £30.00

118. (a) Rose Temple as Patience (Warner Bros. Coraline Corsets) £45.00
(b) another copy – ex-album @ £20.00)


119. “Hail the bridegroom – hail the bride” (The Clean Sweep) ex-album/ bottom right corner sl. clipped £35.00
121. Photograph of Leslie Rands as Strephon (15 x 30 cms) £30.00

PROGRAMMES: D’Oyly Carte Opera Company

124. 1926 14 Dec. Princes Th. PRINCES IDA £20.00

125. 1927 9 Nov. Lyceum Theatre Edinburgh (folded four ways) YEOMEN £15.00

126. 1933 Savoy Theatre Jan. 21st. Lytton Farewell Season (outer wraps grubby and marked)  (11 photos. VG) £50.00

127.  1939 1 July. Sadler’s Wells TJ/PP £15.00

129. 1972 25 June Congress Theatre, Eastbourne GILBERT & SULLIVAN FOR ALL Programme 6 £7.00

 PAPERWEIGHTS (modern) @ £10.00 each (in boxes):

141. THE MIKADO promotional booklet of sepia/b&w photographs from the 1939 film with: Cast List and biographies; The Story; How "The Mikado" came into being; Gilbert and Sullivan; Savoy Hotel built as result of "Mikado" success. Pilot Press. Cinegram No.75 (size approx: 15 x 22.5 cms) pp16 £35.00

142. MUSIC MASTERPIECES Part 1 (Oct. 15th  1925) with Special Articles (including Henry Lytton p10 Thirty-five Years of Gilbert and Sullivan) £10.00


TOM JONES (1907):

149. Coffin, Rignold : Lady Bellaston : Nay, you shall not make me blush! Rotary 3291 B £6.00

151. Hayden Coffin as Tom Jones. Rotary 109 R (postally used April 16 1909) £10.00

155. Mr Hayden Coffin portrait (postally used 18 September, 1905) (some light foxing) £5.00

158. Mr Fred Wright (1871-1928) Beagles 733 (postally used January 21 1904) £5.00


160. Edward Lloyd, tenor (1845 – 1927) portrait  £6.00

161. Edward Lloyd Wills Cigarettes : No.13 Second Series Musical Celebrities £5.00

162. Miss Winnie Melville sent by her with signature at end of message (in unknown costume) (postally used) £20.00

163. Derek Oldham portrait (signed) (ex-album) £12.00
164. Derek Oldham portrait £10.00


167. Arthur Hatherton, Gertie Miller, Maisie Gay Rotary 7460 A £8.00

MY LADY MOLLY (1902/3)

168. Decima Moore as Alice Coverdale. Davidson (postally used  Sept. 26 1913 £8.00

169. Decima Moore Rotary portrait 190 I £8.00

 “The Little Michus”:

173. AUGARDE, WRIGHT, GREEN. Rotary 3239 B Play Pictorial £6.00

174. AUGARDE, EVETT, GREEN AUGARDE. Rotary 3239 D Play Pictorial £6.00

175. BERINGER, EVETT, GREEN. Rotary 3239 E Play Pictorial £6.00

176. MANNING, GREEN, WRIGHT, AUGARDE. Rotary 3239 F. Play Pictorial. (postally used October 23 1905) Play Pictorial £6.00

177. MR. HUNTLEY WRIGHT, MISS MABEL GREEN, MISS ADRIENNE AUGARDE. Rotary 3240 B (inscribed 30-12-05) (postally used Jan. 6, 1906) Play Pictorial £6.00

179. EVETT, AUGARDE. Rotary 3240 C Play Pictorial £6.00

180. EVETT, GREEN, AUGARDE. Rotary 3240 E Play Pictorial £6.00

181. MISS IRIS HOEY AS “BLANCHE MARIE”. Rotary 3257 C£6.00


182. Madame Albani (1847-1930) The National Series (postally used October 3 1904) lightly coloured (worn) £8.00
183. Madame Albani Rotary 1524 B £8.00

184. Miss Clara Butt. Beagles 767 £8.00
185. Dr. Elgar (inscribed September 1904) (postally used September 26 1904) £15.00
188. August Manns (1825 – 1907) (inscribed 1904) Beagles 156 (postally used August 19 1904) £12.00
190. Madame Adelini (sic) Patti (1843-1919). Beagles 351 £10.00
191. Madam Patti (pre-1902) (postally used) (extensive writing on front) £10.00
192. Madame Patti. Rapid 3370 £6.00
193. Sousa 1585 (pre. 1902) £8.00

194. Mr Henry Wood. Beagles 370 £8.00
195. Mr & Mrs. Henry Wood. Breitkopf & Hartel £8.00


197. H. J.  Byron (1835-1884) portrait as as a young man. Raphael Tuck & Sons Chromo Portrait Gallery (6 x 10.5 cms) £45.00

WEDNESDAY PROGRAMME PENNY PORTRAIT Photograph Miniature From Life. Woodbury Permanent Photograph (6.5 x 10.25 cms) :
199. Mr Hermann Vezin (Dan’l Druce) (1829-1910) x 2 £10.00 each (one 6.5 x 9.25 cms  - without WEDNESDAY PROGRAMME at top, but instead PENNY PORTRAIT)

200. Mr. F. C. Burnand (1836-1917) x 2 £10.00 each (one 6.5 x 9.25 cms  - without WEDNESDAY PROGRAMME at top, but instead PENNY PORTRAIT)

202. MISS MARY ANDERSON small cabinet photograph (6.5 x 10.5 cms) £22.00

MAY FORTESCUE (1859-1950):

204. Cabinet Photograph : Elliott & Fry (11 x 16.5 cms) £40.00



206. MISS ADRIENNE AUGARDE IN “THE LITTLE MICHUS” 3197 C (postally used – date unclear) £6.00
207. - as above (postally used – 24 May 1906) addressed to Mr Augarde (with address) £8.00
208. MISS AMY AUGARDE S. Hildesheimer & Co. Ldt. London & Manchester No. 5339 (colour) (a) £10.00 (b) postally used 17 Jan. 1906  £8.00

209. MISS ADRIENNE AUGARDE 1391 (photo. by Lallie Charles) £6.00
210. MISS ADRIENNE AUGARDE (postally used Feb. 6 1906) B.B. London. Photo by Bassano Ltd.  £6.00
211. MISS ADRIENNE AUGARDE (with fishing rod) B.B. London. Photo by Bassano Ltd.  £6.00
TUCK “Celebrities of the Stage” “Glosso”:


213. Adrienne Augarde (with tennis racket). ALE 1109. Photo Bassano. AL Series – Aristophot Co., London £6.00

214. ADRIENNE AUGARDE. A.352 (dated 28/8/08) (postally used Aug. 28 1808) (coloured) £10.00


215. MISS ADRIENNE AUGARDE 1697 A (postally used Nov. 2 1904) autographed on front £15.00

216. ADRIENNE AUGARDE (colour) autographed on front : Many Thanks. Sincerely Adrienne Augarde 1908. Rotary Photographic Plate Sunk Gen Series. £18.00


218. MISS ADRIENNE AUGARDE (in Japanese costume with screen fan). 4097 C £8.00

219. MISS ADRIENNE AUGARDE, AS “LADY BETTY” IN “CLANCARTY”. 4158 U (postally used 28 June 1907) £8.00

 222. MISSES MABEL GREEN & ADRIENNE AUGARDE. 1878 A. Play Pictorial £6.00


224. MISS ADRIENNE AUGARDE. The “National Series” front written on by sender  - including image (postally used Aug 13 1904) (colour) £8.00

225. MISS ADRIENNE AUGARDE. The “National Series” (postally used Jan 13 1911) (colour) £8.00


226. ISS ADRIENNE AUGARDE & MISS MABEL GREEN. No. 545.D (written below: “THE TWO LITTLE MICHUS” Dalys May 1905 (postally used Oct. 31 1905) £8.00

227. Arthur Roberts (1852 – 1933) photo. (8.75 x 10.75 cms) (inscribed “Old Guard”) (mounted on card) (on reverse : photo. inscribed Cissy Graham) £20.00

228. Arthur Roberts (postcard) in sailor’s costume on deck signed : Yours truly Arthur Robert 1904 £20.00

ACTORS associated with Gilbert plays:

229. Cabinet photo. of Mrs Kendal as “Rosalind” in As You Like It £35.00
230. Cabinet photo. of Mr Kendal as “Orlando” in As You Like It £35.00

231. Amy Rozelle (Mrs Dacre) (9 x 12 cms.) (mounted) £25.00

232. MISS KATE SANTLEY (1837 – 1923) as “La Mascotte” (10 x 14.5 cms) scrapbook page £20.00



234. Haymarket Theatre (1874) Mr Gilbert’s New and Original Play, in Four Acts, entitled CHARITY Eleventh Night (folded four ways) with RAYMOND AND AGNES £45.00

235. OLYMPIC THEATRE 26 February 1875 TWENTY MINUTES WITH A TIGER/ TWO ORPHANS by Henry Neville folded vertically £40.00

236. Vaudeville Theatre. Thursday, April 11th, 1878 1,044th Night of OUR BOYS written by Henry J. Byron. £45.00

237. Vaudeville Theatre. 2 October 1878 1,197th Night of OUR BOYS written by Henry J. Byron. £45.00

238. Vaudeville Theatre 9 October 1879 HOME FROM HOME; TWO ROSES (with Thomas Thorne) by James Albery (427th Time at this Theatre); OUR DOMESTICS £45.00

239. Vaudeville Theatre 103rd Time MONEY! By Lord Lytton (n/d) small punch holes on left margin £45.00

240. Theatre Royal, Haymarket (1879) THE VICARAGE by Clement Scott; SCHOOL by T.W. Robertson (Cast includes The Bancrofts, Marion Terry, Miss Cruikshank, Arthur Cecil, Mr Kemble) small punch holes on left margin £45.00

241. Royal Strand Theatre.  From Saturday February 15th, 1879 The Lottery Ticket; The Snowball by Sydney Grundy; Baby (announcement of MADAME FAVART Easter Monday, April 14th, 1879) small punch holes on left margin £45.00

242. Royal Strand Theatre  15 April 1879. MADAME FAVART. Music by Offenbach. FIRST NIGHT. Cast includes Miss Florence St. John. Produced under the Direction of H. B. Farnie (with dated Orchestra Stalls ticket stub) £80.00

243. Royal Strand Theatre  from Thursday, Jan. 2nd, 1880. MADAME FAVART. Music by Offenbach. 265th Night. Cast includes Miss Florence St. John. Produced under the Direction of H. B. Farnie £45.00

244. Royal Connaught Theatre Saturday 19 June 1880 OBSTINATE BRETONS adpt. C.H. Morton (1865 : Le Voyage En Chine) by Bazin (1816-1878) £45.00

245. Royal Strand Theatre  Saturday October 25th, 1880 (First Time) OLIVETTE. Music by Audran.  Written and Composed by H. B. Farnie  (small punch holes on left margin) £45.00

246. Royal Strand Theatre  Saturday December 11th, 1880 (76th night) OLIVETTE. Music by Audran.  Written and Composed by H. B. Farnie  £45.00

247. Adelphi Theatre THE ILLUSTRIOUS STRANGER/ GREEN BUSHES (inscribed 29/12/80) £45.00

248. Avenue Theatre 30 October 1882 MANTEAUX NOIRS Comic Opera adapted from the French of Scribe, by W.Parke and Harry Paulton. Music by P. Bucalossi (1832-1918). Cast: Mons. Marius, H. Ashley etc. : condition fair (pink) small punch holes on left margin £30.00

249. Royalty Theatre 3 May 1883 THE MERRY DUCHESS by G. R. Sims and Frederic Clay.  Cast includes Kate Santley, and Louie  Henri (pink) £45.00. Another copy (blue)  £40.00

250. Comedy Theatre 29 November 1884 GRAND MOGUL Music by M. Edmond Audran. Cast includes Frank Wyatt, Arthur Roberts and Florence St. John (small punch holes on left margin) £45.00

251. Comedy Theatre 17 January 1885. BARBE BLEUE by Offenbach (small punch holes on left margin) with Florence St. John £45.00

252. Comedy Theatre (inscribed 2 June 1886). THE LILY OF LEOVILLE. Music by Ivan Caryll. Lyrics by Clement Scott. Cast: Hayden Coffin. Ex-Album £30.00

253. Lyceum Theatre THE LADY OF LYONS by Bulwer. Cast includes Mary Anderson (small punch holes on left margin) (1888 October 27th) £45.00

254. Royal Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh Monday 13 June 1892 Auguste Van Biene’s Comic Opera Company including Miss Florence St. John LA MASCOTTE by Audran ) (with DC OC small advert) £45.00

255. Tyne Theatre, Newcastle.  Monday 19 September 1892. SILVER KING Cast includes Passmore (Tyne Orchestra includes PINAFORE Selection) (front top right clipped) £40.00

256. Adelphi Theatre THE EARL AND THE GIRL (opened 10 December, 1903) £40.00

257. Lyric Theatre “THE EARL AND THE GIRL” (transferred 12 September, 1904 : inscribed November 9th 1904) (worn) £35.00

258. Theatre Royal Drury Lane MONEY by Edward Bulwer. Royal Command Wednesday, May 17th, 1911. Programme of Music includes Sullivan’s DI BALLO £45.00

259. Lyric Theatre 11 November, 1913 THE GIRL IN THE TAXI by Frederick Fenn and Arthur Wimperis. Music by Jean Gilbert. Cast includes Amy Augarde and C.H. Workman (staples rusty) £40.00

260. Prince of Wales Theatre. 7 February, 1914 BROADWAY JONES Farce by George M. Cohan (four punch holes on hinge) £30.00

261. Theatre Royal, Drury Lane Performance in Aid of the ROYAL GENERAL THEATRICAL FUND May 3rd, 1932 (edges frayed, staples rusted, central pages loose) includes Henry Lytton £45.00

262. Savoy Theatre (opened 1 March 1933) JOLLY ROGER (with advertisement for MY LIFE SIR HENRY LYTTON ONLY IN THE STAR) £15.00


263. small MIDGET POST CARD (9 x 7 cms) (postally used Feb. 26 1904) Rotary  6867 £12.00

264. Postcard: Full length (in character with garland) Tuck “Celebrities of the Stage” Series 221 (pre-1902) £12.00

265. Postcard: MISS ELLALINE TERRISS, DAUGHTER AND BABY.Rotary 164 I £8.00

266. Postcard: MISS ELLALINE TERRISS. “Flower & Beauty” Series : TULIP. Tuck Postcard F G 172  (postally used July 8 1905) £12.00

267. Mr W. TERRISS. Taylor  249 (postally used 7 Jan. 1909) £6.00

268. LA POUPEE. MR CHARLES R. WALENN AS "BALTHAZAR" and MR. NORMAN SALMOND AS "FATHER MAXIME". Rotary 3205 B (postally used  - July 1904 (stamp removed) : inscribed 23-7-04) : FATHER MAXIME : "BROTHER. YOU SHALL GUARD THE DOLL TO-NIGHT" (worn) £5.00


269. THE ROYAL CARL ROSA OPERA COMPANY: DON GIOVANNI On MONDAY, November 30th, 1896, SIX NIGHTS & TWO MORNING PERFORMANCES! Friday, Dec. 4th, 1896. Cast : Alice Esty, Rita Elandi, Alec. Marsh, Mr. A. A. Winckworth, Charles Tilbury, Homer Lind, Robert Cunningham, Mdlle. Zelie de Lussan. Conductor : Claude Jaquinot folded across, ow VG £35.00

 NEW R.Clyde Publishers FULL SCORE in hardback and softback of THE ZOO A Musical Folly in One Act.

FULL SCORE (and Orchestral Parts). Edited by Roger Harris SULLIVAN EDITION: The music of Arthur Sullivan.

OPERAS WITHOUT GILBERT VOLUME 5 R. Clyde Chorleywood, Herts pp229 + xii (2010) (a)hardback M-708011-80-4 @ 75.00 (b)softback M-708011-81-1 @ 50.00 (c)orchestral parts - hire only M-708011-84-2 -
available from me exclusively





CLASSICAL MUSIC item of especial interest :

MUSICAL ORNAMENTATION by Edward Dannreuther. Novello and Company. Novello's Music Primers and Educational Series edited by Sir John Stainer and Sir C. Hubert H. Parry. Two Volumes in one. (Third Edition) Part I: From Diruta to J.S. Bach. 210 pages of text and music. Part II: From C. PH. E. Bach to the Present Time. 185 pages. Pages are clean and white in both volumes. Gilt titles on the spine strip. Hardback, green boards. VG copy @ £85.00


IVANHOE (1891) (prepared from the composer's original manuscript) in three volumes (an Act to each volume) (2008) (bound in green cloth) @ 180.00

KENILWORTH. A Masque of the days of Queen Elizabeth. Words by Henry F. Chorley (2002) pp238 @ £50.00

MACBETH. INCIDENTAL MUSIC TO MACBETH (1888). Full Score. (ISMN : M-708031-29-1) (2006) pp187 (play script ppI - LIII), navy cloth boards, silver lettering on spine @ £75.00

MACBETH Overture (enlarged orchestration for the Concert Suite (1889), overture published in Full Score by Chappell 1893) (ISMN: M-708031-41-3) (2007) pp68 (A4 spiral-bound booklet) @ £50.00

MARMION Overture
IMPERIAL MARCH reconstructed and edited by Robin Gordon-Powell ((2003) pp139 with Preface @ £45.00

ON SHORE AND SEA. A Dramatic Cantata composed expressly for, and performed at the opening of, the London International Exhibition May 1st, 1871. Words by Tom Taylor. Music by Arthur Sullivan. FULL SCORE edited by Martin Wright (2006) (ISMN : M-708031-30-7) pp130 + ppxxii, light blue cloth, silver lettering on spine @ £75.00


THE CONTRABANDISTA or The Law of the Ladrones. Comic Opera in Two Acts (First Performed at St. George's Opera House On the 18th December, 1867). The libretto written by F. C. Burnand. The music composed by Arthur S. Sullivan. Reconstructed and Edited by Robin Gordon-Powell (2004) pp 279 red cloth @ £75.00

CHAMBER MUSIC edited by Robin Gordon-Powell :

ARTHUR SULLIVAN : AN IDYLL for VIOLONCELLO SOLO AND STRING ORCHESTA (ISMN : M-708031-39-9) (2007) (arranged 2003) pp7 (A4 spiral-bound booklet) @ £25.00

ROMANCE FOR STRING QUARTET (2007) pp5 (ISMN: M-708031-42-0) (A4 spiral-bound booklet) @ £15.00

ROMANCE FOR STRING ORCHESTRA arranged for String Orchestra by Robin Gordon-Powell (2008) pp6 (ISMN: M-708031-44-4) (A4 spiral-bound booklet) @ £20.00


ARTHUR SULLIVAN : FESTIVE DANCES arranged by Robin Gordon-Powell. (2007) (ISMN: M-708031-40-6) pp46 (A4 spiral-bound booklet). Contains : Bolero (The Contrabandista); Tarantella (Utopia Limited); Entrance of the Court (Utopia Limited) and Dance (The Grand Duke) @ £40.00




FULL SCORE TRIAL BY JURY by Broude Brothers, USA @ £160.00



TWELVE ANTHEMS OF SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN ed. Ian Harrold (with notes). IHM Sullivan Church Music Series pp101 A4 spiral-bound booklet with card covers and acetate front cover @ 18.50

  1. O LOVE THE LORD (1864) from Psalm 31. Full anthem for chorus (SATB) and optional organ
  2. I WILL MENTION THE LOVING-KINDNESSES (1875) from Isaiah ch.63 7-9 14-16. Anthem for tenor solo, chorus (SATB) and organ
  3. O TASTE AND SEE (1867) from Psalm 34. Anthem for chorus (SATB) and organ
  4. HEARKEN UNTO ME, MY PEOPLE (1877) from Isaiah Ch. 51 4-6. Anthem for chorus (SATB) and organ
  5. I WILL SING OF THY POWER (1877) from Psalm 59. Anthem for tenor solo, chorus (SATB) and organ
  6. EVENING HYMN (from the 3rd century Greek): O GLADSOME LIGHT (from THE GOLDEN LEGEND 1886) for chorus (SATB) unaccompanied
  7. SING, O HEAVENS (1869) (from Isaiah 49, 25 Psalms 85, 45). Festival anthem for tenor solo, chorus (SATB) and organ
  8. REJOICE IN THE LORD (1869) (Psalm 33 vv. 1, 19-21). Full anthem for chorus (SATB) and organ ad lib.
  9. LEAD KINDLY LIGHT (1871) Sacred part song for unaccompanied chorus
  10. COME, YE CHILDREN (from THE PRODIGAL SON) (1869) for soprano (or tenor) solo, chorus and organ
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