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FACSIMILE SECTION (colour photocopy) :

(a) 1868 (Dec. 21) Gaiety Theatre (opening production) ROBERT THE DEVIL An Operatic Extravaganza by W.S.Gilbert

(b) 1871: THESPIS with J.L.Toole, Fred. Sullivan, E.Farren etc.

(c) 1872 Gaiety Theatre ASH-WEDNESDAY Concert (Part II includes `Mr GEORGE GROSSMITH has consented to give an account of a Bloomsbury Penny Reading'. To-morrow Evening GANYMEDE & GALATEA , OFF THE LINE. AND THESPIS Condition: good

(d) 1873 Royalty Theatre THE REALM OF JOY by WSG (writing as F.Latour Tomline) ( Le Roi Candaule) First performed at the Royalty Theatre, Dean Street, Soho, on Saturday, October 18th, 1873, under the management of Miss Henrietta Hodson. With MARRIED by James Albery dated Nov. 29th

(e) c.1875 Royal Court Theatre THE JEALOUS WIFE by Colman/ HAPPY LAND by F.Tomline and Gilbert A'Beckett (burlesque of WSG's WICKED WORLD c.1875)

(f) 1876 Haymarket Theatre DAN'L DRUCE, BLACKSMITH by WSG (printed date : 25/9/76) (illustrated)

(g) 1878 Royal Philharmonic Theatre, Islington Sat. From April 27th FARCE/ THE LITTLE DUKE by Halevy/Lecocq (English version by Savile Rowe & Bolton Rowe) The Opera produced under the personal supervision of the authors and Mr D'OYLY CARTE (with cameo on cover of TRIAL BY JURY)

(h) 1879 (9/9/79) H.M.S. PINAFORE. Royal Olympic Theatre, Wych Street, Strand. The Comedy-Opera Company (Non-D'Oyly Carte rival company) (single-fold)

(i) 1879 ROYAL PARK THEATRE, PARK STREET, CAMDEN TOWN On MONDAY, OCTOBER 13TH, (+ 1879 inside with cast list) and Every Evening , for TWELVE NIGHTS ONLY, at 7.15, the Favourite Farce, No. 1 ROUND THE CORNER, Characters by Messrs. TEMPLE and MEADE. To be followed by, at 7.45, the entirely Original Nautical Comic Opera, in Two Acts, H.M.S.PINAFORE Or, The Lass that Loved a Sailor . By Mr. D'OYLY CARTE'S COMIC OPERA COMPANY, And be produced under the direction of the Author and Composer, W.S.GILBERT and ARTHUR SULLIVAN. To conclude with the Comedietta ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA. (programme dated in print on reverse of two-fold 16 Oct. 1879) (Cast includes George Temple as Capt. Corcoran and Mr Billington as B.Bobstay)

(j) 1879 OPERA COMIQUE : H.M.S. PINAFORE : (inscribed May 13 1879) (with CUPS AND SAUCERS and AFTER ALL) Cast: George Grossmith, Rutland Barrington, George Power, R.Temple, F. Clifton, Mr Dymott, Mr Fitzaltamont, Alice Burville, Jessie Bond, Miss Everard (colour chromolithographic)

(k)1879 OPERA COMIQUE : H.M.S. PINAFORE : inscribed Saty. mng. Nov. 1st 1879. Cast: Grossmith, Barrington, Power, Thornton, Senechall, Ramsay, Fitzaltamont, Loveday, Bond, Everard. Illustrated with cameos of Gilbert and Sullivan on front, with many line-drawings from the production. With A SILVER WEDDING as after-piece by George Grossmith. With NOTICE from Gilbert and Sullivan (August 2nd, 1879) stating that their production is the only sanctioned version (approx. size 20.5 x 26.5 cms)

(l) 1879 OPERA COMIQUE : H.M.S. PINAFORE : (blue paper with serrated edges) Cast: Grossmith, Barrington, Power, Temple, Clifton, Dymote, Fitzaltamont, Burville, Bond, Everard. With CUPS AND SAUCERS by George Grossmith and AFTER ALL by Frank Desprez and Alfred Cellier (approx. size 15 x 23.75 cms)

(m) OPERA COMIQUE : THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE : 1880 (inscribed Poppie & George April 13th, 1880) (with IN THE SULKS) Cast: George Grossmith, Richard Temple, George Temple, George Power, Rutland Barrington, Marion Hood, Julia Gwynne, Lilian La Rue, Neva Bond, Emily Cross (white, embossed edges)

(n) OPERA COMIQUE : THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE : 1880 (inscribed Monday June 6th, 1880) (with IN THE SULKS) (Cast as above) (purple)

(o) OPERA COMIQUE : THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE: (pencilled date 1881) (with IN THE SULKS) (Cast as above) (white)

(p) 1881 (opened 23 April) June. OPERA COMIQUE (Lessee and Manager: Mr. D'Oyly Carte) PATIENCE (preceded by UNCLE SAMUEL Written by Arthur Law; Music by George Grossmith). Cast : Grossmith, Barrington, Bowley, Temple, Thornton, Lely, Bond, Gwynne, Fortescue, Barnett, Braham (Her First Appearance at this Theatre). Conductor : Frank Cellier

(q ) 1881 OPERA COMIQUE Morning Performance On Saturday, August 6th, 1881, at 2.30 o'clock precisely PATIENCE (folded across : small invisible repair 4cms from spine) (original cast)

(r) 1881. Savoy Theatre PATIENCE/ MOCK TURTLES (green single-fold) with original cast list , good condition

(s) 1882 (pink) Savoy Theatre IOLANTHE (Cast: Grossmith, Barrington, Rowan, Manners, Temple, Barnett, Bond, Cathcart, Gwynne, Grey and Braham). Preceded by A PRIVATE WIRE by Arnold Felix and Frank Desprez. Music by Percy Reeve (approx. size 13 x 20.5 cms)

(t) 1883 Lyceum Theatre (Lessee: Henry Irving) : PYGMALION AND GALATEA (revival from December 8th, 1883) by W.S.Gilbert. Cast includes Mary Anderson (buff single-fold). Programme of music includes GRACEFUL DANCE from HENRY VIII by Sir Arthur Sullivan. Condition: good

(u) 1884 Lyceum Theatre (Lessee: Henry Irving) PYGMALION AND GALATEA / COMEDY AND TRAGEDY (from Jan. 26th, 1884). Drama written specially for Miss Mary Anderson by WSG. Condition: VG

(v) 1884 Savoy Theatre PRINCESS IDA : Saturday Evening, January 5th, 1884 : green, two-fold(13.5 x 20.25 cms)

(w) 1884 Savoy Theatre PRINCESS IDA upright two-fold chromo cardwith attractive cast illustrations (11 x 17 cms)

(x) 1885 (light green) : Savoy Theatre THE MIKADO (inscribed Tues. 14th April '85) Cast : Temple, Lely, Grossmith, Barrington, Bovill, Braham, Bond, Grey & Brandram (approx. size 14 x 22.5 cms)

(y) 1888 Savoy Theatre PP 1st Revival March 17 – June 6 worn (pink)

(z) 1888 FACSIMILE EIGHT-PAGE BOOKLET : THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD (inscribed Tu. Oct. 9th, 1888 T.F.Howell : first night six days before) (colour illustrations throughout from PRINCESS IDA and THE MIKADO by Alice Havers) (14.5 x 11.5 cms) (printed date : 1,000 8/10/88) (new product unique to this online G&S catalogue) @ £15.00

(aa) 1889 Theatre Royal, Haymarket THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR (inscribed T.F.Howell Matinee Jan. 9th 89). Music by Sir ARTHUR SULLIVAN three-fold

(bb) 1890 Savoy Theatre THE GONDOLIERS : green single-fold, print run 750 dated 13/9/90

(cc) 1891 FOUR-PAGE replica OF IVANHOE. The Royal English Opera. Proprietor and Manager R. D'Oyly Carte. Words by Julian Sturgis. Music by Arthur Sullivan (inscribed Sat. 31.1.91 T.F.Howell First Night) Folded upright card (12.5 x 20 cms). Cast: Salmond, Green, Oudin etc.+ List of orchestral musicians. Colour cover illustration by Alice Havers (new product unique to this online G&S catalogue) @ £15.00

(dd) Also available as a folded upright (12.5 x 20 cms) four-page greetings card with a different Alice Havers colour figure on cover/ later cast list inside facing blank greetings page/ outside back page advertisements (printed date 100/12/5/91) (new product unique to this online G&S catalogue)

(ee) 1891 The Royal English Opera IVANHOE A Romantic Opera in Three Acts. Words by Julian Sturgis. Music by Arthur Sullivan (inscribed T.F.Howell Fr. 31.7.91) Cast : Norman Salmond, Wallace Brownlow, Eugene Oudin, Charles Kenningham etc. VG

(ff) 1891 Richard D'Oyly Carte's production at The Royal English Opera of Messager's new opera LA BASOCHE from Nov.3, 1891 - Jan. 16, 1892. Conductor Mr. F. Cellier. Printed date : 27/11/91. The programme has been folded across, small tear on hinge, ow VG scarce

(gg) THE MOUNTEBANKS by WSG and Alfred Cellier : 1892 Lyric Theatre

(hh) 1893 Savoy Theatre HADDON HALL (green paper 2-fold) (printed date: 4/3/93)

(ii) 1893 Savoy Theatre UTOPIA, LIMITED (light orange) single-fold, print run 1,000 dated 31/10/93 (inscribed 1 Nov. 1893)

(jj) 1895 Feb. 8 Savoy Theatre THE CHIEFTAIN (decorative)

(kk) 1895 Theatre Royal, Croydon Program (sic) Three-fold chromolithograph (Wilson's Art Theatrical Printers, Leicester regd.) Monday, September 9th, 1895, And Every Evening During the Week, Important Engagement of D'Oyly Carte's Celebrated Opera Co. Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday, Sept. 9th, 10th, & 11th, Special Production of the Celebrated Aesthetic Opera, in Two Acts - PATIENCE. Cast: Fred W. Patrick, Helier Le Maistre, Enes Blackmore, Walter Summers, Frank Lynne, C.H.Workman, Agnes Taylor, Alice Pennington, Blanche Courtney, Lucie McLeod, Emmie Owen. Musical Director: Mr. T. Silver (also advert for THE GONDOLIERS 12 - 14 Sept). This was the D'Oyly Carte `E' Company (approx. size unfolded : 36 x 25 cms) @ £8.00

(ll) 1897 Alhambra Theatre VICTORIA AND MERRIE ENGLAND A Grand National Ballet in Eight Tableaux. The Scenario Arranged and the Ballet Invented by Carlo Coppi. Music by Arthur Sullivan : chromolithographic reproduction on card (three-fold) (approx. size : 43 x 29 cms when open) @ £15.00

(mm)1897 Alhambra Theatre VICTORIA AND MERRIE ENGLAND A Grand National Ballet in Eight Tableaux. The Scenario Arranged and the Ballet Invented by Carlo Coppi. Music by Arthur Sullivan printed paper (single-fold) (approx. size : 26 x 20 cms when open)

(nn) 1898 Savoy Theatre THE BEAUTY STONE 3-fold (printed date: 14/6/98)

(oo) 1899 New Alexandra Theatre (by Frank Matcham) Stoke Newington Road, London Week June 14th DC YG (with Workman) (3-fold -central panel VG) (paper repair to left fold) (chipped top right third fold) ow good

(pp) 1900 Savoy Theatre THE ROSE OF PERSIA 3-fold triptych : (printed date: 23/3/1900)

(qq) 1900 Monday 15th October One Week (a Birmingham Theatre) DC OC THE ROSE OF PERSIA

(rr) 1900 THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE at the Savoy Theatre (2nd Revival) June 30 - Nov. 3, 1900 (127 performances) two-fold in VG condition (printed date 1,000/22/9/1900)

(ss) 1900 Savoy Theatre PATIENCE (printed date: 30/11/1900)

(tt) (a) 1901 April 27 Savoy Theatre THE EMERALD ISLE 3-fold (1st night) (inscribed T.F.Howell 27.4.1)

(uu) 1901 7 Dec. Savoy Theatre IOLANTHE (printed date: 5/12/01) 3-fold : chipped first and central panel (production details intact)

(vv) 1902 Savoy Theatre IOLANTHE (inscribed T.F.Howell 22.2.2). Cast: Passmore, Pinder, Evett, Crompton, Lytton, Rosina Brandram scored out and replaced with Rose Rosslyn, Louie Pounds, Agnes Fraser, Isabel Agnew, Hart Dyke, Isabel Jay (with THE WILLOW PATTERN by Basil Hood) (three-fold)

(ww) 1913 OPERA HOUSE, Southport. THE D'OYLY CARTE Principal Repertoire Company. Monday, February 10th, at 8-0 for six nights only. Programme for Saturday, February 15th THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD. Cast: Sydney Granville, Strafford Moss, Leicester Tunks, Henry Herbert, Henry A. Lytton, Fred Billington, Hugh Blackmore, George Sinclair, Allen Morris, Fred Drawater, Olive Turner, Beatrice Boarer, Louie Rene, Hilda Cross. Musical Director C.H.Bradberry. Cast as per R & W., p.129 except for George Sinclair listed as 2Y, a detail not noted by R & W until their 4th supplement. pp8, approx. 19 x 25 cms. Inner pages, 3-6, detached but appear never to have been attached. Clean condition, no tears or creases (many advertisements)

(xx) 1915 New Theatre, Oxford. W/c 1/11/15. IOLANTHE, Wed mat 3/11/15, and PATIENCE, Sat mat 6/11/15. 4pp. Approx 9" x 11". Line drawing of theatre on front. Many ads. Has been folded in half horizontally, otherwise in good condition, clean, no tears

(zz) 1929 - 1930 SAVOY THEATRE. RUPERT D'OYLY CARTE'S SEASON OF GILBERT AND SULLIVAN OPERAS : RUPERT D'OYLY CARTE'S SEASON OF GILBERT & SULLIVAN OPERAS, Savoy Theatre, London. October 21st, 1929, to March 22nd, 1930. Colour plates: Cover - G&S characters in a cavalcade (by Charles Buchel); costume designs by Sheringham and Ricketts (6 plates: PF/ PC & IO/ GN x 2/ PP x 2 + GN backdrop) + b/w photos of the Savoy Theatre and PF/ PC/ GN/ PP : with maroon ribbon (slightly reduced by 20%: 20.7 x 17.5 cms) @ £26.00



facsimiles @ £5.00 each unless other- wise stated


1870's early: NEW ROYALTY THEATRE (under the Management of Miss Henrietta Hodson)

(a) WEALTH Comedy Drama/ WHITTINGTON JUNR. Civic Burlesque by R.Reece (with Mr. F.Sullivan as Ali Brown Windsor)/ RENDEZVOUS Farce (with Mr F. Sullivan as Smart). Condition fair

(b) (Under the Management of Kate Lawler) (undated: 4 Oct.) WILD FLOWERS Dramatic Sketch by Edward Rose/ BOW BELLS Comic Drama by Henry J. Byron/ POPSY WOPSY Musical Folly by Sydney Grundy & Edward Solomon. Condition good



3 1874 Opera Comique Nov.21 LOVE IN A FIX Comedy by John Oxenford and Horace Wigan/ IXION REWHEEL'D Opera-Bouffe Extravaganza written by F.C. Burnand. Music selected by W.C.Levey (cast includes Richard Temple and Mr F. Sullivan). Condition worn £65.00
4 1874 3 Dec. Prince of Wales’s Theatre SWEETHEARTS/ SOCIETY presentation copy : professionally `mounted' with the inside facing page fixed in a paper mount allowing the verso to be viewed (approx. prog. size : 11.5 x 18.5 cms) £75.00
5 c.1875 Royal Olympic Theatre MARIGOLD Music by Leon Vasseur. Before performance: Grand Ballad & Instrumental Concert including Sullivan's song LET ME DREAM AGAIN sung by Miss Mulholland. Condition: VG £45.00
6 1876 THE ROYAL AQUARIUM AND SUMMER AND WINTER GARDEN. PROGRAMME for Monday, March 6th, 1876 pp8 (cover chipped/spine repaired with archive tape) Four o'clock BAND OF THE ROYAL AQARIUM under the direction of Mr. Arthur Sullivan. Conductor Mr George Mount. Evening concert at 8.30 pm includes TRIAL BY JURY QUADRILLE (D'Albert) solos for violin, flute, cornet, trombone, and ophicleide £50.00
7 1878 Drury Lane Wednesday morning 15th May Testimonial Benefit to Mrs Alfred Mellon (WSG and AS listed on Executive Committee) (includes RECEPTION AND ADDRESS to which WSG contributed) approx. 13.5 x 53 cms (Proof Only) £80.00
8 1878 Philharmonic Theatre, Islington. Nov. 9th THE HAPPY PAIR / L'AFRICAINE Opera by F.C.Burnand with Original Music by Frank Musgrave. Cast: Stoyle, Granville etc. : condition good £50.00
9 1879 May 23rd Prince of Wales's Theatre CASTE/ SWEETHEARTS presentation copy : professionally `mounted' with the inside facing page fixed in a paper mount allowing the verso to be viewed (approx. prog. size : 12.5 x 19.00 cms) VG £80.00
9X THE SEVENTH ANNUAL CONVENTION OF THE SULLIVAN MUSICAL ASSOCIATION Town Hall, Newport, N.H (Aug. 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29. 1879). The "Sullivan" is not Arthur, but rather Sullivan County, New Hampshire.  Includes soloist Mr H.[enry] C.[lay] Barnabee of Boston, Basso and Humorist (he was Sir Joseph Porter with the Boston Ideals, appeared in other comic operas ( including G&S) and wrote a book of reminiscences" (folded across in three places, ow good)

1881 (opened 23 April) June. OPERA COMIQUE (Lessee and Manager: Mr. D'Oyly Carte) PATIENCE (preceded by UNCLE SAMUEL Written by Arthur Law; Music by George Grossmith). Cast : Grossmith, Barrington, Bowley, Temple, Thornton, Lely, Bond, Gwynne, Fortescue, Barnett, Braham (Her First Appearance at this Theatre). Conductor : Frank Cellier

Condition: some marks to rear margins, ow good

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1883 Lyceum Theatre (Lessee: Henry Irving) :

(a) PYGMALION AND GALATEA (revival from December 8th, 1883) by W.S.Gilbert. Cast includes Mary Anderson (buff single-fold). Programme of music includes GRACEFUL DANCE from HENRY VIII by Sir Arthur Sullivan. Condition: good

(b) PYGMALION AND GALATEA / COMEDY AND TRAGEDY (from Jan. 26th, 1884). Drama written specially for Miss Mary Anderson by WSG. Condition: VG



13 1884 Savoy Theatre (first run : pink paper - good condition) PRINCESS IDA. Cast: Barrington, Bracy, Lely, Ryley, Grossmith, Temple, Gray, Lugg, Braham, Brandram, Chard, Bond, Grey, Heathcote, Carr. Cond. Frank Cellier scarce SOLD £199.00 scarce SOLD
14 1884 March. Royal Court Theatre. DAN'L DRUCE, BLACKSMITH by WSG (revival). Cast: Vezin, Fortescue. Condition fair £100.00
15 1885 Jan. Royal Court Theatre COX AND BOX by F C Burnand. Cast: Lyons, Cecil, Cook/ YOUNG MRS. WINTHROP Play by Bronson Howard. Condition fair £60.00
16 1886 Prince of Wales's Theatre DOROTHY by B.C.Stephenson & Alfred Cellier (Under the direction of George Edwardes - reworked transfer from The Gaiety Theatre). Cast includes Marion Hood and C. Hayden Coffin. Condition: good £100.00

1888 November. Royal Court Theatre :

(undated: July 13th) AUNT JACK Farce by Ralph R. Lumley. Cast incldes Weedon Grossmith/ TO THE RESCUE Comedietta by Dora V. Greet. Interlude music includes THE MIKADO SELECTION by Sir Arthur Sullivan. Condition fair


18 1889 March 12. Royal Lyceum Theatre. MACBETH with Henry Irving and Ellen Terry. 63rd Performance. The Overture, Preludes, and incidental Music composed expressly by ARTHUR SULLIVAN £50.00
19 c.1890's Prince of Wales's Th. (undated) CASTE by T.W.Robertson (revival) - on opposite page is written: In answer to many inquiries with which Mrs. Bancroft has been honoured arrangements are concluded with Mr. W.S.GILBERT for a limited number of performances of his original Dramatic Contrast "SWEETHEARTS". Mrs. Bancroft will act her part of "Jenny Northcott" and Mr.Bancroft will appear, for the first time, as "Henry Spreadbrow". Condition: fair £75.00
20 1890 Royal Aquarium Summer and Winter Garden Society Limited.  Programme Week ending March 29th, 1890. Folded crepe paper, Dec. cold. Border £30.00
21 1890 (from April 3rd) Theatre Royal, Haymarket A VILLAGE PRIEST by Sydney Grundy. Suggested by the French Play `Le Secret de la Terreuse' and COMEDY AND TRAGEDY by W.S.Gilbert. Cast includes Fred Terry and Julia Neilson. Condition: good £65.00
21X 1891 The Royal English Opera IVANHOE A Romantic Opera in Three Acts. Words by Julian Sturgis. Music by Arthur Sullivan (inscribed 17-3-91) Cast : Norman Salmond, Richard Green, Francois Noije, Charles Kenningham, Adams Owen, W.H. Burgon, Ben Davies, Avon Saxon, Charles Copland, W.H. Stephens, Mr Cowis, Mr F Bovill, Miss Palliser, Marie Groebl, Miss Thudichum. Folded in four (archive tape repairs in three places : two on spine and one on outside back page : small horizontal) ow fair copy rare £110.00 rare
22 1891 JOAN OF ARC Burlesque Opera by J.L. Shine & Adrian Ross. Music by F. Ormond Carr (composer of HIS EXCELLENCY in 1894).Opera Comique (inscribed T.F.Howell 13.6.91) three-fold coloured chrom. with separate Synopsis of Music VG £95.00
24 1891 Toole's Theatre 23 October THE LANCASHIRE SAILOR by Brandon Thomas (also in cast) / A COMMISSION by Weedon Grossmith (also in cast)/ A PANTOMIME REHEARSAL by Cecil Clay (with Weedon Grossmith in the cast). Condition fair £35.00
25 1892. WALKER, LONDON A New Comedy Play by J.M.Barrie.With J.L.Toole as Jasper Phipps. (inscribed T.F.Howell Mon. 13.6.92). Toole's Theatre FINE £75.00

THE MOUNTEBANKS by WSG and Alfred Cellier (opened January 4th, 1892; 229 performances) :

(a) Lyric Theatre : inscribed June 1890 (sic : a contemporary mistake!). Thursday, June 9th, 1892. Cast : Harry Monkhouse, Frank Wyatt, Arthur Playfair, Charles Gilbert, J. Robertson, Lionel Brough, Furneaux Cook, Cecil Burt, Gilbert Porteous, Lucille Saunders, Aida Jenoure, Eva Moore, Geraldine Ulmar (Mrs. Ivan Caryll). Good, three-fold paper

(b) 1892 Oct. 10 for one week Prince's Theatre (Manchester). Horace Sedger's Co.(from the Lyric Theatre, London. Cast: Harry Parker, Roland Carse, J.B.Watson, Hampton Gordon, Sidney Tower, Clarence Hunt, Hugh Seton, Lytton Grey, Paul Callan, Waldeck Hall, Annie Montelli, Lillie Comyns, Maud Holland. Good, 2-fold (pink)




27 1893 DIPLOMACY. A Play in Four Acts. An English Version of M. Victorien Sardou's "Dora" by Clement Scott and B.C. Stephenson.. Cast : Mr & Mrs Bancroft, Arthur Cecil, J. Forbes-Robertson etc. Garrick Th. (inscribed T.F.Howell Fr. 16/6/93) FINE £50.00


GO-BANG Farcical Comedy by Adrian Ross and Osmond Carr (inscribed T.F.Howell 16.3.94) Cast: Grattan, Playfair, Geo. Grossmith, Junr., JESSIE BOND etc. (three-fold coloured card) VG scarce


1895 AN ARTIST'S MODEL By Owen Hall. Lyrics by Harry Greenbank. Music by Sidney Jones. Daly's (inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. 30/3/95). Cast : Marie Tempest, Kate Hodson, Marie Studholme, Louie Pounds, C. Hayden Coffin etc. (landscape : folded vertically) VG

(for Vocal Score see : `Sheet Music - Vocal Scores')


1894 Lyric Theatre HIS EXCELLENCY. A Comic Opera in Two Acts by W.S. Gilbert & F. Osmond Carr. Mr George Edwardes' Company. Opened Oct. 27, 1894 and ran for 120 performances:

(a) (stamped date 31 Oct. 94 :printed date 29/10/94) Cast: Rutland Barrington; George Grossmith, Charles Kenningham, Augustus Cramer, John Le Hay, Arthur Playfair, George Temple, Ernest Snow**, Frank Morton, Nancy McIntosh, Jessie Bond, Ellaline Terris, Alice Barnett, Gertrude Aylward, May Cross. FINE copy, 2-fold card

(b) Saturday, April 6th, 1895 (also another printed date at bottom of programme 5/4 - 95). Cast: Rutland Barrington; George Grossmith, Charles Kenningham, Augustus Cramer, John Le Hay, Arthur Playfair, George Temple, Fred Garton**, Frank Morton, Nancy McIntosh, Jessie Bond, Ellaline Terris, Alice Barnett, Gertrude Aylward, May Cross. Condition: good, 2-fold paper

** cast change



29X 1895 February 18. Royal Lyceum Theatre. KING ARTHUR by J. Comyns Carr (with Ellen Terry) . The Choral and Incidental Music has been composed expressly for the play by ARTHUR SULLIVAN. The Entr'actes will be selected from the Instrumental Works of the same Composer. The Scenery and Costumes have been specially designed by Sir EDWARD BURNE-JONES, Bart. (folded diagonally across) £50.00
30 1895 Gaiety Theatre THE SHOP GIRL Musical Farce by H.J.W.Dam. Music by Ivan Caryll. Cast: Williams, Hicks, Grossmith, Junr. etc. : condition good (printed date: 23/5/95) £100.00

1895 THE MIKADO Savoy Theatre :

(a)(inscribed Dec 11th 95) (landscape format : pink ILLUSTRATED sepia cover (possibly from Alice Havers's original first-run programme design - 16.25 x 12.5 cms) (printed date: 1,000/9/12/95). Cast: Fische, Kenningham, Passmore, Barrington, Hewson, Perry, Bond, Owen, Brandram. (Preceded by AFTER ALL. Words by Frank Desprez. Music by Alfred Cellier. Cast: Workman, Hewson, Owen). Condition: small black marks on cover bottom left and border right/folded vertically, ow good

(b) (as above) (printed date 2,000/6/12/95) (folded vertically)

(c) 1896 (inscribed Aug 6). Cast change : Fred Billington replaced Rutland Barrington as Pooh-Bah (sl. scuff outside back page over printed date) ow VG





1896 Daly's Theatre THE GEISHA. Book by Owen Hall. Lyrics by Harry Greenbank. Music by Sidney Jones :

(inscribed T.F.Howell Fr.31.7.96) worn



1897 Prince of Wales Theatre :

(a) Wed. Feb. 24th LA POUPEE by Maurice Ordonneau, adapted by Arthur Sturgess. Music by Edmond Audran. Cast: includes Courtice Pounds . Condition very good

(b) (undated) (Managers: Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft) DIPLOMACY Play adapted for the English Stage from M. Victorien Sardou's Comey DORA by Mr. Saville Rowe and Mr. Bolton Rowe. Cast: Bancrofts, Cecil etc. : condition good

(c) (undated) (Managers: Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft) PERIL Play by Mr. Saville Rowe and Mr. Bolton Rowe. Cast: Mr Bancroft, Cecil, Mrs Kendal etc. : condition fair




34 1898 Sat. March 26th Daly's Theatre THE GEISHA with Rutland Barrington as The Marquis Imari folded down centre ow good £65.00

1898 THE BELLE OF NEW YORK. Book by Hugh Morton. Music by Gustave Kerker. Shaftesbury Theatre (inscribed T.F.Howell 23/4/98). Cast : Dan Daly, Harry Davenport, Edna May etc., three-fold, coloured VG

(for Vocal Score see : `Sheet Music - Vocal Scores')

(for Piano Score and Piano Selection* see : `Sheet Music - Piano Arrangements' )

(for Libretto see `Plays/Libretti' and `Sheet Music - Vocal Scores')

(*NB Full Set of Orchestral Parts for PIANO SELECTION with piano part also available @ £50.00 - details on request)

36 1898 Sat. July 16th Daly's Theatre A GREEK SLAVE with Rutland Barrington as Marcus Pompenius (landscape) folded down centre, small ageing spot on central fold, ow good £65.00

PYGMALION AND GALATEA/ COMEDY AND TRAGEDY Comedy Theatre (inscribed T.F.Howell 27.6.1900)


      1901 Savoy Theatre PATIENCE (1st Revival Nov. 7, 1900 – April 20, 1901 – 150 performances) (inscribed Jan. 15 : same as printed date) washed-out two-fold card

      - preceded by PRETTY POLLY. Written by Basil Hood. Composed by Francois Cellier.


£30.00 washed-out two-fold card

(a) 1901 Savoy Theatre THE EMERALD ISLE 3-fold paper (printed date 9/5/1901), brown punch-hole impressions along the top

(b) 1901 Savoy Theatre THE EMERALD ISLE 3-fold (card) (printed date 31/5/1901) , 3cm split on second fold, ow VG




1901 Savoy Theatre IOLANTHE triptych :

(with THE WILLOW PATTERN by Basil Hood : Cast: Agnes Fraser, Powis Pinder, Rudolph Lewis, Robert Rous) Cast: Passmore, Pinder, Evett, Crompton, Lytton, Rosina Brandram, Louie Pounds, Agnes Fraser, Isabel Agnew, Hart Dyke, Isabel Jay (printed date: 23/12/01) (card)



1902/3 HER MAJESTY'S THEATRE : THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR (with music by Sir Arthur Sullivan) (cast includes Courtice Pounds) :

(a) (inscribed T.F.Howell 13.6.2)

(b) souvenir booklet June 10, 1902 pp12 (Sullivan's music not mentioned)

(c)( inscribed T.F.Howell 10/2/3) (foxing)





1908 Savoy Theatre Second Repertory Season. DC OC THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (from Dec.1).Cast : Workman, Lytton, Sheffield, Herbert, Barrington, Court, Rose, Boarer, Lewis, Rene (Preceded by A WELSH SUNSET. Words by Frederick Fenn. Composed by Philip Michael Faraday). Musical Director : Francois Cellier pp12, blue paper, staples rusted, ow good




43 D'OYLY CARTE HERALD/ PROGRAMME CARD coloured (approx 7.5 x 12 cms) scarce:

(AA) Opera House, Man. April 5 1926 for Four Weeks (portrait of F.Frederici, New York as The Mikado on cover)

(BB) PLAIN COVER : Opera House, Manchester Three Weeks from Oct. 7th, 1940 to Oct. 26th, 1940


NON-DECORATED PROGRAMME CARDS (plain upright/landscape postcard-sized cards in red and black lettering):

(a) Princes Theatre, London Dec. 15th, 1958 - March 14th, 1959 (worn, sellotape repair across front) (Programme - 2-fold)

(b) Theatre Royal, Exeter Mon. June 1st 1959 Two Weeks (upright card with coloured lettering)

(c) Hippodrome, Bristol. Mon. May 2nd, 1960 Two Weeks

(d) Princes Theatre, London Dec. 19th, 1960 - Feb. 18th, 1961 (Programme - 2-fold)

(e) Savoy Theatre Dec. 16th, 1963 - March 14th, 1964 single-fold

(f) Opera House, Man March 20 1967 Six Weeks (Handbill: folded card (approx. 5" x 4"))

(g) Opera House, Man March 23 1970 Six Weeks (Handbill: folded card (approx. 5" x 4"))

(h) Programme card for 1971 Season: March - August

(i) Opera House, Man March 15 1971 Six Weeks (Handbill: folded card (approx. 5" x 4")

(j) Sadler's Wells Theatre, London Dec. 20th, 1971 - Feb. 12th, 1972 Season leaflet (two-fold) (approx size: 10.5 x 14 cms folded), red cover (with ticket stub: RUDDIGORE matinee 29 Jan. 1972)

(k) Programme card for 1973 Season: March - June

(l) Opera House, Blackpool. Mon Feb 25 1974 Two Weeks (double-sided)

(m) Opera House, Man March 11 1974 Seven Weeks:- (1) VG (2) (folded across)

(n) 1979 programme week beginning Oct. 22 - Dec.10 1979

(o) Programme card for 1980 Season (approx. 4" x 8") :- (1) Feb-May (2) May-July (3) Sept-Dec

(p) Tameside Theatre, Ashton-under-Lyne Mon 24 March 1980 Two Weeks (approx. 4" x 8")

Herald Cards (AA & BB) scarce :

£20.00 each



Non-Decorated Cards:













(m)(1)£3.00/ (2)£2.00


(o)£2.00 each


44 1910 Jan. 27 - 29. PRINCESS JU JU. Clementine Ward's Japanese Operetta. St. Clement's Sunday School, Chorlton-cum-Hardy (amateur) VG+. £10.00
45 1912 The Heilig Theatre, Portland, Oregon Week beginning Sunday Sept. 1 The G&S Festival Co. De Wolf Hopper EMERGENCY SLIP (cast list for H.M.S. PINAFORE) 12.75 x 24 cms £50.00

1919-20 Princes Theatre, London DC OC:

YG (staples removed  - rust marks)





(a) PRINCE'S THEATRE Souvenir GILBERT & SULLIVAN SEASON Oct. 3rd, 1921-April 8th, 1922. Orange wraps with embossed MIKADO image (Lytton) in black and gold. With superb production photographs (with facsimile autographs and artiste's character photos.). Brock RUDDIGORE colour central spread, chord pp28 Mint condition

(b) as above but coloured MIKADO embossed outer wraps MISSING, chord, ow VG condition


(a)£75.00 mint condition



48 1923. LYRIC THEATRE, London. LILAC TIME (Cast includes Courtice Pounds as Schubert) (programme dated 4/4/23 - printed) £10.00

1924 February 4th - July 26th. PRINCE'S THEATRE. SOUVENIR of RUPERT D'OYLY CARTE'S SEASON of GILBERT and SULLIVAN OPERAS. Cast card. 13 Photographs (12 x 16.5 cms) (in character) with facsimile autographs :

1. Henry Lytton as Jack Point

2. Charles Goulding

3. Leo Sheffield as Don Alhambra

4. Elsie Griffin

5. Winifred Lawson

6. Eileen Sharp

7. Joseph Griffin

8. Leo Darnton

9. Darrell Fancourt

10. Sydney Granville

11. Bertha Lewis

12. Henry Millidge

13. Sidney Pointer

all contained in a perfect folder with ribbon scarce

£80.00 scarce
49 1924 March 17-22 Grand Theatre Luton THE GONDOLIERS LAOS (decorative cover) £5.00
51 PRINCES THEATRE (staples rusted) :

(a) TJ/SO 6/5/24

(b) RUDDIGORE (printed date on outside back page : 4/6/24) (folded across)




(a) 1925 February 20th 21st THE MIKADO Croydon Light Opera Club, Public Hall, Croydon (decorative cover) directed by L. Cairns James (former DC OC `B' Company : 1887 Robin and Ko-Ko; 1888 as before; 1889 Jack Point and Ko-Ko; 1890 Ko-Ko, Jack Point and Duke of Plaza-Toro; 1891 as before) (informative notes on Japanese text)

(b) 1925 Dec. 4th, 5th & 7th THE GONDOLIERS Croydon Light Opera Club, Public Hall, Croydon (decorative cover) directed by L. Cairns James (former DC OC See above)

£10.00 each
53 1926 Feb. 9-13. Louth AODS YEOMEN OF THE GUARD in the Playhouse, Louth. Maroon paper covers (16 x 26 cms) pp18 (12 photographs of cast in costume) £10.00
54 1926 Dec.13th week. Grimsby Hospital AOS IOLANTHE at the Prince of Wales Theatre, Grimsby. Illustrated paper covers (19 x 25.5 cms) pp32 (10 full-page photographs of cast in costume). Opposite each photo. is a critique of each performance written on lined paper attached loosely £20.00


(a) SOUVENIR (with ribbon) Rickett's MIKADO colour costume design on outer front wrap. Cast List. Colour Centre-spread : Fac-simile Reproductions from the Original Designs of Charles Ricketts, A.R.A.(12 MIKADO b&w production photographs) pp12 VG

(B) IO 21/10/26

(C) CB & PF 8/11/26

(D) RG 15/11/26




(b) - (d) £15.00 each

55X 1927. Bingley Congregational AOS. March 28th to April 2nd. In Victora Hall, Bingley (Yorkshire) HADDON HALL (with review) £5.00
56 1928 Dec 3 -8. Grimsby Hospital AOS RUDDIGORE at the Prince of Wales Theatre, Grimsby. Illustrated paper covers (19 x 25.5 cms) pp32 (8 full-page photographs of cast in costume). Opposite each photo. is a lined piece of paper loosely attached, with quotes from the libretto £20.00


RUPERT D'OYLY CARTE'S SEASON OF GILBERT & SULLIVAN OPERAS, Savoy Theatre, London. October 21st, 1929, to March 22nd, 1930. Colour plates: Cover - G&S characters in a cavalcade (by Charles Buchel); costume designs by Sheringham and Ricketts (6 plates: PF/ PC & IO/ GN x 2/ PP x 2 + GN backdrop) + b/w photos of the Savoy Theatre and PF/ PC/ GN/ PP. A HANDSOME and SCARCE item (size: approx. 25 x 21 cms)

(a) cover slightly worn with light foxing on edges (especially outside back cover), ow good condition with ribbon (lacking envelope) SOLD

(b) excellent quality FACSIMILE available @ £26.00 with maroon ribbon (slightly reduced by 20%: 20.7 x 17.5 cms)

(c) Opening Night programme (in card) with coloured MIKADO costume design cover by Ricketts: THE GONDOLIERS Monday, October 21st, 1929

(d) Second Night : with coloured MIKADO costume design cover by Ricketts :THE GONDOLIERS (inscribed Tu. Oct 22nd, 1929) with artiste's photos. pp40

The following Savoy programmes all feature the Ricketts design as above, and contain artiste's portraits (not in character) pp40 + coloured outer wraps :

(e) RG (inscribed 4.11.29 )

(f) PATIENCE Nov. 11-16 , 1929

(g) YG (inscribed 26.11.29 )

(h) TJ & PP (inscribed 7.1.1930)

(a)£60.00 SOLD

(b)EXCELLENT QUALITY FACSIMILE available @ £26.00 (with ribbon)


(d) to (h) £25.00 each


1930 Oct. 2.The Golders Green Hippodrome DC OC MK (Lytton) The Magazine Programme pp24 MINT

60 1932 Oct. 18 - 22. PATIENCE Chorlton ODS (amateur) £6.00

(a) 1933 Savoy Theatre. Rupert D'Oyly Carte's Season of Gilbert & Sullivan Operas. (17 week season Sept. 26 1932 - Jan. 21 1933) Henry Lytton in Gilbert and Sullivan Characters. A Souvenir of his farewell season at the Savoy Theatre London 1932 - 1933 With Rupert D'Oyly Carte's Compliments January 21st 1933 (Wallet containing 11 b/w photos with facsimile autographed quotes) + Cast List card + LAST NIGHT OF THE SEASON Jan. 21st, 1933 programme: Act I PIRATES; Pot-Pourri cond. G. Toye; Sentry Song sung by Richard Watson; Act I THE MIKADO

(b) VG set in excellent wallet (including Cast List card and original outer envelope)

(c) Complete set of photographs within original illustrated wallet (Cast List card missing)

(d) Also available: very good quality laser card photocopies of the photos. (approx. size 15.5 x 22 cms) @ £3.00 each

INDIVIDUAL PROGRAMMES ( all with Ko-Ko coloured cover design) :

(e) Oct 10 - 15 RUDDIGORE pp32 with Green, Goulding, Granville, Flynn, Fancourt, Dickson, Eyre, Gill, Denny and Nickell-Lean (with blue photo. of Lytton as The Duke of Plaza-Toro)

(f) Oct 17 - 22 IOLANTHE pp32 with Lytton, Fancourt, Dean, Watson, Rands, Gill, Eyre, Denny, Baxter, O'Brien and Ronald (with blue photo. of Lytton as The Duke of Plaza-Toro)

(g) Nov. 14 - 19 PRINCESS IDA pp32 (inscribed 15/11/32 -with T.F.H. monogram; Howell) (Ko-Ko coloured cover design) (Henry Lytton photo. as The Duke of Plaza-Toro). Cast: Watson, Goulding, Dean, Rands, Lytton, Fancourt, Walker, Flynn, Dickson, Gill, Denny, Eyre, Ray, Baxter, O'Brien

(h) Nov. 21 - 26 THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD pp32 (inscribed 21/11/32 -with T.F.H. monogram : Howell) (Henry Lytton photo. as The Duke of Plaza-Toro). Cast: Watson, Goulding, Fancourt, Dean, Green, Granville, Wilson, Eaton, Morgan, Penry Hughes, Dickson, Eyre, Gill, Denny

(i) Nov. 21 - 26 THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD pp12 (with blue photo. of Lytton as The Duke of Plaza-Toro). Cast (as above)






(d) also available: photocopies on card of the 11 photos. @ £3.00 each







62 Beswick Co-operative Choral Society (amateur) . A Concert Performance of MERRIE ENGLAND :

(a) 1933 Nov. 25 Co-op. Hall, Beswick

(b) 1934 Feb. 24 Co-op. Hall, Longsight

£3.00 each

1934 The Golders Green Hippodrome DC OC (26 Dec. 1933 for 3 Weeks) THE MIKADO (Fancourt, Goulding, Lytton, Granville, Rands, Cornford, Moody, Eyre, Nickell-Dean, Gill) (rust has spread to cast list page) (worn)

63 THE GONDOLIERS Ayrshire Philharmonic Opera Society.Town Hall, Ayr Nov. 5 - Nov. 9, 1935 pp20 (with photos.) staples rusted £4.00
64 1936. New Theatre, Oxford. MIKADO, 7/5/36 (sic). Contains photographs of 7 principals (mostly in costume including Martyn Green) and repertoire for remainder of visit. Date quoted is as on the page with the cast list, but dates on two other pages indicate it should read 5/5/36. "Mikado" written in ink on front cover £15.00

1936 Sadler's Wells DC OC PRINCESS IDA Sat. June 13th




66 1936 RUDDIGORE. The Ipswich Gilbert and Sullivan Amateur Operatic Society. Ipswich Hippodrome Oct. 26 - 31. pp32 (including card wraps which are foxed, esp. front). Full of excellent b&w photographs, ribbon tie £10.00
    1937 Sadler's Wells DC OC :

    (a) June 5th TJ/PP

    (b) June 19th GN

    (c) June 22nd CB/PF

    (d) July 15th PI

(a) - (c) £10.00 each


68 1938 Feb. 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th & 26th RUDDIGORE The Buckden and District AODS The Rifle Range, Buckden pp20 £10.00

1938. Scala Theatre. DC OC London Season May 30th to July 16th. Coloured cover (using Ricketts' costume design cover):

(a) CB & SO Tue. June 21st (inscribed) and Wed. June 22nd, 1938 (with artistes' biogs)

(b) CB & SO Tuesday June 21st and Wednesday, June 22nd , 1938 (with artistes' biogs) missing outer back wrap

(c) CB & SO Tue. June 22nd, 1938 (with artistes' biogs)





70X 1939 USA DC OC Tour Jan - April :SOUVENIR AND LIBRETTO : THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD (23 x 30.5 cms) pp20 + outer wraps (with Buchel colour cavalcade of characters ). Production photos. of PATIENCE; IOLANTHE; PINAFORE; YEOMEN; MIKADO; PIRATES; GONDOLIERS. Cast biographies with photos. (in character). Printed in the U.S.A. Wraps sl. worn, ow good £40.00

1939 Sadler's Wells DC OC:

(a) RG June 8th

(b) PC June 14th


£10.00 each
72 1940. Leaflet for the new Peter Goffin production of THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD (colour cover: Act Drop: Pictorial map of the Tower of London) (12.5 x 20.25 cms folded) scarce £25.00




72Y 1942 New Theatre, Oxford. DC OC Monday, May 25th for Two Weeks. Friday 29th May YG £20.00
75 1942 Princes Theatre. DC OC THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD July 2-4th and 20-25th £18.00
76 1944 King's Theatre, Hammersmith. DC OC Six Weeks from May 29. MIKADO; YEOMEN; GONDOLIERS May-June

78 1946. Opera House, Manchester. DC OC Sat. 16th, Nov. THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE cond. I.Godfrey. Cast: Martyn Green, Darrell Fancourt, Thomas Round, Ella Halman etc. £10.00
79 1947 Opera House, Manchester DC OC Nov. 10th, 1947 Three Weeks TRIAL and PINAFORE £10.00
81 1948. H.M.S.PINAFORE. The Acton Amateur Operatic Society May 10 - 15 £2.00
82 1948 New Theatre Royal, Norwich. Nov 1 - 6 The Norfolk and Norwich Amateur Operatic Society THE MIKADO. Souvenir Programme (cover with original colour artwork) with photos. £6.00
83 1949 21st - 23rd February. Rex Theatre, Ely. City of Ely Operatic Society presents By permission of the Executors of R.D'Oyly Carte THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD (Amateur prog.) £5.00
84 1949 March 23 - 26. Bleak House Operatic Society. A COUNTRY GIRL (by Tanner, Ross, Greenbank, Monckton and Rubens) a cut-away programme with attractive cover £6.00
84X 1949 16th - 18th May Sadler's Wells DC OC RUDDIGORE (small landscape : 13 x 9 cms) rare £12.00 rare
85 1949 Thur. 19 May Woking Choral Society. Concert Version of MERRIE ENGLAND by E.German (flyer) £1.00

1949 Chiswick Empire. DC OC PATIENCE July 28th

86 1949 New Theatre Royal, Norwich. Nov 14-19 The Norfolk and Norwich Amateur Operatic Society RUDDIGORE. Souvenir Programme (cover with original colour artwork) with photos. £6.00
87X 1881-1951 G&S FESTIVAL OF BRITAIN SOUVENIR Savoy Theatre May 7th to August 4th 1951 (with loose cast list - sellotape mark to card and inside hinge of programme, ow VG) pp12 plus outer card wraps. B&W photos.of `Some of the Players who took part in early productions of THE D'OYLY CARTE OPERA COMPANY'. Colour costume designs, and b&w production photos. `Principal Members of the Present Company' (b&w photos.). Article by J.C.Trewin : `Gilbert and Sullivan THEN and NOW'. Outside back wrap : Facsimile of the first Savoy Theatre Souvenir Programme (PATIENCE - cast list) scarce £40.00 scarce


THE MIKADO Monday, July 2nd to Saturday, July 7th (Ricketts MIKADO design on cover)





1952 Bristol Hippodrome April 7 for Three Weeks DC OC:

(a) GN April 7/ 16/ 24

(b) IO April 12/ 22

£8.00 each
91 1952. King's Hall, Belle Vue, Manchester at 7.30p.m. HOLIDAY `PROMS' Halle Orchestra cond. George Weldon. Thurs. August 21st Excerpts from Gilbert & Sullivan Operas. Includes `A Cartoon of Arthur Sullivan drawn by Linley Sambourne for PUNCH'/ Friday August 22nd MUSIC FROM THE OPERAS (not G&S) with JOAN HAMMOND who has signed her photograph £20.00

1952. Golder's Green Hippodrome DC OC

(a) Cox & Box and H.M.S. Pinafore 8th & 9th Sept.

(b) IOLANTHE Thursday 11 Sept. 1952 with Peter Pratt, Ivor Evans, Leonard Osborn, Fisher Morgan, Alan Styler, Ann Drummond-Grant, Joyce Wright, Cynthia Morey, Elizabeth Howarth, Jean Tyler and Shirley Hall (folded four ways)




1952 Leeds Grand Theatre and Opera House DC OC Monday December 8th (2 Weeks from Dec.1) TRIAL/ PIRATES

91Z 1953 Opera House, Blackpool DC OC Monday, January 26th, 1953 for Two Weeks : MK; RG; TJ; PP; YG; MK; GN - half the usual size (usual masks/Shakespeare bust coloured cover design) @ £10.00 £10.00

1953 Sadler's Wells. DC OC THE MIKADO Tuesday, July 21st

93 1954 Opera House, Blackpool. DC OC For Two Weeks commencing Monday 1st Feb. COX AND BOX and H.M.S. PINAFORE (Feb. 8th); PATIENCE (Feb. 9th); IOLANTHE (Feb. 10th); RUDDIGORE (Feb. 11th); THE GONDOLIERS (Feb. 12th); THE MIKADO (Feb. 13th) £10.00
93X 1954 THE SCALA THEATRE The Stock Exchange Dramatic and Operatic Society (amateur): TJ and PF 24th – 27th Feb.

1954 Savoy Theatre DC OC London Season:

(a) MK Mon. Sept. 13th to Sat. Sept. 18th (cover torn and written on)

(b) PRINCESS IDA (inscribed 30.9.54) (12.5 x 18.5 cms)

(c) COX & BOX and PF Oct.21st - 23rd

(d) COX & BOX and PF Oct.21st - 23rd (inscribed on front cover)

(e) MK 28th and 30th Oct.

(f) GN 12 Nov.








95 1955 Mon. - Sat. April 25th - 30th TRIAL BY JURY and H.M.S.PINAFORE The Leicester G&S Soc. The Little Theatre, Dover Street (decorative line-drawings on cover) (infact theatre burnt down week before performance which then took place at Leicester Grammar School) £6.00
96 1956 Theatre Royal, Norwich. Feb. 13th week. Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet season includes PINEAPPLE POLL cond. John Lanchbery (with press cuttings) £5.00
97 1956 The Opera House, Manchester. 12 March week. Sadler's Wells Theatre Ballet. Season includes PINEAPPLE POLL cond. Kenneth Alwyn £5.00
97X 1956 Opera House, Blackpool. Monday October 15th for Two Weeks : DEREK OLDHAM in Summer Song £10.00

1956 Princes Theatre, London DC OC CHRISTMAS SEASON 3 Dec. 1956 - 25 Feb.1957 :

(a) RUDDIGORE (Dec. 3 week 1956) (Pratt, Osborn, Adams, Morey)

(b) IOLANTHE Wed. (19 Dec.1956) (Pratt, Adams, Osborn, Drummond-Grant, Wright, Morey)

(c) MIKADO (28 Dec. 1956) (Adams, Griffiths, Pratt, Morey)

(d) TRIAL BY JURY & PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Jan. 7 week 1957) (Reed, Styler, Pratt, Adams)

(e) PATIENCE (Jan. 28 week 1957) (Adams, Reed, Osborn)

(f) THE GONDOLIERS (inscribed 14/2/57)

£6.00 each
98X 1957 Bristol Hipppodrome DC OC Week Commencing April 29th for Two Weeks YEOMEN (worn, folded vertically twice) £6.00

(a) 1957 The Streatham Hill Theatre. DC OC IOLANTHE photocopied: Full page newspaper report from THE NEWS Nov. 29, 1957:` The Guards in IOLANTHE again. How they looked... And how they performed' + attachment (sellotaped): Points From LETTERS This was music RARE SET

(b) RUDDIGORE 23 Nov.

(a)£3.00 photocopy only




1958 New Theatre, Oxford. DC OC Two Weeks from Monday, May 12th :

May 14th/24th MK



1958 15 Dec to 14 March 1959. Princes Theatre DC OC Christmas Season 1958 :

(a) GONDOLIERS (Dec. 15 week) (Pratt, Fryatt, Sandford, Round, Hindmarsh)

(b) PRINCESS IDA (Jan. 5 - 7 1959) (Sandford, Fryatt, Osborn, Pratt, Hindmarsh)

(c) THE MIKADO (inscribed on front 17.1.59) (ticket stub) (Adams, Round, Pratt, Sandford, Skitch, Banks, Anne Sessions - replacing Jean Barrington - Wright, Dixon, Drummond-Grant)

(d) THE MIKADO (Feb. 4th, 1959) (Adams, Round, Pratt, Barrington)

(e) RUDDIGORE (Feb. 9 - 11 1959) (Pratt, Osborn, Sandford - with indisposition slips : Joan Lawrence and Alice Hynd)

(f) PATIENCE (18 Feb. 1959) (Adams, Reed, Osborn, Dixon)

(g) IOLANTHE (Pratt, Adams, Osborn)

(h) SOUVENIR With the compliments of Bridget DC: glossy folded card (approx. 20 x 25.5 cm) with photos of 12 artistes and facsimile autographs









106 1959 Princes Theatre, London. 5 Jan. DC OC 75th Anniversary of PRINCESS IDA (with facsimile prog.) coloured cover MINT £20.00

1959 Opera House., Manchester. DC OC 16 March 4 weeks :

(a) MK (with ticket stub) (MINT)

(b) THE MIKADO (stain bottom joint)



109 1959 2nd and 12 Dec. The Streatham Hill Theatre DC OC COX & BOX and H.M.S.PINAFORE £7.00

1960 Princes Theatre Christmas Season (Dec. 19th - Feb. 18th) DC OC :

(a) TJ/ PP

(b) PC

£6.00 each
112 1960 The Opera House, Manchester DC OC Monday 29th February for Four Weeks THE MIKADO VG £8.00
113X 1960 June 6 (inscribed) (first night on the May 17th ) Sadler's Wells Opera in ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD by Offenbach (with Cynthia Morey as Aurora) (production photos.) (indisposition slip : Juno played at this performance by Jean Manning (replacing Sheila Rex)) £15.00
113Y 1960 10 August MERRIE ENGLAND by Edward German & Basil Hood (inscribed 1st Night) Sadler's Wells Theatre VG+ £30.00

(a) 1960 Stratford, Ontario PF large prog. (coloured) + x 2 smaller ones

(b) 1960 original costume artwork by Brian Jackson (Aunt) as used in above prog. (approx. sixe : 21.5 x 28 cms) (ring binder traces down left margin)

(c) 1961 Stratford, Ontario PP large prog. (coloured) + x 2 smaller ones

(d) 1961 original costume artwork by Brian Jackson (Isabel) as used in above prog. (approx. sixe : 21.5 x 28 cms) (ring binder traces down left margin)

(e) 1962 Stratford, Ontario GN large prog. (coloured) + x 2 smaller ones

(f) 1963 Stratford, Ontario MK large prog. cuttings only from MK section (coloured) + x 2 smaller ones

(g) 1964 Stratford, Ontario YG large prog. (coloured) + x 2 smaller ones £30.00








115 1960 CHRISTMAS SEASON DC OC Princes Theatre YEOMEN (with cast photos.) £8.00
116 1961 The Opera House, Manchester DC OC 6th March For Four Weeks THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD £5.00

1961 New Theatre, Oxford. Mon. May 22 Two Weeks. DC OC :

May 22nd/ 27th/ 31st MK


119 1961-62 SOUVENIR. D'OYLY CARTE OPERA COMPANY. Savoy Theatre pp24 :

(a) VG

(b) cover creased vertically, contents VG - contains end of copyright card 27/1/1961


(c) PC (with b&w photos from PP, PC, IO and MK) (undated)

(d) PI (with bw photos) (inscribed 27/12/61)

(e) RG (with b&w photos) (inscribed 22/1/62: 75th Anniversary)

(f) GONDOLIERS (production photos)

(g) 22 Jan. RUDDYGORE 75th Anniversary (with facsimile prog.) coloured cover

(h) COX AND BOX/ PIRATES (incorrectly inscribed on front PINAFORE/TRIAL but includes additional loose cast list centre pages for TJ/PF) (with photos.)



(c) £6.00






120 The D'Oyly Carte Opera Trust : folded card statement re: expiry of copyright 31 Dec. 1961 £10.00
121 1962 Theatre Royal, Brighton Mon. 29th Jan One Week Tyrone Guthrie's production of H.M.S. PINAFORE £10.00
122 1962 Her Majesty's Theatre. Tyrone Guthrie's production of THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE :

PINAFORE 1st perf. Feb. 8 /PIRATES 1st perf. Feb. 15 flyer (with b&w photo collage on verso)

124 1962 Empire Liverpool. Sadler's Wells Opera Monday, April 16 and week: Thur 19/Sat 21 IOLANTHE (Derek Hammond-Stroud, Elizabeth Harwood etc. + John Stoddart as Tolloller and Leon Greene as Willis, both ex-DC OC) £8.00
125 1962 May 19th. Colston Hall, Bristol. Gilbert and Sullivan Concert. Souvenir Programme. Artistes: Jean Hindmarsh, Thomas Round, Donald Adams, Peter Pratt cond. Stanford Robinson. £5.00
127 1962. New Theatre, Oxford. Week commencing Monday June 25th. Sadler's Wells Opera THE MIKADO £6..00
128 1962 Festival of the City of London brochure pp64 THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD p47 £5.00

1962 S.Hurok/DC OC USA Tour:

(a) Tour Schedule flyer Aug. 13 1962 - Jan. 5 1963

1962 Sept.17 - 22 DC OC North American Tour WORLD'S FAIR OPERA HOUSE, Seattle 9, Washington : MK; PP; GN (flyer/booking form - red and black lettering on white - : 15.5 x 23 cms) Ricketts' design: Ko-Ko image:

(b) no overprinting at front bottom, production photos on verso, folded across in two places

(c) no overprinting on front, FULL TOUR details on verso

(d) overprinted flyer with photos./order form on verso Opera House, Chicago Dec. 18-22





130 1962 Sept. 17 week Grand Theatre, Wolverhampton SADLER'S WELLS OPERA in IOLANTHE (b&w photo.). Cast: Derek Hammond-Stroud, Denis Dowling, John Carolan, Leon Greene, Julian Moyle, Heather Begg, Mary Gilmore, Margaret Gale, Diana Chadwick, Lydia Conway, Catherine Wilson. Cond. John Barker. Producer Frank Hauser (with indisposition slip: Miss Diana Chadwick playing Leila sung by Miss Mirri Fuller) £5.00
132 1962 Dec. 26 - Jan. 5, 1963. O'KEEFE CENTRE, Toronto, Canada for the performing arts. DC OC North American Tour.

(a) Programme (Ricketts' design: Ko-Ko image)

(b) x 3 booking forms (pink, grey and light blue) (size: 21.5 x 16.5 cms: folded vertically)



134 1963 Theatre Royal, Newcastle 2 March. Sadler's Wells Opera THE MIKADO (Derek Hammond-Stroud etc.) £5.00
135 1963 Empire Liverpool 9 March.Sadler's Wells Opera THE MIKADO (Derek Hammond-Stroud etc.) £8.00
138 1963 June 17 to Sept. 28 Stratford Festival, Canada season leaflet/order form (includes THE MIKADO) £4.00
139 1963 THE THEATRE ROYAL, BRISTOL Wed. 17 July - Sat. 20 July, 1963 Bristol Opera School presents ENGAGED! (or CHEVIOT'S CHOICE). A Comic Opera in Three Acts adapted from WSG and AS by George Rowell and Kenneth Mobbs £5.00
140 1963 Sept. 16th for Two Weeks. BRIGHTON, Hippodrome. DC OC : GN; C&B + PP; IO; YG; MK £6.00
141 1963 3 Oct. King's Theatre, Southsea SOUVENIR of the 75th Anniversary of YEOMEN 1888-1963 (with facsimile (pink) 1st night prog.)



1963 - 1964 Dec. 16th - March 14th SAVOY THEATRE DC OC :

(a) CB/PP (inscribed 23 Dec. 1963) (with b&w photos.)

(b) IO

(c) GN

(d) MK

(e) YG (with photos.) (also (ee) available (inscribed on front 22.2.64) @ £5.00)

(f) TJ & PF

(g) TJ & PF with ticket stub March 2, 1964 pp20 (with photos.)

(h) PC

(i) PI (with photos.)

(j) red programme folded Season card





(e)£7.00 + (ee) @ £5.00








(a) (blue cover) (with production photos. :TJ; PF;PC; GN; PI; RG)

(b) 4 pages of G&S characters / 3 `cutaways', ingenious Goffin design scarce



143X 1964 22nd-25th April. The Adelaide University Choral Society presnts RUDDIGORE at the University Union Hall (3-fold) £5.00
144 1964 Festival of the City of London brochure pp72 THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD pp54 - 57 (colour plate) £8.00

1965 Opera House, Blackpool. March 22 Two Weeks. DC OC GN/ YG/ PC/ RG/ PP (with ticket) MINT


SOUVENIR OF THE 85th ANNIVERSARY OF THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE 1880- 1965. Opera House, Blackpool 3 April 1965. Contains stitched-in facsimile programme from the Opera Comique:

in envelope: With the compliments of MISS BRIDGET D'OYLY CARTE) SOLD

£22.00 SOLD

146X 1965 10 July. Sadler's Wells Theatre. Sadler's Wells Opera ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD by Offenbach (folded vertically) (with Cynthia Morey as Calliope) £5.00
147X 1965 Wimbledon Theatre DC OC IOLANTHE Aug. £7.00

1965 Royal Court Th. Liverpool. 1 Nov. for Three Weeks DC OC



149 1965 Ashton Hall, Lancaster Wed. 24th Nov. G&S FOR ALL £6.00
150 1965-66 Saville Theatre, London. 6 Dec 1965 - 12 Feb. 1966. DC OC Season: IO/ PC/ RG/ MK/ YG/ PP/ PF/ TJ/ CB/ GN/ PI.

(a) PRINCESS IDA (+ photos.)

(b) TRIAL/ PINAFORE (+ photos.)

(c) YG (+ photos.)

(d) COX & BOX and PP (+ photos.)

(e) RG (+ photos.)


£10.00 each

1966. Opera House, Manchester. DC OC Commencing Monday, 28th March for Five Weeks :

(a) IOLANTHE 31 March/ 12, 20, 25 April (with company photos.) Playbill Vol.1, No.2

(b) YEOMEN (with company photos.) 9,14,19, 29 April 1966. Clean condition, not folded. Playbill Vol.1, No.2

(c) PRINCESS IDA, 16 & 22 April 1966. Playbill Vol.1, No.2

£8.00 each
152 SOUVENIR OF THE 85th ANNIVERSARY OF PATIENCE 1881 - 1966. Manchester Opera House 23 April 1966 contains stitched-in facsimile Opera Comique programme (buff colour) SOLD £20.00 SOLD
153 1966 Essoldo, Norwich. Monday 9 May for one week. DC OC MK/ GN/ IO/ PP £8.00
154 Festival of the City of London 1966 - Programme for The Yeomen of the Guard, 11-23 July 1966 at the Tower of London. Gillian Knight as Dame Carruthers. Includes diary of events and background article Gilbert, Sullivan and the Tower by Arthur Jacobs. Approx. 7" x 9" £8.00
156 1967 Ashton Hall, Lancaster Thur. 12 Jan G&S FOR ALL £6.00


(a) DC OC PINAFORE (Reed, Styler, David Palmer, Adams, Hood, Christene Palmer)

(b) DC OC RUDDIGORE 15th March

£8.00 each

1967 OH, Man. 20 March for Six Weeks. DC OC :

(a) THE MIKADO 20, 24 & 28 March/ 5, 13, 21 & 24 April : loose cast list (with company photos.) (Playbill April Vol.2 No.4)

(b) THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD 30 March/ 4 & 17 April : loose cast list (with company photos.) (Playbill April Vol.2 No.4)

(c) without loose cast list (Playbill April Vol.2 No.3)

£6.00 each
159 1967 OH, Man. 20 March for Six Weeks. DC OC PRINCESS IDA loose cast list + cast changes sheet (Playbill April Vol.2 No.4) £6.00
160 1968 Ashton Hall, Lancaster Sat 27 Jan G&S FOR ALL £6.00

1968 29 Jan. SOUVENIR of the new presentation of THE GONDOLIERS. Saville Theatre, London. Director Anthony Besch; costumes Luciana Arrighi; settings John Stoddart pp16 - glossy brochure with colour and b&w photos. :

(a) (in envelope) scarce

(b) without envelope





162 1968 OH, Man. 1 April for Six Weeks. DC OC TRIAL/ PINAFORE loose cast list (amended) (Playbill Vol.3 No.4) £6.00
163 1968 OH, Man. 1 April for Six Weeks. DC OC THE GONDOLIERS loose cast list (amended) (Playbill Vol.3 No.4) £6.00

1968/69 Season Sadler’s Wells Opera at the London Coliseum IOLANTHE

166 1969 10 Feb. The Davenport Theatre, Stockport. GILBERT AND SULIVAN FOR ALL LTD. MIKADO/PIRATES £5.00
167 1969 Blackpool Opera House. DC OC 24 Feb. 1 week : MK; IO; PP; GN; PF (with ticket) (MINT) £8.00
168 1969 Opera House, Man. 24 March DC OC Season 6 wks (Playbill Vol.4 No.4) GN/ MK autographed by Jean Hindmarsh £15.00
169 1969 OH, Man. 24 March for Six Weeks. DC OC :

(a) GONDOLIERS/ MIKADO + PRINCESS IDA loose cast list (Playbill Vol.4 No.4)

(b) GONDOLIERS/ MIKADO (Playbill Vol.4 No.4)




1969 Sadler's Wells Opera at the London Coliseum PATIENCE (first performance at the London Coliseum October 9 1969) : well-illustrated (inscribed 5/11/69)

171 1969 (c.19 November) Opera House, Manchester. SADLER'S WELLS OPERA: PATIENCE (with printed programme correction - including Gillian Knight) (Playbill Vol.4. No.12) (photo. scene from PC) £8.00
172 1969 The Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool. Playbill Volume 4 No.11. DC OC Three Weeks commencing 10th November (with head-shot photos. in costume + PC Act I - John Reed as Bunthorne with chorus of lovesick maidens) : IO; CB; PP; MK; YG; RG; GN; PC; TJ; PF; PI (ticket stub 24/11/1969 + review) £8.00

1969 Dec. 15 - March 7 1970. DC OC at Sadler's Wells Theatre:



Greetings Card: AQUATIC THEATRE, SADLER'S WELLS. DC Christmas Season at Sadler's Wells Theatre 15th December 1969 to 7th March 1970. Inside: notes on Sadler's Wells' history; 1969-1970 `With Greetings' 1 Savoy Hill London WC2 (2 copies available) (upright, approx. size: 12.7 x 16.1 cms)

£5.00 each
175 1970 7 Feb. Ashton Hall, Lancaster. G&S FOR ALL Programme 14 (loose sheet inserted in main prog.) with Masterson, Landis, Round, Adams. MD: Michael Moores (cast photos.) £7.00
176 1970 Blackpool Opera House. DC OC 9 March 2 weeks : MK; C&B and PP; IO; TJ and PF; PC; GN; RG (with 3 tickets) (MINT) £8.00
177 1970 Sadler's Wells DC OC SOUVENIR of the 95th ANNIVERSARY (25 March, 1875) of TRIAL BY JURY 1875-1970 £20.00
178 1970 Opera House, Man. 23 March for Six Weeks DC OC :

(a) (Playbill Vol.5 No.3) IO / Cox and Box/ MK/ YG / RG/ GN/ PC/ TJ/ PF/ PI/ PP

(b) (Playbill Vol.5 No.4) same operas, different editorial

(a) and (b) £6.00 each
179 1970 Hippodrome, Bristol DC OC Two Weeks from 15th June IO (inscribed 18th May,1971); YG (19th May); MK; TJ and PF; CB and PP (21 May, 1971); GN (22 May) £5.00
181 1970 Nov. 18th A D'OYLY CARTE EVENING of GILBERT AND SULLIVAN. St. James's Palace in aid of the Multiple Sclerosis Society (with indisposition slip for Philip Pott £15.00
182 1970 Empire Theatre, Liverpool. Commencing Mon. 23 Nov. for two weeks. DC OC : MK; TJ; PF; GN; YG; RG; CB; PP; IO; PI (ticket stubs for Nov 23; De.3 and Dec 5 + 9 press-cuttings) £10.00
183 1970 Sadler's Wells Theatre Dec. 14 1970 - March 6 1971. DC OC Season (Goffin proscenium arch cover design listing operas) :

(a) Mon. Dec. 14 1970 to Sat. March 6 1971: GN/ MK/ TJ & PF with photos. PI, PC, PF and YG + indisposition slip

(b) Mon. Dec. 28 1970 to Sat. Jan. 9 1971: YG/ PC/ IO with photos. PI, PC, PP and YG + indisposition slip (DC O Trust form cut out - no information lost)

(c) Mon. Dec. 28 1970 to Sat. Jan. 9 1971: YG/ PC/ IO (cover listed: IO/ PC/ RG/ MK/ YG/ PP/ PF/ TJ/ CB/ GN/ PI) (with b&w photos: PI/ PC/ PP/ YG)

(d) from Mon 11 Jan. 1971 : CB & PP/ RG/ PI with photos of PI, PP and portraits in character of Pauline Wales, Kenneth Sandford, Christene Palmer, Julia Goss and John Ayldon

£10.00 each

1971 SOUVENIR of the Christmas Season at Sadler's Wells Theatre Dec. 14 1970 - March 6 1971 folded card (20cms x 25.5cms) The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company. Inside: facsimile autographs beneath photos of 12 artistes: Reed/ Palmer/ Sandford/ Webley/ Ann Jones/ Mason/ Lawlor/ Wales/ Ayldon/ Goss/ Wright/ Hutchinson (with `compliments of Bridget DC' envelope) (cover designed by Peter Goffin - blue/grey background with fan/wig/coronet)

(b) blank card designed by Peter Goffin with same cover design as above (but with details of theatre and dates omitted) (approx.size 15.5 x 20.6 cms) (covers sl. foxed, ow good - inside clean) scarce


(b)£15.00 scarce

185 1971 Ashton Hall, Lancaster 30 Jan G&S FOR ALL £6.00
186 1971 Davenport Theatre, Stockport Sun. 7 March GILBERT & SULLIVAN FOR ALL Prog.6 £5.00
187 1971 29 March Promotional card for the new production of THE SORCERER Opera House, Manchester (Goffin design: proscenium arch containing b/w original engraving) (13cms x 16.5cms) £5.00

1971 Commencing Monday, 15th March for Six Weeks. DC OC in G&S Operas. Opera House, Manchester:

(a) GN/ TJ/ PF/ MK/ IO

(b) CB/ PP/ RG/ YG/ SO

£6.00 each
189 1971 Davenport Th. Stockport Sun. 18 April GILBERT & SULLIVAN FOR ALL Prog.11 £5.00
190 1971 Commencing Monday, 7th June For Two Weeks. DC OC in G&S Operas. Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham. Full Repertoire Programme £5.00

1971 Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool. DC OC Two Weeks Commencing Mon. 15 Nov. :

(a) CB; PP; SO; PC; TJ; PF (ticket stubs for 22 and 23 Nov. + 4 press cuttings)

(b) as above (without extras)





193 1971 Mon. 20 Dec.1971 to Sat. 12 Feb.1972. Sadler's Wells Theatre DC OC Season (Goffin proscenium arch cover design) :

(a) MK/ SO/ YG (with photos: SO, IO, RG, MK, GN, PF, PP) (Theatreprint Vol.1 No.12)

(b) CB & PP; TJ & PF; GN (Theatreprint Vol.2 No.1) (with b&w photos.)

(c) RG/ IO/ PC (with photos as above) (Theatreprint Vol.2 No. 2)

(d) Saturday 12 February ? INTERVAL ? (with b&w photos. of RG/ MK/ GN/ SO/ IO/ PF and PP)

(e) Programme card + ticket stub (Jan.29, 1972 RUDDIGORE Sat. matinee)

(a) and (c)£8.00 each



194 A SOUVENIR of the new presentation of THE SORCERER Sadler's Wells Theatre London Season from 20th Dec. 1971 to 12th Feb. 1972. With settings and costumes designed by Osbert Lancaster. Colour front cover + pp12 (some in colour) scarce £35.00 scarce
195 1972 Ashton Hall, Lancaster 5 Feb G&S FOR ALL £6.00

1972 Opera House, Man 6 March for Seven Weeks. DC OC


196X c1972 20 May AN EVENING OG G&S. Festival Th. Paignton with Ian Wallace (photo) £3.00
197 1972 Sept. A Season of G&S For All: On Stage and Screen Souvenir Prog.: MK/ PF/ YG/ PP (centre pages detached). Also sheet for event at Free Trade Hall, Manchester 6 Sept. 1972: On Screen World Premiere: TRIAL BY JURY followed by ON STAGE G&S FOR ALL £15.00
199 1972 Theatre Royal, Norwich. 9 Oct. for Two Weeks. DC OC

(a) Oct.11/16 CB/PP; Oct.19 RG

(b) Oct.10/20 IO/ Oct.12 YG (with short history of DC OC in Norwich)

£5.00 each
201 1972 (first performance Nov. 8) PATIENCE Sadler's Wells Opera at the London Coliseum (original production1969) (illustrated) £10.00
203 1972 11 Dec. - 1973 10 March. Sadler's Wells Th. DC OC Season (Goffin proscenium design) :

(a) GN/ CB/ PP/ TJ/PF

(b) MK/ YG/ PC (with b&w photos.: GN/ RG/ CB/ MK/ YG/ PP) (signed by John Ayldon)

(c) IO/ RG/ SO (with b&w photos: as above)

(d) Last Night ? ? ? (with b&w photos. as above)

(a) to (c) £6.00 each


204 1972-1973 SEASON December 16 ALICE TULLY HALL (Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, USA) The World of Gilbert and Sullivan (Thomas Round, Donald Adams etc.) (folded across) £4.00
205 1973 Sadler's Wells Th. 10 March DC OC PINAFORE SOUVENIR of the 95th Anniversary 1878 - 1973 (with facsimile prog.) (Last Night):


206 1973 Davenport Major Th. Stockport. Week 26 Feb. GILBERT & SULLIVAN FOR ALL: MK/ CB/ PF £5.00
207 1973 Opera Hs. Man. 12 March for Seven Weeks DC OC : GN/ YG/ MK/ IO (one staple missing) £5.00
208 1973 Theatre Royal, Brighton. 30 July One Week. DC OC MK/ PF/ YG/ RG (worn) £4.00
209 1973 Sept. IOLANTHE Sadler's Wells Opera at the London Coliseum (first performance this season Aug. 17). Cast: Anne Collins, Sarah Walker, Alan Opie, Barbara Walker, Denis Dowling, Terry Jenkins, Eric Shilling, Harry Coghill. Well-illustrated £5.00
211 1973 Mon.17 Dec. to Sat. 9 Feb. 1974. Sadler's Wells Theatre. DC OC Season: (Goffin proscenium arch cover design) TJ & PF/ CB & PP/ IO (with portriats in character of: John Reed, Lyndsie Holland, Judi Merri, Kenneth Sandford, John Ayldon, Pamela Field, Colin Wright, Julia Goss, Michael Rayner, Pauline Wales, Malcolm Williams) £12.00
213 1974 Blackpool Opera House. DC OC Two Weeks Commencing Mon. 25 Feb. : GN; TJ & PF; MK; RG; CB & PP; IO; YG; PC; SO (ticket stub Feb. 27th) £8.00
214 1974 Opera House, Man 11 March for Seven Weeks :

(a) GN/ CB/ PP/ YG/ SO (short tear cover and inside page bottom front off centre)

(b) MK/ IO/ TJ/ PF/ RG/ PC with handwritten cast changes/conductor

£6.00 each
215 1974 Theatre Royal, Norwich 17 June for Two Weeks. DC OC MK/ RG/ YG/ PC/ SO/ GN £5.00
216 1974 HALLE PROMS PROSPECTUS. Free Trade Hall, Manchester. Contains listing for Sat. July 6 FINAL NIGHT Concert including Sullivan Overture, THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD £5.00
217 1974 Theatre Royal, Brighton. Mon. 15 July Three Weeks. DC OC PP/ RG/ PC/ GN/ SO/ MK £5.00
218 1974 6 Oct. Sale Town Hall. Past and Present DC (charity concert) £4.00

1974 Tue 17 Dec. to Sat. 22 March 1975. Sadler's Wells Theatre DC OC Season (Goffin proscenium arch cover design):

(a) PI & PC (with b&w photos. : RG & PC) (inscribed 14/1/75)

(b) RG/ YG (with b&w photos.: RG & YG) (inscribed `1st night of Season RUDDIGORE 17/12/74) (autographed by John Ayldon)

£8.00 each
220 1975 24 March GILBERT & SULLIVAN CENTENARY SERVICE St. Paul's Church Covent Garden £5.00
221 1975 Savoy Centenary Season :

(a) 25 March: DRAMATIC LICENCE (or - I Wonder Whether They'll Live Together) by William Douglas Home with TRIAL BY JURY and THE SORCERER

(b) 26 March: TRIAL BY JURY and H.M.S. PINAFORE


(d) 29 March: PATIENCE (Matinee) and IOLANTHE (Evening)

(e) 1 April: THE MIKADO

(f) 3 April: THE GONDOLIERS in the presence of HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Einburgh


(h) 5 April THE GRAND DUKE/ TJ

£10.00 each

1975 (inscribed 20.5.75) New Theatre, Oxford : English National Opera IOLANTHE

222X 1975 Royal Festival Hall. Sunday 20 July D'OYLY CARTE IN CONCERT £6.00
223 1975 Theatre Royal, Norwich. Week commencing Monday 1st Sept. Norman Meadmore presents Peter Pratt and John Lawrenson in THE WORLD OF GILBERT & SULLIVAN £5.00
223X 1975 New Theatre, Oxford DC OC 15 Sept. for Two Weeks MK/ PP/ IO/ YG/ RG £5.00
224 1975 Civic Theatre, Chelmsford. Friday 3 Oct. Norman Meadmore presents THE WORLD OF G&S Programme 1 with Anna Bernardin, Jean Temperley, Adrian de Peyer, Peter Pratt and Michael Wakeham. MD Michael Moores £5.00
226 1975 Royal Court, Liverpool. DC OC Two Weeks from Dec. 1st : MK; YG; PP; RG; IO (ticket stubs for 2, 9, 11 and 13 Dec. + 5 press cuttings) £10.00

1975 15 Dec - 1976 20 March Sadler's Wells Th. DC OC Season (Goffin proscenium arch cover design) :


(b) RUDDIGORE with b&w photos. (inscribed 17/1/76)

(c) TRIAL BY JURY/ H.M.S. PINAFORE with b&w photos and Errata page

(d) ??? (Last Night 20 March, 1976) (with b&w photos.) (inscribed on duplicate inner Goffin page with complete breakdown starting with IMPERIAL MARCH)

(e) ??? (Last Night 20 March, 1976) (no coloured inner title page) (with ticket stub)

(f) Programme schedule







228 1976 DC OC NORTH AMERICAN TOUR 101st ANNIVERSARY YEAR (colour wraps/ many b&w production photos. of MK; PP & PF) (back outer wraps : album attachment marks in corners) ow good
228X 1976 Swan Theare, Worcester. 27th & 29th January GILBERT & SULLIVAN FOR ALL Programme No.14 £4.00
229 1976 1st Feb. Theatre Royal, York GILBERT AND SULLIVAN FOR ALL Souvenir Programme £3.00
230 1976 April.  Royal Alexandra Theatre (Toronto) DC OC Centre Stage magazine MK; PP; PF
231 1976 HALLE PROMS Free Trade Hall, Manchester:

Programme 4 July . Massed Brass Bands Concert. Concert includes Sullivan arr. Rimmer MARCH OF THE PEERS (Iolanthe) and A TENOR, ALL SINGERS ABOVE (Utopia Limited)

232 1976 HALLE PROMS Free Trade Hall, Manchester:

Programme 17 July. Concert includes G&S Selection with Patricia Clark and Ian Wallace

233 1976 Theatre Royal, Brighton. 23 Aug. Two Weeks. DC OC PC/ YG/ MK £5.00
234 1976 Bristol Hippodrome 6 Sept. for Two Weeks DC OC : YG/ GN/ MK/ PC/ PF £5.00
235 1976 Huyton Suite, Huyton Thur. 9th Sept. GILBERT & SULLIVAN FOR ALL Programme No.2 signed on cover by Thomas Round and Donald Adams and alongside photo. by Marilyn Hill Smith £15.00 signed
236 1976 Empire Theatre, Liverpool. DC OC One Week from 6 Dec. : PF; GN; PP; PC; MK (ticket stubs for 6,7,9 and 11 Dec. + 13 press cuttings) £10.00

1976 - 1977 Sadler's Wells 20 Dec. to 26 Feb. DC OC (Goffin proscenium arch):

(a) THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD/ PATIENCE (with b&w photos)

(b) LAST NIGHT ??? (with b&w photos)

(a) £6.00

(b) £10.00

238 1976 Chester Gateway Theatre TARANTARA! TARANTARA! by Ian Taylor 24 Nov - 4 Dec 1976/ 30 Dec - 29 Jan 1977 (ticket stub 27 Jan 1977 + 3 press cuttings) £8.00
239 1977 Opera House, Man 11 April for Five Weeks DC OC (a) PRINCESS IDA (b) RUDDIGORE £5.00 each
240 1977 15 May. PETER PRATT in A GALA NIGHT of G&S. Festival Th. Paignton £5.00
241 c1977 May 27 - June 12. TARANTARA! TARANTARA! A musical play by Ian Taylor. Plymouth Theatre Co. Athenaeum Th. £6.00

1977 30 May for Three Weeks Theatre Royal, Brighton DC OC : PF/PP/MK/YG/RG/ GN

243 1977 Sadler's Wells Th. 4 - 23 July DC OC SILVER JUBILEE SEASON: IO/ YG (with producer's slip) £8.00
244 1977 Holland Park Court Theatre 12 - 16 July GILBERT & SULLIVAN FOR ALL: PINAFORE £4.00
245 1977 Civic Theatre, Chelmsford. Sat. 10 Sept. Norman Meadmore presents THE WORLD OF G&S. Programme No.5 with Patricia Cope, Julia Meadows, Alan Byers and Peter Pratt £5.00
246 1977 Opera House, Manchester 31 October - 5 November. Sadler's Wells Royal Ballet. Season includes PINEAPPLE POLL musical director Ashley Lawrence; conductors Barry Wordsworth, Colin Metters £5.00
247 1977 Dec. PERFORMING ARTS New York City Opera 11th Annual Visit THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Cast List : Richard McKee, Henry Price, James Billings, Gianna Rolandi etc. + article) pp6-11
248 1977 12 Dec - 1978 18 Feb. Sadler's Wells Th. DC OC Season (Goffin proscenium arch cover design) :

(a) IOLANTHE/ THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (with b&w photos.)

(b) MK/ PC (with b&w photos.: MK, PI, PP, IO and indisposition A5 page)

(c) Last Night ??? (with b&w photos.)

(a) and (b) £6.00 each


249 1978 Oct. ENO: IOLANTHE £8.00

1978 18 Dec. - 24 Feb 1979 Sadler's Wells DC OC (Goffin proscenium arch cover):

(a) DC in G&S at Sadler's Wells: 3-fold buff promotional leaflet

(b) THE GONDOLIERS/ YEOMEN (with b&w photos.)

(c) H.M.S.PINAFORE/ RUDDIGORE (with b&w photos. : PF/ RG) (with indisposition slip)

(d) IO/PP (with b&w photos.)

(e) Last night (with b&w photos.)







1979 Opera House, Man 5 March - 7 April Five Weeks DC OC

(a) GN

(b) IO

(c) MK

(d) PP

(e) RG

(f) YG

(g) MK (with ticket stub 31 March + press cutting)

(h) GN (with ticket stub 7 April + 2 press cuttings re: closure of Opera House)

(a) - (f) £5.00 each



253 1979 Grand Theatre & Opera House, Leeds. DC OC A Season of Gilbert & Sullivan. For Two Weeks Commencing Monday 9th April: PP; MK; RG; PC; YG; GN (Goffin proscenium cover) £5.00
254 1979 D'OYLY CARTE IN GILBERT & SULLIVAN. AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND. Large format 28cms x 42cms. Gold cover pp24. Full colour photographic montage central pages

(a) good condition

(b) cover marked



255 1979 Mon. 30 Ap. to Sat. 5 May. Norman Meadmore presents THE LONDON SAVOYARDS in MK/ PF. Swansea Grand Theatre £4.00
256 1979 Westminster Theatre, London. Martin Gates for The Musical Theatre Co. THE MIKADO (first perf. 28 May 1979) £8.00
257 1979 ENO: PATIENCE (first perf. of season 4 Oct.) £10.00
258 1979 Opera House, Blackpool DC OC 1 Week 12 Nov. : PP; IO; GN; MK (ticket stub 12 Nov. + 2 press cuttings) £6.00
259 1979 Theatre Royal, Nottingham. 19 Nov. for Two Weeks DC OC : PP/ IO/ MK/ GN/ PF £5.00

1979-1980 Sadler's Wells Theatre, London 18 Dec. - 16 Feb. Season (Goffin proscenium arch):

(a) THE GONDOLIERS/ THE MIKADO (with b&w photos.)

(b) THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE/ IOLANTHE (with b&w photos.)

(c) THE SORCERER (with b&w photos.)

£10.00 each

(a) The G&S Society (Torbay Branch). Celebrate the Centenary of PP 1879-1979. Gold card wraps (Burnside facsimile) with navy cord tassle pp4 (with Royal Bijou Th. fac. poster + photo. of theatre, amateur cast list pp3-4)

(b) SOUVENIR. G&S Society (Torbay Branch) by John Richardson pp16

(c) SOUVENIR. G&S Society (Torbay Branch) by John Richardson pp16 + TV Listing Cuttings x 2: The Pirates of The Pirates of Penzance with Spike Milligan, Ian Wallace and John Reed on ITV 26/12/1980 ; The Stage and Television Today Jan. 10, 1980 : photo. of DC centenary celebration with Ayldon, Reid etc. and review of Paignton production by Torbay G&S by Harvy Crane

(d) Gala Centenary ADMISSION/BUFFET numbered TICKET Sunday, 30th December, 1979 at The Gerston Hotel, Paignton. TICKET: in two parts (perforated) gold (15.5 x 12.5 cms)





262 1980 Guild Hall, Preston Sat. 16 Feb. The London Savoyards in THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD with Peter Pratt, Philip Potter etc. cond. Peter Murray (ticket stub, flyer and press cutting) £5.00
263 1980 Congress Th., Eastbourne 3 March week DC OC: MK; IO; GN; PP; PF (with IO b&w photos.) (black diagonal biro score mark on cover) £5.00
263X 1980 Bristol Hippodrome. DC OC 10 - 22 March : PF; MK; GN; YG; PP; SO (photos. of IO; and Kenneth Sandford as Dr. Daly in THE SORCERER) £6.00
264 1980 Tameside Th. Ashton-under-Lyne 24 March for Two Weeks DC OC: PF/ PP/ MK/ GN/ SO (with ticket stub) £6.00

THE OHIO LIGHT OPERA COMPANY The College of Wooster, Freelander Theatre :

(for sale as one lot of 22 items):

Princess Ida programme (1980 Festival)

Utopia Limited (1980 Festival)

1980 Festival Performance Schedule (colour)

1982 Festival Performance Schedule (colour)

1984 Festival Performance Schedule (colour)

1985 Ohio Light Opera Festival Performance Schedule (colour)

Ohio Light Opera Festival 12th Season June 6 - August 5, 1990 brochure

June 10 - August 9, 1992 Performance Schedule (colour)

June 13 - August 12, 1995 Performance Schedule (colour)

June 11 - August 10, 1996 Performance Schedule (colour)

June 10 - August 9, 1997 Performance Schedule (colour)

June 9 - August 8, 1998 Performance Schedule (colour)

1999 Festival brochure (with separate cast lists for The Student Prince; The Pirates of Penzance and Princess Ida)

(2 contrasting publications)

2000 22nd Season : Festival brochures (2 contrasting publications) June 15 - August 12

2001 Festival brochure June 14 - August 11

2002 Festival brochure June 13 - August 10

2003 Festival brochure June 12 - August 9

2004 Festival brochure (2 contrasting publications) June 10 - August 7

2005 Festival brochure June 16 - August 13







1980 20 Dec. to 1981 21 Feb. Sadler's Wells Theatre. DC OC:

(a) H.M.S. PINAFORE/ THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD (with b&w photos.)

(b) THE SORCERER/ THE MIKADO (with b&w photos.)

£10.00 each
267 1980 DC OC SOUVENIR BROCHURE (A4 size) (MK; PP; PF; IO; SO; YG : includes colour photos. of the six operas) pp16 (+ 5 press cuttings) £18.00
268 1981 Savoy Theatre. From 8 April 1981. Bridget D'Oyly Carte & Hugh Wontner present JOHN REED as GEORGE GROSSMITH in A SONG TO SING O A Musical Evening of Gilbert & Sullivan written and directed by Melvyn Morrow. (Theatre Print No.67 April 1981) £10.00
270 1981 Queen Elizabeth Hall. Raymond Gubbay & the GLC present GILBERT & SULLIVAN GALA. Ian Wallace cond. Marcus Dods 4-6 Sept. £7.00

1981 Palace Theatre Manchester DC OC Season 7 - 19 Sept. :MK; PF; PP; YG; IO and RG :

(a) DC OC SOUVENIR BROCHURE* pp16 + programme and tickets stubs x 2 for PP Sept 9; MK Sept 10 and IO Sept 19 (+ 6 press cuttings)

(b) programme for Palace Theatre, Manchester 7 - 19 Sept

(c) DC Performance Schedule 7 - 19 September. MK/ PF/ PP/ YG/IO/ RG A3 4-fold

*1980 DC OC SOUVENIR BROCHURE (A4 size) (MK; PP; PF; IO; SO; YG : includes colour photos. of the six operas) pp16




272 1981 - 82 The Savoyards Appreciation Society (West Yorkshire) SOUVENIR PROGRAMME Season 1981/2 England, Ireland, United States of America pp40 (precursor of the International Buxton Festival of G&S) £5.00
273 1981 Sunday 11 Oct. Savoy Theatre A GALA EVENING to celebrate THE CENTENARY OF THE SAVOY THEATRE (with D'Oyly Carte artists) (with historic theatre photos.) Theatre Print No.73 October 1981 £10.00

1981 18th November - 1982 27th February. Adelphi Th. DC OC Season (FINAL SEASON OF `OLD' D'OYLY CARTE OPERA COMPANY) :

(a) PP (22.12.81) / (MK 17.2.82) (with photos.)

(b) RG; PF; IO (with b&w photos.) (with two Dress Circle ticket stubs 3/2/82) (Theatre Print No.76 January 1982)

(c) LAST NIGHT Sat. 27 Feb. 1982 (Theatre Print No.77 February 1982)

(d) advertising leaflet with complete schedule of performances





276 1982 21 May THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Drury Lane Papp version) : A Benefit Preview in aid of the British Centre of The International Theatre Institute. Cast : Tim Curry, Pamela Stephenson, George Cole, Annie Ross and Bonnie Langford

277 1982 Theatre Royal, Drury Lane THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Papp production). 1st perf. 26 May. Cast: Tim Curry, Pamela Stephenson, George Cole, Annie Ross :

(a) Theatreprint No.81 June 1982 (with ticket stub for 31/5/82)

(b) Theatreprint No.82 July 1982

(c) Theatreprint No.84 Sept 1982

(d) SOUVENIR BROCHURE with lyrics (colour and b&w photos) pp14 + outer wraps

(a) to (c) £5.00 each




(a) Plymouth Theatre Royal

(b) (first performance 28th Sept. 1982). Cambridge Theatre, London. Bill Kenwright/ Paul Gregg/ Plymouth Theatre Royal Company's New Production with Murray Melvin as Ko-Ko



279 1982 Municipal Hall, Colne Sun. 3 Oct. GILBERT & SULLIVAN FOR ALL Prog.4 £4.00
280 1982 New Th. Hull 18 Oct. AN EVENING OF G&S Former DC £5.00
281 1982 St George's Hall, Bradford 6 Nov. AN EVENING OF G&S Former DC £5.00
282 1983 Theatre Royal, Brighton. Tue. 4 Jan - Sat. 15 Jan. Norman Meadmore presents THE LONDON SAVOYARDS in IO/ TJ/ PF/ MK with former DC OC members £5.00
283 1983 24 Jan - 5 March. New Sadler's Wells Opera: The Count of Luxembourg/ The Mikado/ Countess Maritza. Sadler's Wells Theatre. £4.00
284 1983 Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham 10 March. G&S CONCERT former DC £3.00
285 1983 May 20/21/22 GILBERT AND SULLIVAN IN CONCERT Singapore £10.00
286 1983 Theatre Royal, Norwich. 1 Aug. for One Week. Bill Kenwright presents THE MIKADO (new orchestration by Ed Coleman) (Cast includes Nicholas Smith, Gareth Jones) £4.00
287 1983 Th. Royal, Newcastle 17 Oct. G&S A la Carte former DC £4.00
288 1983 Arts Centre, University of Warwick 19 Nov. G&S A la Carte former DC £3.00
289 1983 St David's Hall, Cardiff Dec. 26 - Dec.31. THE LONDON SAVOYARDS: TJ/ PF/ MK £4.00
290 1984 A4 2-page promotional colour leaflet for GILBERT & SULLIVAN The D'Oyly Carte Years - The Official Picture History by Wilson and Lloyd (folded across) £3.00
291 1984 New Sadler's Wells Opera at Sadler's Wells Theatre 25 January - 10 March: MARTHA by Friedrich von Flotow; COUNTESS MARITZA by Emmerich Kalman ; THE GONDOLIERS £6.00
292 1984 PATIENCE at English National Opera (from 15 Feb.) £5.00
293 1984 Grand Th. Leeds 27 Jan. G&S A la Carte THE MAGIC OF DC £3.00
294 1984 New Sadler's Wells Opera June 4 - July 21 a new era GILBERT & SULLIVAN a new look! PINAFORE/ GONDOLIERS/ MIKADO £6.00
294X 1984 June. Northcott Theatre, Exeter THE ARCADIANS (professional production) Souvenir Programme £5.00
295 1984 28 July. The Magic of D'Oyly Carte, Derngate Centre, Northampton £4.00
296 1985 Jan 19 The Magic of DC cond. A. Faris. Fairfield Croydon
297 1985 Queen Elizabeth Hall Sunday 24 Feb. 7.45pm THE GOLDEN LEGEND Soloists: Una Barry, soprano; Morag Nicholson, contralto; Wynford Evans, tenor; John Noble, bass. Chorus of the Chelsea Harmonic Society, Choir of Farlington School, New Symphony Orchestra cond. Edward de Rivera. A4 2-colour poster (folded) £2.00

1985 Royal Festival Hall 16 March. BBC Radio 2/ Raymond Gubbay MIKADO CENTENARY CONCERT



299 1985 Bristol Old Vic Theatre Royal THE GONDOLIERS 15 May - 8 June (with Simon Butteriss as Luiz and Jill Pert as the Duchess)


300 1985 26 June. Service of Thanksgiving for the life of DAME BRIDGET D'OYLY CARTE, D.B.E. The Queen's Chapel of the Savoy + DAILY TELEGRAPH In Memoriam £5.00
301 1985 BARBICAN CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL brochure pp80: Raymond Gubbay presents The Magic of D'Oyly Carte : THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE (Mon. 30 Dec.) Cast: Donkin, Shovelton, Sandford, Rayner, Tierney, Leonard, Daniels, Ellison pp75-79  (with 4 pages of performance comments - on verso of H.M.S.PINAFORE flyers)
302 1986 THE MIKADO. First Performance by Opera North, Leeds Grand Theatre, 17 January. pp33 brochure (21 x 20cms) well illustrated (in association with Sadler's Wells Opera) £10.00
303 1986 Opera House, Manchester 6 Feb - 12 April H.M.S. PINAFORE (Noel Pearson's Dublin Gaiety Theatre production) (A4 brochure) (ticket stub 19 March + flyer + 9 press cuttings) £15.00
304 1986 27 April. Camerata Productions and Martini & Rossi Ltd. present a GILBERT & SULLIVAN EVENING. Manchester Camerata/ Ronald Frost Singers cond. Brian Wright. Programme: Sullivan Yeomen Overture/ Concerto in D major for cello and orchestra - soloist Julian Lloyd Webber/ Extracts : The Pirates of Penzance - presenter Donald Adams £10.00
305 1986 May. The Old Vic H.M.S.PINAFORE. Cast: John Kavanagh, Anita Reeves, Alan Devlin and Paul Bentley £4.00
306 1986 Wed. 27 to Sat. 30 Aug. Barbican Centre. The London Savoyards in H.M.S. PINAFORE (with John Reed) (with period illustrations) £5.00
308 1986 Liverpool Empire Scottish Opera IOLANTHE Wed 5 and Thur 6 Nov (ticket stub 6 Nov + Scottish Opera season flyer + 9 press cuttings + cast list leaflet) £6.00
309 1986/87 ENO SEASON: THE MIKADO pp52 + outer wraps (many articles and illustrations) £10.00


(a) Feb. 19 - March 12 Sadler's Wells Theatre

(b) April 6-11 Theatre Royal, Brighton

(c) 1987 April 21 - 25 Palace Theatre, Manchester




311 1987 HERE'S A HOW-DE-DO Charles Pemberton's one-man show (First Performance 17 Nov. Concert Artistes' Association, London) which became A DISAGREEABLE MAN? The Story of W.S.Gilbert (and A.S.Sullivan). Original script by Brian Jones £6.00
312 A GALA EVENING OF G&S at the Mill at the Pier. Wigan G&S Society 5th and 6th Sept. 1987 with Kenneth Sandford (autographed alongside photo.), Patricia Leonard, Geoffrey Shovelton and Alistair Donkin (ticket stub for 5th Sept + press cutting) £8.00 autographed
313 1987 Palace Theatre, Man. Sunday 11 October. THE LONDON SAVOYARDS in PINAFORE with John Reed, Ian Caddy etc. £5.00
314 1987 Charter House, Preston 15 Oct. A LIFE OF G&S. Gareth Jones, Meston Reid etc. £5.00
315 1987. Torbay Civic Society: card leaflet to commemorate The Bijou Theatre, Paignton (with facsimile of poster and plaque) £5.00
316 1988 DC OC re-launch:

(a) Full-colour DC OC re-launch 3-fold brochure (17.5 x 26.5 cms when folded)

(b) as above (creased)

(c) The Friends of D'Oyly Carte application form (full colour) 3-fold (21 x 13.5 cms when folded)

(d) NEWS FROM DC OC `Loudly Let the Trumpet Bray' pp24 A4 typescript (1 March)

(e) undated (c.1981/2) D'OYLY CARTE for SCHOOLS pack (project financed by Shell UK Ltd). Contains teacher's notes and cut-out charaters from PIRATES to make a model theatre + puzzles






317 1988 The New D'Oyly Carte Opera Co (FIRST SEASON). IOLANTHE/YEOMEN :

(a) Opening Night: centre pages colour production photos

(b) centre pages b&w rehearsal photos

(c) centre pages b&w rehearsal photos + The Friends of D'Oyly Carte application form (full colour) 3-fold (21 x 13.5 cms when folded) + 41 press cuttings

(d) centre pages b&w production photos





318 1988 amateur programme for THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD . Crosby G&S AOS. Cast includes GEOFFREY SHOVELTON who has full-page biography and photograph (year: 1988, but otherwise undated) pp12 £1.00
319 1988 Feb. - March. Chichester, Barbican and Palace Th. Man. THE LONDON SAVOYARDS in PIRATES (general touring programme) £4.00
320 1988 Royal Concert Hall, Notingham 26 March. MUSIC FOR THE SEA included Sullivan's MACBETH Overture and ON SHORE & SEA cond. R.Hickox £5.00
322 1988 Palace Th. Man 27 June - 9 July. The New DC : IO/ YG :

(a) Cast changes written in

(b) Casts include Gareth Jones, Gillian Knight, Jill Pert, Vivian Tierney. With 12 Press articles (some of which are photocopies) and publicity leaflet

(c) with flyer x 3 + ticket stubs x 2 for 29 June and 7 July + indisposition slip for part of Iolanthe now played by Pauline Birchall X 3




324 1988 Birmingham Hippodrome 15-19 Nov. New Sadler's Wells Opera LA BELLE HELENE and THE GONDOLIERS. John Ayldon as Don Alhambra £5.00
325 1988 Theatre Royal, Nottingham 5 - 12 Dec. SADLER'S WELLS OPERA in THE GONDOLIERS and LA BELLE HELENE £5.00

(a) 1989 March. D'Oyly Carte Tour PIRATES/MIKADO Liverpool Empire with articles by Robin Wilson, Ian Bradley and Arthur Jacobs

(b) + Savoy flyer + 23 press cuttings (+ ticket stub 23 March)



328 1989 Theatre Royal, Norwich Commencing 24th April The New DC OC PP/MK (cover stained) £3.00

1989 Palace Theatre, Man 10 - 15 July. The New DC: PIRATES/MIKADO

(a) VG

(b) covers sl. worn (front cover : label marks)



331 1989 Pavilion Theatre, Cromer. Sunday 23rd July. GILBERT & SULLIVAN FOR ALL with Thomas Round and Donald Adams (with ticket stubs) £3.00
332 1989. 14 Oct. Grange Arts Centre, Oldham. AN EVENING OF G&S with Meston Reid, Anne Stuart etc £2.00

(a) 1989 Liverpool Empire THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE with Paul Nicholas. OFFICIAL SOUVENIR BROCHURE (ticket stub 13 Nov x 2 ) + Programme and flyer (+ 6 press cuttings)

(b) THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE : The Official Souvenir Brochure : Paul Nicholas as The Pirate King and Bonnie Langford as Mabel (Papp production) (articles by Graeme Cruickshank 29 Aug. 1989) : black and white illustrations, and colour production stills pp22 + cover (A4) (P.A. Promotions , London)

(c) THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE : Souvenir Brochure : Paul Nicholas as The Pirate King and Beverley Worboys as Mabel. All-colour (with b&w artist's photos.) pp16 + laminated waprs (ticket stub. Apollo Theatre, George St. Oxford Sat. 14th Nov. 1998)





334 1989 Gilbert & Sullivan: A WINDOW ON THE VICTORIAN WORLD. The Pierpont Morgan Library:

(a) A SYMPOSIUM : Sponsored by The Pierpont Morgan Library and The Victorian Society in America: November 16 and 17: 6-fold b&w illustrated registration leaflet

(b) Nov 16 1989 - Feb 18 1990. 3-fold illustrated card leaflet

£5.00 each
335 1990 Palace Theatre, Manchester DC OC 4-9 June : PP; MK; PF& TJ (with flyer, ticket stubs 6 June and 9 June x 2 + 4 press cuttings) £10.00
336 1990 Trinity Methodist Church, Congleton. 24 Nov. AN EVENING OF G&S former DC £3.00
337 1991 The Opera House, Man. 25 Feb - 6 April. Joseph Papp THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE with Paul Nicholas. A4 , coloured cover, rest b&w pp32 £10.00
338 1991 Royal Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool 28 April. AN EVENING OF THE BEST OF G&S former DC £3.00

1991 Palace Th. Man 17 - 22 June. DC OC:

(a) GN/ IO (with ticket stub 6 June) and flyer + 2 press cuttings

(b) Spring Tour Brochure + flyer + 6 press cuttings




(a)1992 DC OC Birmingham MK/YG Anniversary Tour (Sir Arthur Sullivan's 150th Anniversary of his birth) (20 dates) A4 glossy plain red cover + pp18 (colour and b&w)

(b) Another copy with 2-fold colour leaflet overprinted for IPSWICH REGENT 13-17 Oct. 1992

(c) Brochure : tickets stubs for performances at The Grand Theatre, Blackpool 10 and 20 June + flyer + 16 press cuttings




342 1992 Daneside Theatre, Congleton 22 March. AN EVENING OF G&S former DC £2.00

(a)1992 DC OC Opera House, Manchester 26 -31 Oct. MK/ YG (+ ticket stub 28 Oct + flyer x 2 + 2 press cuttings)

(b) programme only




344 1993 DC OC TOUR: ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD/ PIRATES: 26 venues including Wolverhampton (A4 all-colour brochure) £10.00

1993 June 6th. TOGETHER AGAIN. A Gilbert & Sullivan Night to Remember presented by Richard Swerrun & David Steadman. Former D'Oyly Carte Stars. Manchester Free Trade Hall :

(a) autographed (12) in centre pages by Geoffrey Shovelton, John Ayldon, Michael Rayner, Thomas Round, Joyce Wright, Julia Goss, Kenneth Sandford, Lyndsie Holland, Pauline Wales, Meston Reid, Gillian Knight, Peggy Ann Jones (with flyer)

(b) non-autographed programme



346 1993 DC OC TOUR: ORPHEUS IN THE UNDERWORLD/ PIRATES: 26 venues including Wolverhampton (A4 all-colour brochure) (+ flyer x 2 Blackpool Grand Theatre @ ticket stubs 17/18 Nov + 20 press cuttings) £15.00

(a) 1994/5 DC OC TOUR (12 venues : Birmingham, Darlington, Norwich, Hull, Edinburgh, High Wycombe, Sheffield, Nottingham, Leeds, Plymouth, Wolverhampton, Llandudno): DIE FLEDERMAUS/ H.M.S.PINAFORE (full colour)

(b) DIE FLEDERMAUS/ H.M.S.PINAFORE (full colour) 1995 Tour (11 venues: Buxton, Southampton, London, Belfast, Woking, Canterbury, Brighton, Newcastle, Blackpool, Crawley, Birmingham) (with minor cast changes)

£10.00 each
348 1994 Gawsworth Summer Opera with the Phoenix Concert Orchestra THE MIKADO Gawsworth Hall 6 - 26 July. Cast includes Ayldon, Shovelton, Berger, Leonard £6.00

(a) DC OC BIRMINGHAM 1995 LA VIE PARISIENNE/ THE MIKADO (with Alexandra Theatre Birmingham ticket 21 September 1995) pp20 + laminated wraps (A4) (full colour)

(b) 1995 DC OC TOUR (9 venues) (same format as above) (in association with Classic fm)

£10.00 each
350 1995 HALLE PROMS FESTIVAL Free Trade Hall, Manchester:


351 1995 Tameside Hippodrome 24 June. THE NEW SAVOYARDS OF LONDON. Fully costumed G&S Excerpts £3.00
352 1995 10 Nov. The Guild Hall, Preston. G&S SPECTACULAR. Former DC cond. D.Steadman. Biogs with photos (A4 format with fine drawing of G&S on cover by Mike Haken 1995) £10.00
353 1996 Oxford Town Hall 29 June. THE GRAND DUKE (Sir Arthur Sullivan Society) John Ayldon, Gillian Knight etc. cond. D. Steadman £8.00
354 1996 28 July ISABEL JAY (a tribute) `A Summer's Day in the Sussex Countryside' at Oak Hall Manor, Sheffield Park Gardens, Sussex £3.00
354X 1996 SOUVENIR PROGRAMME : INTERNATIONAL GILBERT & SULLIVAN Festival. The Opera House, Buxton, England (3rd Festival) £6.00
355 1996 Sept. - Nov. Stage One Theatre Company National Tour: SHERLOCK HOLMES The Adventure at Sir Arthur Sullivan's by Tim Heath (includes article on AS at Weybridge. A5 pp20 (signed by the author) (Playscript @ £10.00 also available) £5.00
356 1996 Key Theatre, Peterborough. 30 Sept - 5 Oct. Peterborough G&S Players (amateur) IOLANTHE. Exemplary A5 glossy pp62 brochure. Contains many facsimiles from original material + a photo of DC OC production (1939) at Sadler's Wells Theatre with Martyn Green, Evelyn Gardiner and Marjorie Eyre (p36) (colour and b/w) (original colour cover artwork) £6.00
357 1997 Tameside Hippodrome 5 July. THE NEW SAVOYARDS OF LONDON. Fully costumed G&S Excerpts £2.00

1997 Buxton Opera House, August :

(a) 2 & 9 Aug. THE G&S OPERA COMPANY: MK


(c) 14 Aug. MR GILBERT and MR SULLIVAN Compiled and Directed by Richard Baker. WSG Jerry Jarratt/ AS Richard Baker


£5.00 each
359 1997 November Opera Della Luna : THE GHOSTS OF RUDDIGORE (+ ticket stubs x 2 for Charter Theatre, Preston + flyer x 3 + 2 press cuttings) £6.00
360 Brochure August 1997 - January 1 1998 Nottingham Royal Centre. Theatre Royal : D'Oyly Carte Opera Company entry Mon. 27 Oct. - Sat. 1 Nov. : IOLANTHE (colour photo) and THE COUNT OF LUXEMBOURG (Lehar) £3.00
361 1998 Halifax Choral Society. Conductor: John Pryce-Jones. GILBERT & SULLIVAN at the PROMS Sunday 21 June 1998, Victoria Theatre, Halifax. Book of Words (not G&S) pp22. Soloists: Gail Pearson, Carole Wilson, Harry Nicoll, Eric Roberts. North of England Concert Orchestra, leader Geoffrey Allan £4.00
362 1998 - 1999 Dec. 18 - Jan 9. THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE. D'Oyly Carte at the Queen's Theatre, London . Glossy souvenir brochure £8.00
363 1999. THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE with Paul Nicholas as the Pirate King (a) Full Colour glossy SOUVENIR BROCHURE for 1998/99 National Tour (b) A5 flier Grand Theatre, Blackpool (1 - 6 Feb 1999) (c) Ticket stub Stalls I 32 Grand Theatre, Blackpool (a) £5.00 (b) £1.00 (c) 0.50p
364 1999 Opera House, Man. 8 - 13 Feb. Paul Nicholas in PIRATES (Papp production) £6.00
365 1999 Norwich Theatre Royal 12 - 17 April. CARL ROSA OPERA in THE MIKADO & DIE FLEDERMAUS £6.00
366 1999. THE EMERALD ISLE (Amateur Concert Production with Full Orchestra) by Basil Hood, Arthur Sullivan and Edward German. St. David's Players, Exeter. The Banfield Theatre, Exeter 30th April - 2nd May. Concert Production with Full Orchestra. A4 glossy format pp12 £2.00
367 1999 Liverpool Empire. THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE with Paul Nicholas as the Pirate King. Full Colour glossy SOUVENIR BROCHURE for 1998/99 National Tour + programme + ticket stubs x 2 10 May + flyer + 4 press cuttings £15.00
368 1999 July - August. THE GILBERT & SULLIVAN OPERA COMPANY at the Buxton Opera House. 6th International G&S Festival. Glossy brochure pp32 £6.00
369 1999 August 22. Sheringham Little Theatre, Norfolk. Bridge Theatre Presents former members of The D'Oyly Carte Company in GLORIOUS DAYS a celebration of G&S with John Ayldon, Patricia Leonard, David Fieldsend, Yvonne Patrick, David Steadman. A5 format (cover autographed) £10.00
370 2000 January 2 at 3.00 pm. THE MAGIC OF GILBERT & SULLIVAN. The Bridgewater Hall, Manchester. Raymond Gubbay presents CHRISTMAS FESTIVAL '99. A4 pp60 glossy brochure (G&S section pp46-51) + ticket stub £6.00
371 2000 DC OC at The Savoy 23 Feb - 21 April (extended from 1st April) H.M.S.PINAFORE

(a) Glossy A4 brochure: signed by entire company (on glossy paper against dark backgrounds) (32 autographs)

(b) Flyer 23 Feb - 1 April

(c) ticket stub: Thu 16.03.00 15.00 hrs matinee

(d) Facsimile of original programme

(e) Raymond Gubbay promotional letters x 2 (one illustrated)






372 2000 Aberystwyth Arts Centre 4 March. THE GOLDEN LEGEND by Arthur Sullivan. University of Wales, Aberystwyth, Choral Union and Orchestra cond. David Russell Hulme. Programme notes in English and Welsh (Illustrated) £5.00
373 2000 Charter Theatre, Preston 30 May - 3 June. Carl Rosa Opera : THE MIKADO / DIE FLEDERMAUS (ticket stubs x 2 1 June + flyer + press review) £6.00
374 2000 June 14 - 17 Sheringham Savoyards (amateur) present Their 21st Anniversay Production of THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD at The Little Theatre, Sheringham, Norfolk £1.00
374X GILBERT & SULLIVAN GALA 2000 June 25th. To include excerpts from every Savoy Opera. The Gala is being organised to raise funds for The Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity. As part of the Crawley Festival. Melvyn Tarran presentation. Devised by Cynthia Morey. With John Fryatt, David Steadman, David Mackie, Charles Pemberton, Anthony Herrick and Michael Simkins. Also Yvonne Patrick, Kenneth Sandford, Stephen Davis, Thomas Round etc. Directed by Cynthia Morey & Alan Spencer. £3.00
375 2000 Sunday 20 August. A G&S Concert by present and former members of DC OC presented by Bridge Theatre at Sheringham Little Theatre, Norfolk called RECKLESS DELIGHT with David Steadman, John Ayldon, Patricia Leonard, Yvonne Patrick and David Fieldsend (A5 single-fold listing programme signed by cast) £6.00
376 2000 Savoy Theatre DC OC THE MIKADO (First performance at the Savoy Theatre, Friday 15th September 2000) A4 colour brochure pp16 + outer wraps £8.00
377 2000 Theatre Royal, Norwich. 18 - 23 Sept. Carl Rosa Opera IO/ YG :

(a) A4 Programme

(b) A5 Flyer

(c) 2 Ticket stubs

(d) A3 Poster

(e) WHAT'S ON AUG 2000 - Feb 2001 p17 Carl Rosa IOLANTHE colour photo. A5 booklet (pp48)






378 2000 1st November : Royal Albert Hall SIR ARTHUR SULLIVAN CENTENARY CONCERT The very best of Gilbert & Sullivan (withA5 flyer) (A4 glossy brochure pp16) £8.00
379 2000 18 Nov. IN CELEBRATION OF SULLIVAN Alderley Edge School For Girls, Cheshire £5.00
380 2001 Savoy Theatre 7 June . DC OC THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE A4 glossy brochure programme £10.00
381 2001 Aug. GONDOLIERS. Apollo Theatre (Bill Kenwright presents The Watermill Theatre production dir. John Doyle). Music adapted and arr. by Sarah Travis (article on G&S with photos.). Theatregoers Issue 7 pp52 £4.00
382 2001 23rd - 26th August THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD at the Linbury Studio Theatre, Royal Opera House, Covent Garden. British Youth Opera (The UK's Opera Training Company) A5 colour flier with cast lists. Conductor: John Owen Edwards (sponsored by the D'Oyly Carte Opera Company) £1.00
383 2001 Sunday 26 August : SHERINGHAM LITTLE THEATRE, Norfolk. Bridge Theatre presents HERE'S A HOW-DE-DO an evening of Gilbert and Sullivan with Gareth Jones, Patricia Leonard, Yvonne Patrick, Geoffrey Shovelton with David Gibson. A5 (autographed by all artistes) £6.00
384 2001 Tue. 30th Oct. - Sat. 3 Nov. Theatre Royal, Norwich CARL ROSA OPERA : The Pirates of Penzance £5.00

2001 Nov. 30 - Dec. 16. The Jose Quintero Theatre, 534 West 42nd Street, New York City. A GILBERT & SULLIVAN CHRISTMAS CAROL. The New Punctuation Army. Book and lyrics by Gayden Wren (inspired by WSG). Music by Arthur Sullivan. Based on A CHRISTMAS CAROL by Charles Dickens:

(a) Programme pp12

(b) Booking form




386 2002 August 24 SHERINGHAM LITTLE THEATRE, Norfolk. Bridge Theatre presents WANDERING MINSTRELS, THEY an evening of Gilbert and Sullivan with John Ayldon, David Fieldsend, Patricia Leonard, Yvonne Patrick with David Steadman (autographed by all artistes) (A4 folded paper programme) £6.00
386X 2002 Carl Rosa Opera. Malvern Theatre. THE GONDOLIERS Monday 9th - Saturday 14 September £4.00
387 ROCKINGHAM POTTERY Presents A REVIVAL OF CHARACTER JUGS (A4 coloured promotional one-sided leaflet showing 14 figures) (folded) £3.00

2002 November 27 - 2003 January 11. Orange Tree Theatre. ENGAGED (1877) by WSG. Directed by Tim Carroll. Designed by Sam Dowson :

(a) Programme (colour/bw) Article by Kevin Chapple with many contemporary illustrations

(b) Promotional coloured upright card with contemporary line-drawing by Binns (approx. 10 x 21 cms)

(c) Poster (as promotional card) (rolled) (approx. 29.5 x 42 cms )




389 about THE HOUSE The Magazine of the Royal Ballet and the Royal Opera. Volume iii NUMBER 2 WINTER 2002 ISSN 1471-9010: PUCCINI, BUTTERFLY AND THE CULT OF JAPAN. Patrick O'Connor explores the background to the Western fascination for the East :- 6-page fully-illustrated article with b&w and colour photographs including The Mikado and The Geisha. A4 glossy brochure pp48 NEW £4.00
390 2003 5th August. Imperial College Operatic Society presents THE GRAND DUKE in the Public Hall, Budleigh Salterton (London college annual tour). Souvenir Programme (small coffee stain top left. A5 pp20 glossy with b&w photos) + A4 colour poster/ flyer and x 2 ticket stubs £3.00
391 2003 Sunday, Aug. 24th : MORE RECKLESS DELIGHT Concert with former members of The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company : John Ayldon, Stephen Brown, Patricia Leonard, Yvonne Patrick and David Steadman in selections from the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. 24pp full-colour A4 brochure for the Bridge Theatre Professional Summer Repertory Season at the Auden Theatre, Holt, North Norfolk (UK) with integrated double-page spread of G&S programme (autographed by all artistes) £6.00
391X 2003 December 5-7 Cleveland Opera, State Theatre IOLANTHE £3.00
392 2004 Liverpool Empire 27 - 31 Jan. Carl Rosa Opera Company : H.M.S. PINAFORE - Brochure and Programme (ticket stubs 28 Jan x 2 + 3 press cuttings) £10.00
393 2004 Sunday, Aug. 22 : WOOING WORDS AND LOVING SONG Concert with former members of The D'Oyly Carte Opera Company : John Ayldon, Stephen Brown, Simon Butteriss, Patricia Leonard, Yvonne Patrick and David Steadman (with the Sheringham Savoyards Chorus) in selections from the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. 28pp full-colour A4 brochure for the Bridge Theatre Professional Summer Repertory Season at the Auden Theatre, Holt, North Norfolk (UK) with integrated three-page spread of G&S programme (autographed by all artistes except John Ayldon) £6.00
393X 2004. The Watermill Theatre (West Berkshire Playhouse) PINAFORE Swing 21 July - 11 Sept. adapted and directed by John Doyle. Musical arrangement and direction by Sarah Travis £5.00

2007 Sunday January 21st. The Carl Rosa Company present(s) a specially devised benefit performance of Gilbert & Sullivan's `Patience'. Normansfield Theatre, Teddington :

(a) Progamme : four single-sided A4 buff-coloured pages tied with red ribbon

(b) Flyer (with illustration of the Edwardian theatre) and entrance ticket for evening performance




2008 NEW YORK GILBERT & SULLIVAN PLAYERS G&S FEST 08 (glossy brochure : 27.5 x 15 cms) pp12 :PIRATES; PRINCESS IDA; MIKADO; TRIAL BY JURY/G&S A LA CARTE; THE GONDOLIERS and H.M.S. PINAFORE presented at New York City Center January and June


393ZA 2008 19 May. Crush Room, Royal Opera House : COX AND BOX or The Long Lost Brothers. Music by Arthur Sullivan. Libretto by F.C.Burnand. Based on the play Box and Cox by J.M.Morton. In celebration of the 140th year of its first performance and the new critical musical edition by the Sullivan Society (2003). Dramatis Personae : Cox played by Jonathan Fisher; Box by Andrew Macnair; Bouncer by Bryan Secombe. Piano accompaniment by Mark Packwood (2 stapled double-sided A4 pages) £1.00

NON-GILBERT AND SULLIVAN PROGRAMMES (in alphabetical order of London Theatre, and production dates wherever possible) with some G&S connections highlighted in red :

including early HENRIK IBSEN (1828-1906) matinee performances:

Hedda Gabler (1890) 29.4.91

The Master Builder (1892) 22.2.93

Hedda Gabler 29.5.93

Rosmersholm (1886) 31.5.93

An Enemy of The People (1882) 21.6.93

Little Eyolf (1894) 26.11.96

John Gabriel Borkman (1896) ( first performance 3/5/97)

and OSCAR WILDE (1854-1900) :

AN IDEAL HUSBAND (1895, 3rd. January) ) 25.2.95





(a) THE HUNCHBACK Play (1879) by Sheridan Knowles. Cast : Henry Neville, Hermann Vezin, Charles Harcourt, Miss Neilson: condition good

(b) FORBIDDEN FRUIT Comic Drama (1880) by Dion Boucicault. Cast : Taylor, Pateman etc.: condition fair

(c) GREEN BUSHES Drama (April 19th, 1890) by J.B.Buckstone. Cast: Frank Cooper etc. : coloured card - condition good

(d) THE TWO ORPHANS. Drama (June 2nd, 1894 : in pencil 8/6/94) with Herbert Flemming etc.: condition fair (coloured) (NB Programme of music contains SELECTION "UTOPIA" by Sullivan MD Edward Jones)

(e) THE GIPSY EARL Romantic Drama ( from Aug. 31st 1898) by George R. Sims. Cast: Fred Terry, Miss Julia Neilson etc.: condition fair

(f) TAKEN FROM LIFE Drama (undated) by Henry Pettitt. Cast : Charles Warner: condition very good

(g) MICHAEL STROGOFF Drama (undated) by D'Ennery and Jules Verne. Cast : Charles Warner etc. : condition good

(h) NINON Play (undated from Feb.7th) by W.C.Wills. Cast: with Henry Neville, F.H. Brooke etc.: condition good

(i) NICHOLAS NICKLEBY (undated from May 8th) by Charles Dickens. Dramatised by Andrew Halliday. Cast: W.Terriss, James Fernandez etc. : condition fair

(j) RICHELIEU (undated from May 8th) by Lord Lytton with Edwin Booth: condition good

(k) GREEN BUSHES Drama (undated from Oct. 14th) by J.B.Buckstone. Cast: Madame Celeste: damaged, torn and worn

(l) A WOMAN'S REVENGE Drama (undated) by Henry Pettitt. Cast: Charles Warner : coloured - condition fair

(m) Mr. M.L. Mayer's 32nd Season of French Plays LA TOSCA Drama by Victorien Sardou with Sarah Bernhardt as Floria Tosca (inscribed T.F.Howell 23.6.3) VG

(n) HAMLET with H.B.Irving (n/d)

(o) THE TAMING OF THE SHREW with Oscar Asche (n/d)






















(a) THE GOLDEN LAND OF FAIRY TALES Ttranslated and adapted by A.H. Quaritch and Maurice Raye. Music Composed by Heinrich Berte. Produced by Sydney Ellison (iunscribed T.F. Howell Sat. 3.2.12)

(b) PYGMALION by Bernard Shaw with C. Aubrey-Smith and Mrs Patrick Campbell (n/d c.1914)





(c) LA POULE AUX OEUFS D'OR. Ballet : Musical Feerie (23/12/1878) by MM. Dennery and Clairville (adapted by Frank Hall). Music adapted from (amongst others) A.Sullivan. Cast : Constance Loseby, Mlle. Riviere etc.: condition fair - spot purple

(d) THE BRONZE HORSE Japanese spectacle (1881) written by Howard Paul founded on Scribe and Auber's opera. Cast: Harry Paulton, George Temple etc. : condition: top left clipped, ow fair

(e) JEANNE, JEANNETTE and JEANNETON Grand Opera (23/5/1881) by M.M. Clairville & Delacour. Music by P.Lacome. English libretto by R.Reece. Cast: Alice May, Miss St. Quinten etc.: condition good - spot colour red (illustrated)

(f) THE GOLDEN RING. Fairy Spectacular Opera (undated: early 1880's) writen by George R. Sims. Music by Frederic Clay. Cast: J.G.Taylor, F.Gaillard etc.: condition fair with small cigarette burn on front illustrated cover

(g) BLACK-EYED SEE-USAN Burlesque (undated: probably mid 1880's) by F.C.Burnand. Original music by Alfred Lee. Cast: Arthur Roberts etc.: conditon fair (illustrated - similar to H.M.S. PINAFORE)

(h) LE ROI CAROTTE New Spectacular Grand Opera Bouffe Feerie (undated : opened 3 June, 1872). Music by M.Offenbach (adapted by Henry S.Leigh).Cast: Henry Haigh, J.H.Jarvis etc. : torn in half, frail but fair

(i) BEGGAR STUDENT Comic Opera with Music (c. mid 1880's) by Carl Millocker. English libretto by W.Beatty-Kingston. Cast: Maggie Rayson, Marion Hood etc. : condition fair

(j) LA BELLE HELENE Opera Bouffe (undated) written by F.C.Burnand. Music by M.J.Offenbach. Cas: Kate Santley, Amy Sheridan etc. : condition fair, folded
















AVENUE THEATRE Northumberland Avenue, Charing Cross:

(a) DR. BILL Farcical Comedy (undated) adapted from the French of Albert Carre by Hamilton Aide. Cast: George Alexander, Albert Chevalier etc. : condition fair

(b) THE HENRIETTA Comedy (undated) by Bronson Howard. Cast: W.H.Vernon, Yorke Stephens etc. : condition good (green landscape format)

(c) MANTEAUX NOIRS Comic Opera (undated : 150th Perfromance Nov. 16th) adapted from the French of Scribe, by W.Parke and Harry Paulton. Music by Bucalossi. Cast: Mons. Marius, H. Ashley etc. : condition fair (pink)

(d) THE CRUSADERS Comedy of Modern London Life by Henry Arthur Jones (inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. 21.11.91). Cast : Arthur Cecil, Yorke Stephens, Lewis Waller, Weedon Grossmith etc. (landscape format) VG

(e) LITTLE EYOLF by Henrik Ibsen translated by William Archer (inscribed T.F.Howell 26.11.96). Cast: Courtenay Thorpe, Janet Achurch, Stewart Dawson, Elizabeth Robins, C.M.Lowne, Mrs Patrick Campbell (performance at 3 pm) (three-fold) VG






399 (ROYAL) COMEDY THEATRE, Haymarket:

(a) THE MASCOTTE Opera Comique (Nov. 1881) (after Chivot and Duru). Music by Audan. Codition: worn and detached. Music from MADAME FAVART `The Novice' printed on one side

(b) BOCCACCIO Opera Comique (April 22nd, 1882) by Herr Von Suppe. English version by Messrs R.Reece & H.B. Farnie. Condition good

(c) THE FAST COACH Farce (from 14 October, 1882) by R.Soutar and J.G.Taylor/ RIP VAN WINKLE Opera Comique. Original French text by H. Meilhac and P. Gille, English version by H.B. Farnie. Music by Robert Planquette. Condition fair

(d) PRAWNS AND POMMERY Comedy (1884)/ NELL GWYNN Opera Comique. Music by Robert Planquette. Written by H.B. Farnie. Cover illustrated. Condition : cover detached ow fair

(e) JUST MY LUCK Farce (undated) by Alfred Maltby/ FALKA Opera Comique after MM. Leterrier and Vanloo adapted by H.B. Farnie. Music by F. Chassaigne. Condition worn (cover illustrated)

(f) A LAWSUIT Comedietta (undated) by Otto Waldau and Mostyn Tedde/ ERMINE Comic Opera written by Claxson Bellamy and Hrry Paulton. Music by Edward Jakobowski. Condition worn

(g) MASTER AND MAN Farce (undated)/ THE BARRISTER Farce by George Manville Fenn and J.H. Darnley. Condition fair

(h) MARY'S HOLIDAY Farce (undated) by C.D. Marius/ BARBE BLEUE Opers-Bouffe by Offenbach. Translation by Charles Lamb Kenny. Condition good

(i) LADY FORTUNE Play (undated) by Charles Thomas/ THE ARABIAN NIGHTS Comedy by Sydney Grundy (founded on the German of Von Moser). Condition good : spot blue

(j) BARBARA Play (undated) by Jerome K. Jerome/ UNCLES AND AUNTS Comedy by W.Lestocq and Walter Everard. Condition good : spot blue

(k) THE STEPSISTER Comedy (undated) by W.Sapte, Jun./ THE RED LAMP Drama by W. Outram Tristram. Condition worn

(l) Special Matinee on behalf of The Actors' Benevolent Fund FROU-FROU by Meilhac and Halevy (inscribed T.F.Howell 17.3.94) Cast : Brandon Thomas, Cyril Maude, H.B. Irving, Will Dennis etc.(evening performance : DICK SHERIDAN Comedy by Robert Buchanan)

(m) Mr. Willard's Season THE PROFESSOR'S LOVE STORY by J.M.Barrie (inscribed T.F.Howell 21.7.94) Cast: Willard, Cane, Harting, Canninge etc.

(n) THE BENEFIT OF THE DOUBT Comedy by Arthur W. Pinero (inscribed T.F.Howell Tu. 3.12.95) Cast: Lindley, Fitzgerald, Beringer, Emery, Maude etc.

(o) SAUCY SALLY (adapted from LA FLAMBOYANTE) Farce by F.C.Burnand (inscribed T.F.Howell 27.3.97) Cast: Hawtrey, Lovell, Volpe, Draycott, Cosham etc.(Programme of Music under the direction of Ernest Bucalossi includes PINAFORE Selection)

(p) THE BENSON SHAKSPEARE SEASON : CORIOLANUS (inscribed T.F.Howell 21.2.1 Matinee) Cast: Benson, Hignett, Fitzgerald, Swete, Oscar Ashe



















(a) BABIL AND BIJOU Or, The Lost Regalia (1st performance 29.8.1872) Musical Drama (undated : last night Sat., March 1st, 1873) by D. Boucicault. Lyrical part by Planche. Music by M.Herve, F.Clay, M. de Billemont and M. Riviere. Cast: Robertha Erskine, Alice Phillips, Mrs Howard Paul etc. : condition fair

(b) BABIL AND BIJOU. PLAYBILL (9.75 x 24 cms) good condition






(a) AMERICAN LADY Comedy (Mon. May 4th, 1874) by Henry J. Byron. Cast: J.H.Barnes, J.Clarke etc. : condition fair

(b) THE GREAT DIVORCE CASE Comic Play (Monday, May 29, 1876 THE FIRE FLY EVENING PAPER & PROGRAMME) by John Doe and Richard Roe. Cast: Charles Wyndham, Edward Righton etc. : condition fair

(c) TWO ROSES Comedy (11/1/1881) by James Albery. Cast: William Farren, Geoge Giddons etc. : condition fair (spot colour blue/red)

(d) SOUVENIR OF DAVID GARRICK 1888 (coloured lithograph folded card) VG

(e) DAVID GARRICK by T. W. Robertson (printed date 27/4/88) Cast: Wyndham, James, Dagnall, Blakeley etc (folded card)

(f) BETSY Comedy (opened Sat. Aug. 11th, 1888 - 14/8/88) by F.C.Burnand. Cast: William Blakeley, A.Boucicault etc. : condition good (spot colour blue/red), card

(g) THE CANDIDATE Comedy (from Monday Oct. 26th, 1885). Cast: Charles Wyndham, George Giddens etc. : condition near MINT (gold edged card)

(h) LONDON ASSURANCE Comedy (Thurs. 27th, 1890) by D.Boucicault. Cast: William Farren, Charles Wyndham etc. : condition good

(i) THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL by Sheridan (inscribed T.F.Howell 2.5.91) Cast: Farren, Vincent, Wyndham, Bourchier etc. (three-fold card) VG

(j) THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL by Sheridan (inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. 2.5.91) A Few Notes Concerning the Original Production (booklet approx. 13 x 10 cms pp12) VG

(k) THE BAUBLE SHOP by Henry Arthur Jones (inscribed T.F.Howell Tu. 14.2.93) Cast: Wyndham, Somerset, Aynesworth etc. (Mary Moore indisposed : Sybil Carlisle) (three-fold card) VG

(l) THE CASE OF REBELLIOUS SUSAN Comedy by Henry Arthur Jones (inscribed T.F.Howell Fr. 23.11.94) Cast : Wyndham, Kemble, Little, Kerr etc. (three-fold card) VG

(n) ROSEMARY by Louis N. Parker amd Murray Carson (inscribed T.F.Howell 22.2.97) Cast: Wyndham, Barnes, Bishop, Douglas (Programme of Music includes FANTASIA "Reminiscences of Fifty Years (1838-1887) Chopin - Sullivan) (three-fold card) VG

(o) THE PHYSICIAN by Hnry Arthur Jones (inscribed T.F.Howell 29.5.97) Cast: Wyndham, Bishop, Thalberg, Kenyon etc (three-fold paper) (Programme of Music includes Selection from THE YEOMEN OF THE GUARD)

(p) WILD OATS Comedy (undated) by John O'Keefe. Cast: Charles Wyndham, David James etc. : condition good (spot colour blue)

(q) STILL WATERS RUN DEEP Comedy (undated) by Tom Taylor. Cast: Charles Wyndham, Herbert Standing etc. : condition fair

(r) THE MAN WITH 3 WIVES Farce (undated) by C.M.Rae (adapted from the French). Cast: George Giddens, Lytton Sothern etc. : condition good

(s) LITTLE MISS MUFFET Comedy (undated) by James Albery (adapted from the French of A.Hennequin). Cast: H.Standing, H.Beerbohm Tree etc. : condition good

(t) FOURTEEN DAYS Comedy (undated: Thurs. April 20th) by Henry J. Byron (from the French of MM. Gondinet and Bisson). Cast: Charles Wyndham, H.Standing etc. : condition good

(u) FLATS (undated: Thurs. Sept. 8th) by G.R.Sims. Cast: W.J.Hill, H.Standing etc. : condition fair

(v) WHERE'S THE CAT? Comedy (undated: Tues. Jan. 18th, 50th Night) by Jas. Albery (from the German of Herr Von Schonthan). Cast: Charles Wyndham, H.Standing etc. : condition good


























DALY'S THEATRE, Leicester Square:

(a) Augustin Daly's Company of Comedians 1893 Seventh Season in London 1894 TWELFTH NIGHT. Cast: John Craig, Sidney Herbert, Thomas Bridgland, Hobart Bosworth etc.(inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. 10.2.94) (landscape folded)

(b) Sarah Bernhardt (With her entire Company, Scenery and Dresses from the Theatre de la Renaisance, Paris) in FEDORA Drama by V. Sardou. Graceful Dance by Sullivan included in Programme of Music (inscribed T.F.Howell 14.7.94)

(c) Royal Carl Rosa Opera BASTIEN AND BASTIENNE by Mozart. Cast: Brophy, Hudleston and Claus / HANSEL AND GRETEL by Humperdinck (First Time in England). Cast: Copland, Lennox, Elba, Douste, Miller, du Bedat and Hudleston (inscribed T.F.Howell 15.1.95)

(d) Augustin Daly's Company of Comedians with Ada Rehan.Eighth Season in London THE TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA. Cast: Clarke, Worthing, Craig, Herbert, Maxwell, Varrey, Leclercq, Lewis, Gresham, Tyrone Power, Bosworth, Bridgland, Gollan, Elliot, Carlisle, Mallon (inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. 5.7.95) (landscape folded)

(e) The Carl Rosa Company Matinee Season TANNHAUSER. Cast: Esty, Ludwig, Pringle, Wood, O'Sullivan, Tilbury, Gelber, Hunt and McGuckin (inscribed T.F.Howell Mat. Tu. 28.1.96) (landscape folded)

(f) The Carl Rosa Company Matinee Season LOHENGRIN Cst: Russell, Ludwig, Pringle, Tilbury, Poole, Williams, Harwood, Brooklyn, Ellis, McGuckin (inscribed T.F.Howell Mat. Th. 30.1.96) (landscape folded)

(g) The Carl Rosa Company Matinee Season HANSEL AND GRETEL by Humperdinck. Cast: Lind, Amadi, Graham, Hunt, Miller, Harwood and Williams (inscribed T.F.Howell Mat. Th. 13.2.96) (landscape folded)










(a) LADY OF THE LAKE Musical Drama (from Sept. 21st, 1872) by Andrew Halliday. Cast: Jas. Fernandez, J.Dewhurst etc.: condition fair

(b) ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA by Shakspeare (sic) (Sat. Sept. 20th, 1873) adapted by Andrew Halliday. Cast: James Anderson, Henry Sinclair etc. : condition fair

(c) SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL Comedy (Mon. March 2, 1874 Complimentary Benefit to Mr. Benjamin Webster on his retirement from Management: cameo on cover) by Sheridan. Cast: Phelps, Emery, Creswick, Charles Mathews, J.L.Toole etc. : + MR. HENRY IRVING : THE DREAM OF EUGENE ARAM (poem) : condition fair (spine and top edge stained yellow), folded

(d) THE WORLD Realistic Drama (fom.July 31, 1880) by Paul Meritt, Henry Petitt & Augustus Harris. Cast: William Rignold, Augustus Harris etc. : condition fair (cover illustrated)

(e) YOUTH Drama (from Aug. 6, 1881) by Paul Meritt and Augustus Harris. Cast: John Ryder, George Rignold etc.(includes INCIDENTAL MUSIC to HENRY VIII by Arthur Sullivan) : condition - worn

(f) PLUCK Drama (Aug. 5th, 1882) by Henry Pettitt and Augustus Harris. Cast: J.H.Barnes, A.C.Lilly etc. : condition good (illustrated)

(g) CARL ROSA OPERA Programme for the Fourth Week (April 27th - May 2nd 1885): TROVATORE; NADESHDA (libretto by Julian Sturgis - librettist of Sullivan's IVANHOE); BOHEMIAN GIRL; CARMEN; FAUST and ESMERALDA. Cast: Marie Roze, Ben Davies etc. Conds. Goossens/Alberto Randegger: condition good

(h) WATERLOO by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle followed by BECKET by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Henry Irving LAST WEEK of the SEASON Terminating Sat. June 10th, 1905 (printed date 5-6-05)















(a) AN AMERICAN CITIZEN Comedy (from Sat. Sept. 2nd, 1899) by Madeleine Lucette Ryley. Cast: N.C.Godwin etc.: condition fair (folded)

(b) Charles Frohman Presents THE ADMIRABLE CRICHTON Fantasy by J.M.Barrie (inscribed T.F.Howell 13/2/3) Cast: Kemble, du Maurier, Blakiston, Pickford etc. (director : Dion Boucicault) (three-fold card : green cover) (sl. foxing)

(c) Charles Frohman Presents LETTY by Arthur W. Pinero (inscribed T.F.Howell 8/10/3 1st Night) Cast: H.B.Irving, Dawson, Grimston, Kerr, Boucicault (three-fold card : green cover) (sl. foxing) (under the personal direction of the author)






LADY OF THE LOCKET Spectacular Comic Opera (Wed. 11th March, 1885) by H. Hamilton. Composed by William Fullerton. Cast includes Mr. C. Hayden Coffin. Condition worn


GAIETY THEATRE (Manager : John Hollingshead):

(a) THE HAPPY VILLAGE Comic Operetta (from 16 April 1870) Music selected by Meyer Lutz/ THE LUCKY FRIDAY Drama adapted by Alfred Wigan/ THE PRINCESS OF TREBIZONDE! Opera Bouffe by Offenbach (adapted by C.L.Kenny). Cast: Toole, Soutar, Farren etc. : condition fair

(b) TARTUFFE Ballet; CHRISTMAS STORY Musical Drama. The Book by the late Charles Dickens. The Drama by Dion Boucicault. Cast: Alma Egerton etc.; ALADDIN THE 2nd by Alfred Thompson. Music by Herve. Cast: J.L.Toole (1870/1) : condition fair

(c) MALALA! African Musical Extravaganza (Thur. April 27th, 1871) Music by Offenbach, Cast: Soutar etc./ PETER THE SHIPWRIGHT Romantic Comic Opera-Drama. Music by Lortzing. Cast: Santley etc. : condition good

(d) A NEW WAY TO PAY OLD DEBTS Last Nights of Mr Walter Montgomery (Commencing July 31st, 1871). Cast: Montgomery, Haynes, Maclean etc. : chipped and worn

(e) LES DEUX AVEUGLES by Offenbach. Patachon played by F.Sullivan/ SHILLY-SHALLY Comedy by Anthony Trollpe and Charles Reade/ ALADDIN THE 2nd by Alfred Thompson. Music by Herve (early 1872). Cast: Toole, Farren etc. : condition - detaached and worn

(f) THE HAPPY VILLAGE Comic Operetta (Oct. 14th, 1872) Music selected by Herr Meyer Lutz/ A CURIOUS CASE Comic Drama/ THE CRITIC Comedy by Sheridan. Cast: Charles Matthews etc. `At Christmas and Easter New Extravaganzas by Mr R. Reece and Mr W.S.Gilbert will be produced' : condition good

(g) ALI BABA Pantomime (Thur. Dec. 26th 1872) by R. Reece. Cast: Toole, Farren etc.. `At Easter, a New Extravaganza, by MR. W.S.GILBERT will be produced.' : condition fair

(h) THE MAGIC FIFE Operetta (Sat. Jan. 25th, 1873) by Offenbach. Cast: Mr. F.Sullivan/ OFF THE LINE Comedy. Cast: Toole/ ALI BABA Operatic Extravaganza by R.Reece. Cast: Toole, Farren etc. : condition good

(i) MARIAGE AUX LANTERNES (from June 28, 1873) by Offenbach/ SPITALFIELDS WEAVER Farce by Haynes Bailey/ ALI BABA A La Mode Operatic Extravaganza written by R.Reece. Cast: Toole, Farren etc. : condition good (with RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW)

(j) SNAE FELL Drama (from June 28, 1873) Written by Paul Meritt and Henry Spry. Cast: Conquest, Macdermont etc. : condition fair (with RETROSPECTIVE REVIEW)

(k) LISCHEN & FRITZCHEN Operetta (Sept. 12 1873) by Offenbach/ BIBB AND TUCKER Comedy/ SEEING TOOLE Farce/ ANTHONY & CLEOPATRA Musical Absurdity by F.C.Burnand. Cast: Toole, Farren etc. : condition fair

(l) DO - RE - MI - FA by Offenbach/ RETAINED FOR THE DEFENCE by J.Oxenford/ GENEVIEVE DE BRABANT by Offenbach (Sat. Nov.8, 1873). Adapted by H.B. Farnie. Charles Morton's Company. Cast: Soldene, Sinclair etc.: condition good

(m) LA FILLE DE MADAME ANGOT (Friday Nov. 21, 1873). Comic Opera Mon. Nov. 10, 1873 and every night For Five Weeks only, ending Sat. Dec. 13th. Charles Morton's Company. Adapted by H.B. Farnie. Music by C. Lecocq. Cast: Soldene, Sinclair, Richard Temple etc. : condition good (preceded by DO - RE - MI - FA by Offenbach/ A HAPPY FAMILY by J.G. Taylor)

(n) DO - RE - MI - FA Operetta (Oct. 9, 1874) by Offenbach/ A HAPPY FAMILY Comic Drama by J.G.Taylor/ THE ISLAND OF BACHELORS Opera-Bouffe Robert Reec's version of C. Lecocq's CENT VIERGES. Cast: Cecil, Lyall etc. : condition good

(o) UNCLE Comedy (Sept. 11, 1878) by Henry J. Byron/ HANDSOME HERNANI Burlesque founed on Victor Hugo's Drama written by Henry J.Byron. Cast: Royce, Terry etc. : condition good

(p) ROSE OF AUVERGNE Operetta (Dec. 20th 1879) by Offenbach. Cast: Wadman, Squire, Fawcett/ GULLIVER Comic Opera by Henry J.Byron . Cast: Farren, Terry, Royce etc. : condition worn

(q) MY OLD COAT Operetta (Aug. 15th, 1882) Music by W. Slaughter. Written by J.J.Dallas. ALADDIN Burlesque by R.Reece. Cast: Brough, Emma Broughton etc. : condition fair

(r) BACHELOR HALL Comedietta (March 12, 1883) by G.L.Gordon/ BLUEBEARD Burlesqur by F.C.Burnand. Cast: Farren, Terry, Wyatt etc.: condition good

(s) CAMARALZAMAN Burlesque Fairy Drama ( March 10th 1884) by F.C.Burnand. Cast: Elton, Farren etc. : condition frail, chipped

(t) STAGE STRUCK (1884)/ MAZEPPA Burlesque by F.C.Burnand. Cast: Royce, Farren etc. : condition good

(u) MONTE CRISTO, Jr. Burlesque (from Dec. 23, 1886) by Richard Henry. Cast: Farren, Barlow etc. : condition good

(v) MONTE CRISTO, Jr. Burlesque (from Dec. 23, 1886) by Richard Henry. Cast: Farren, Barlow etc. (colour chromolithograph) pp8 VG (with advert for DOROTHY at he Prince of Wales's Theatre on outer back wrap)

(w) FRANKENSTEIN (produced Dec. 24th, 1887) A Melodramatic Burlesque in 3 Acts by Richard Henry. Cast: Nellie Farren, Marion Hood, Camille D'Arville pp8 (Pitkeathly advert reads: Sir Arthur Sullivan writes - "I think it the most delicious water I ever drank") (with slip for "LOT 49" Farce by W.J.Fisher VG

(x) MADAME SANS-GENE A New Play by MM. Victorien Sardou and Emile Moreau (inscribed T.F.Howell 20.7.94) (three-fold card) (coloured) with `Incidents of the piece' slip FINE

(y) THE CIRCUS GIRL A Musical Play by James T. Tanner and W. Palings. Music by Ivan Caryll and Lionel Monckton. Lyrics by Harry Greenbank and Adrian Ross (inscribed T.F.Howell 19.12.97). Cast: Seymour Hicks, Harry Monkhouse, Arthur Williams, Katie Seymour, Ethel Haydon, Connie Ediss, Ellaline Terriss (three-fold card) (coloured) (printed date : 19-12-96) FINE



























GARRICK THEATRE, Charing Cross (Lessee and Manager Mr. John Hare):

(a) THE PROFLIGATE by A.P. W. Pinero (inscribed Thos.F.Howell Fri. May 3rd/89). Cast : Hare, Robertson Waller, Brough etc. The Incidental Song with Guitar accompaniment, sung by Mr. Avon Saxon, has been most kindly composed by Sir ARTHUR SULLIVAN VG

(b) THE PROFLIGATE Play (26 July 1889) by Pinero. The Incidental Song with Guitar accompaniment, sung by Mr. Avon Saxon, has been most kindly composed by Sir ARTHUR SULLIVAN. Condition fair

(c) LA TOSCA Drama (undated) by Victorien Sardou adapted by F.C. Grove and Henry Hamilton. Condition fair

(d) LA TOSCA Drama by Victorien Sardou adapted by F.C. Grove and Henry Hamilton (inscribed Fri. Feb. 21. 1890 Thos. F. Howell Matinee : Last Performance) Cast: Leclercq, Beere, Forbes-Robertson, Waller etc.VG

(e) LADY BOUNTIFUL by A. W. Pinero (inscribed T.F.Howell Fr. 13.3.91). Cast: Hare, Somerset, Forbes-Robertson, Groves (Programme of Music includes Selection from IOLANTHE by Sir Arthur Sullivan)

(f) DIPLOMACY An English Version of M. Victorien Sardou's DORA by Clement Scott and B.C. Stephenson (inscribed T.F.Howell Fr. 24.2.93) Cast: Bancroft, Cecil, Forbes-Robertson, Hare etc. VG

(g) MONEY Comedy (30 Nov. 1894) by Edward Bulwer, Lord Lytton. Cast includes Arthur Cecil and Mrs Bancroft. Condition good

(h) THE NOTORIOUS MRS EBBSMITH by A. W. Pinero (inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. 6.4.95) Cast : Hare.Robertson, Forbes-Robertson, C.Audrey Smith etc. VG

(i) The Royal Carl Rosa Opera Company MIGNON by Ambroise Thomas (inscribed T.F.Howell Mat. 30.1.97) Cast: Lunn, MacDonald, Tilbury, Williams, Wood, Fox (three-fold card) VG

(j) MY FRIEND THE PRINCE by Justin Huntly McCarthy (inscribed T.F.Howell 12.3.97) Cast: Lyndal, Arthur, Kaye etc. (three-fold card ) VG

(k) SUE Play (undated: June 29th) by Bert Harte & T.Edgar Pemberton. Programme of Music includes Suite (NEW) Intermezzo; Tarantella; Bonnee (sic) by Edward German. Condition good

(l) DREAM FACES Dramatic Fancy (undated) by Wynn Miller/ A PAIR OF SPECTACLES Comedy by Sydney Grundy. Condition fair

(m) A FOOL'S PARADISE Play (undated) by Sydney Grundy with Kerr, Hare, Irving etc. : condition good

















(a) WIG AND GOWN Domestic Drama (April 17th, 1874) (written expressly for J.L. Toole) by James Albery. Condition far

(b) DICK Comic Opera (Thurs. April 17, 1884) Libretto by Alfred Murray. Music by Edward Jakobowski. Pink. Codition fair. (Lessees and Directors Messrs. JOHN HOLLINGSHEAD & J.L.SHINE)

(c) THE MONK'S ROOM Romantic Play (Tuesday, Oct. 2nd, 1888) by John Lart. Condition good (sl. chip cover bottom right) (Lessee and Manager Mr. John Lart)

(d) THE PICKPOCKET Farcical Comedy (undated) by George P. Hawtrey. Condition fair

(e) TIME WORKS WONDERS Comedy (undated) by Douglas Jerrold. Condition fair but stained

(f) ORIANA Romantic Legend (undated) written by James Albery. With Music by Frederic Clay. Condition fair

(g) HEART'S DELIGHT A Version of Charles Dickens' DOMBEY & SON by Andrew Halliday (undated). Very worn and torn (mentions MR. ARTHUR CECIL from the "Gallery of Illustration")

(h) ARKWRIGHT'S WIFE! Domestic Drama (undated) by Tom Taylor and John Saunders/ STILL WATERS RUN DEEP by Tom Taylor. Condition fair

(i) FALSE SHAME Play (undated) by Frank Marshall/ TEARS! IDLE TEARS !! Adaptation of MARCEL by MM Sandeau and Decourcelles. Condition fair

(j) THE PRIVATE SECRETARY Farcical Comedy (undated) by Charles H. Hawtrey. Condition good

(k) SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER by Oliver Goldsmith (inscribed T.F.Howell Tu. 29/1/89). Cast: Crompton, Harkins, Herbert etc. (N.B. Conductor : Edward German) (Programme of Music includes SUITE DE BALLET Nos. 2 & 3 by German and GRACEFUL DANCE from Henry VIII by Arthur Sullivan) VG

(l) THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL by Richard Brinsley Sheridan (inscribed Thos.F.Howell Thurs. 21/2/89). Cast: Fernandez, Harkins, Weedon Grossmith, Herbert etc. (N.B. Conductor : Edward German) VG

(m) F.R. Benson's Shakesperian Company presents A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (inscribed Thos. F. Howell Mat. Wed. 26.2.90). Cast: Brydone, Major, Benson, Ross etc.

(n) CHARLEY'S AUNT by Brandon Thomas (inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. 25.2.93). Cast: Hendrie, Everard, Lyndal, Farmer, Penley etc. (three fold card) VG

(o) CHARLEY'S AUNT by Brandon Thomas (inscribed T.F.Howell Mon. 19.6.93). Cast: Hendrie, Everard, Reeves Smith, Farmer, Penley etc. (three fold card) VG


















(a) MONEY Comedy (Mon. March 31st, 1884) by Lord Lytton. Condition worn

(b) THE DONAGH Irish Drama (Sat. April 12th, 1884) by G.F.Rowe. Condition good

(c) WHITE SLAVE (Mon. August 18th, 1884) by Bartley Campbell. Condition fair

(d) A DANGEROUS GAME Drama (Mon. April 6, 1885) by Sir Randal Roberts. Condition worn

(e) SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL Comedy (Mon. Sept. 20th, 1886) by Sheridan. Condition worn

(f) ERMINIE Comic Opera (Mon. Oct. 4th, 1886) by Harry Paulton. Music by Edward Jakobowski. Condition fair

(g) FOR EVER Play (undated: March 9th for 12 nights only c.1883) by Paul Merritt and George Conquest. Condition worn

(h) Mr Henry Irving and Lyceum Theatre Company LOUIS XI Play by Casimir Delavigne (adapted by Dion Boucicault). Cast : Irving, Harvey, Terris, Howe etc. (inscribed Thos. F.Howell Wed. 9.7.90) (includes Entr'acte Graceful Dance by Arthur Sullivan)











(a) DAVID GARRICK (1864: March) by T.W.Robertson. Cast: Sothern etc. : condition good

(b) QUEEN MAB Comedy (undated: March poss. 1872) by G.W.Godfrey. Cast: Chippendale, Kendal etc. : condition worn (green)

(c) ELLEN Comedy-Drama (1878 Easter Monday, April 14th) by W.G.Wills. Cast: Howe, Terriss etc. : condition good

(d) THE CRISIS Comedy (Dec. 2nd, 1878) adapted from LES FOURCHAMBAULT of E.Augier by James Albery. Cast: Howe, Terriss etc. : condition good

(e) SOCIETY Comedy (Mon. July 4th, 1881) by T.W.Robertson. Cast: Arthur Cecil, Smedley etc. : condition fair

(f) A LESSON Comedy by F.C.Burnand with PLOT AND PASSION Play by Tom Taylor (Sat. Jan. 7th, 1882) with details of OURS Comedy by T.W.Robertson (Jan. 19th, 1882). Cast: Brookfield, Pinero, Arthur Cecil etc. : condition good

(g) ODETTE Play (Tue. May 9th, 1882) by Victorien Sardou. Cast: Bancroft, Carne etc. : condition good (coloured design)

(h) THE OVERLAND ROUTE Comedy (Sat. Nov. 4th, 1882) by Tom Taylor. Cast: Alfred Bishop etc. : condition good (coloured design)

(i) DARK DAYS Play (1885 : Sept. 26th) by J.Comyns Carr and Hugh Conway. Cast: Beerbohm Tree etc. : good (chromo)

(j) HARD HIT Play (Mon. Jan. 17th, 1887) by Henry Arthur Jones. Cast: Frank Archer, E.S.Willard , H.Beerbohm Tree etc. : condition good

(k) JIM, THE PENMAN Romance (1887: Sept. 25th) by Charles L. Young. Cast: Willard, Macklin, Beerbohm. Music includes Selection fom THE MIKADO by Sir Arthur Sullivan : condition good (coloured)

(l) CAPTAIN SWIFT Play (6 Sept. 1888) by C. Haddon Chambers. Cast: Beerbohm Tree etc. : condition good (card - decorated)

(m) MASKS AND FACES (iscribed T.F.Howell Wed. 19/12/88 Matinee). Cast : Brookfield, Macklin, Tree

(n) THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR by Shakespeare (inscribed T.F.Howell Th. 11.4.89). Cast: Tree, Macklin, Kemble. Musical Director : Hamilton Clark (arranger of THE MIKADO overture)

(o) WEALTH Play (1889) by Henry Arthur Jones. Cast: Beerbohm Tree etc. : condition fair

(p)WEALTH by Henry Arthur Jones (inscribed Sat. May 11th/89). Cast: Tree, Macklin, Brookfield

(q) MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR by Shakespeare (1889). Cast: Beerbohm Tree etc. : condition fair

(r) A MAN'S SHADOW Drama (1889 - April 1890) adapted from the French Play ROGER LA HONTE by Robert Buchanan. Cast: Beerbohm Tree etc. : condition fair

(s) THE DANCING GIRL Play (1890) by Henry Arthur Jones. Cast: Beerbohm Tree, Kerr, Neilson etc. : good but torn

(t) THE DANCING GIRL by Henry Arthur Jones (inscribed T.F.Howell 19.2.91). Cast: Tree, Kerr, Batson

(u) HAMLET by Shakespeare (inscribed T.F.Howell 8.3.92). Cast : Macklin, Tree, Kemble. Incidental music by George Henschel (friend of Arthur Sullivan)

(v) PERIL English version by Mr. "Saville Rowe" and Mr. B.C. Stephenson of M. Victorien Sardou's "Nos Intimes" (inscribed T.F.Howell Sar. 14.5.92). Cast : MAcklin, Tree, Terry, Julia Neilson

(w) AN ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE by Henrik Ibsen (inscribed T.F.Howell Mat. Wed. 21.6.93). Cast: Tree, Kemble

(x) THE TEMPTER by Henry Arthur Jones (inscribed T.F.Howell 3.11.93). Cast: Tree, Terry, Julia Neilson. The Overture, Entr'actes, and Incidental Music composed by EDWARD GERMAN

(y) THE DANCING GIRL by Henry Arthur Jones (inscribed T.F.Howell 13.5.94). Cast: Tree, Kerr, Batson, Julia Neilson

(z) JOHN-A-DREAM by C. Haddon Chambers (inscribed T.F.Howell 10.12.94). Cast: Tree, Cartwright (with indisposition slip for Mrs Patrick Campbell)

(aa) AN IDEAL HUSBAND by Oscar Wilde (inscribed T.F.Howell Mat. Mon. 25.2.95 ). Cast: Bishop, Hawtry, Waller, Julia Neilson (paper) SOLD

(bb) FEDORA by Victorien Sardou (inscribed T.F.Howell . Mon. 27.5.95). Cast: Tree, Gould, Mrs. Patrick Campbell, Mrs Bancroft

(cc) TRILBY by Paul M. Potter (inscribed T.F.Howell . Mon. 9.12.95). Cast : Tree, Maurice, Brough, Gerald du Maurier

(dd) UNDER THE RED ROBE Romantic Play (10 May 1897) adapted by Edward Rose from the novel by Stanley Weyman. Cast: Herbert Waring, Sydney Valentine etc. Programme of Music includes Selection from IOLANTHE by Arthur Sullivan : condition good - red spot colour

(ee) THE LITTLE MINISTER by J.M. Barrie (Inscribed T.F.Howell 11/12/97) Cast: Elliot, Maude, Brandon Thomas. The Overture, Entr'actes and Incidental Music specially written by Sir Alexander MacKenzie : condition good - red spot colour, cover - some foxing

(ff) THE MANOEUVRES OF JANE by Henry Arthur Jones (inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. 29/10/98 1st night) (also inscribed : Rotten) Cast: Maude, Harrison, Hallard

(gg) THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL by R.Sheridan (inscribed T.F.Howell 14/7/1900) Cast: Maude, Kemble, Elliot. Incidental music includes MARCH "The Gondoliers" by Sullivan

(hh) THE CLANDESTINE MARRIAGE by Colman and Garrick (inscribed T.F.Howell 17.6.3 last night) Cast: Maude, Aynesworth, Rignold



























(aa)£60.00 SOLD










(a) JULIUS CAESAR (1898). Condition good (folded across - a little grubby)

(b) THE MUSKETEERS (1898-99 Season) by Sydney Grundy (founded on Alexandre Dumas' novel). Condition good (folded across - a little grubby)

(c) Mme. SARAH BERNHARDT and M. COQUELIN Season CYRANO DE BERGERAC de Edmond Rostand (under the direction of Maurice Grau) (inscribed T.F.Howell 9.7.1) (sl. foxing at edges, ow good)

(d) TWELFTH NIGHT (Inscribed T.F.Howell 9.2.1) (with advertising card) Cast: Taber, Quartermain, White, Smythe, Cookson, L'Estrange, Brough, Forbes, Beerbohm Tree, Coutice Pounds VG

(e) (1) ULYSSES by Stephen Phillips (inscribed T.F.Howell 15/2/2) Cast: Tree, Lawrence, Asche, Cookson, Courtice Pounds condition good (2) + Booklet ((pp12) (cover design by Chas. A. Buchel)


(f) TRILBY by Paul M. Potter (inscribed T.F.Howell 30/3/3) Cast: Tree, Maurice, Brough, Tharp, Stevens, Rose : condition good (folded across)

(g) KING RICHARD II (inscribed T.F.Howell 11.11.3) Cast: Tree, Brandon Thomas, Harding, Ashe, Gill, Richard Temple (Act/Scene divisions added neatly in pencil) (foxing on cover, folded across ow good)

(h) THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR June (c. 1907). Cast: Tree, Gill,, Fisher White, Quartermain etc.

(i) LONDON SHAKESPEARE FESTIVAL (Seventh Year) Commencing April 17th, 1911 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (chipped, but repaired)

(j) DRAKE by Louis N. Parker (music by Stanford) (printed date 26-2-13)

(k) THE LAST OF THE DANDIES by Clyde Fitch/ THE MAN WHO HAS by F. Kinsey Peile (c.1903)

(l) JULIUS CAESAR May 1st (n/d)

(m) MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING from Tuesday Jan. 24th, 1905 (pp16 booklet)

(n) COLONEL NEWCOME by Michael Morton (inscribed 16/6/06)

(o) BUSINESS IS BUSINESS by Sydney Grundy (n/d)

(p) AS YOU LIKE IT (with Courtice Pounds as Touchstone) . Oscar Asche & Lily Brayton's Season (frail)






(e)(1)£40.00 (2) £30.00















(b) LA VIE PARISIENNE Opera-Bouffe (March 30th, April 1st 1872) by Offenbach. Translated by F.C.Burnand. Condition ceased but fair

(a) LAMED FOR LIFE Comedy (undated) by Westland Marston (revival). Condition good




ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (Sole Lessee and Manager Mr. Henry Irving) :

(a) ROMEO AND JULIET Shakespeare's Tragedy (Tue. July 18th, 1882). Condition good

(b) MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING Shakespeare's Comedy (Thur. Dec. 21st, 1882). Condition good

(c) FAUST Tragedy (Mon. May 17th, 1886) adapted by W.G.Wills. Condition fair

(d) BECKET (May 22 - 27, 1893) by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Condition worn and torn

(e) CORIOLANUS (inscribed T.F.Howell 15.4.1 First Night) Cast: Henry Irving, Lugg, Tyars, Barnes, Hearn, Ellen Terry

(f) FAUST (inscribed T.F.Howell 26.4.2 1st night of Revival) Cast: Stanford, Laurence Irving, Reynolds, Henry Irving

(g) LOUIS XI by Delavigne (adpt. Boucucault) Henry Irving (n/d)











(a) LA CIGALE Opera Comique (Oct. 9th, 1890) by Messrs. Chivot an Duru and Composed by M. Audran. English Version written by F.C.Burnand and Composed by Ivan Caryll. Condition good

(b) ELEONORA DUSE in LA DAME AUX CAMELIAS (Camille) by Alexandre Dumas fils. (inscribed T.F.Howell Tu. 4.7.93) Cast: Duse, Ando, Mazzanti etc. (three-fold paper) VG

(c) LITTLE CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Burlesque Opera (Sat. June 2nd, 1894) by Geo. R. Sims and Cecil Raleigh. Music by Ivan Caryll. Cast : Lonnen, Laidlaw, Gregory, Tate etc. Condition good (paper)

(d) LITTLE CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Burlesque Opera (inscribed T.F.Howell 25.7.94) by Geo. R. Sims and Cecil Raleigh. Music by Ivan Caryll (three-fold card) VG

(e) THE SIGN OF THE CROSS (inscribed T.F.Howell 16.3.96) by Wilson Barrett. Cast: Barrett, McLeay, Hudson, Irwin, Manning (three-fold card) (Music conducted by the Composer Mr. Edward Jones) VG

(f) THE SIGN OF THE CROSS (Sat. May 30th, 1896) by Wilson Barrett. Condition good (three-fold paper)

(g) Wilson Barrett's Season THE DAUGHTERS OF BABYLON by Wilson Barrett (inscribed T.F.Howell Th. 25.2.97) Cast: Brydone, Barrett, McLeay, Hudson (three-fold card) VG

(h) Madame SARAH BERNHARDT'S Performances, With the ntire Company, Scenery and Dresses from the Theatre de la Renaissance, Paris Under the Direction of Mr. Maurice Grau FROU-FROU Comedy by Mm. H. Meilhac & Ludovic Halevy (inscribed T.F.Howell 25/6/98) (three-fold card) good (fox marks front top edge)

(i) Mr Forbes Robertson's Season OTHELLO (inscribed T.F.Howell 15/12/2 1st Night) Cast: Ian Robertson, Valentine, Walford, McDonald, Buckley, Forbes Robertson etc.

(j) THE LIGHT THAT FAILED Adapted from Rudyard Kipling's novel by George Fleming (inscribed T.F.Howell 7/2/3 1st Night) Cast : Forbes Robertson, Aubrey Smith, Sydney Valentine (with cast list card)

(k) Doris Keane in ROMEO AND JULIET (inscribed 20/5/19)

(l) THE RIVALS with Lewis Waller as Capt. Absolute (printed date 18/4/10) + copy of THE PLAY PICTORIAL The Rivals edition Vol XV No. 93 (colured cover : folded vertically)















THE ROYAL FLOWER Comedy Drama (undated) by Fred Pemberton (adapted from the French play LE LYS of Alphonse Dauet)/ THE MAN FROM BLANKLEY'S by F. Anstey. Condition worn and chipped (ads. only) (coloured cover)



(a) OFF-DUTY Comedy (Mon. March 30th, 1885) by T. Edgar Pemberton/ BABES Burlesque by Harry Paulton & W.C.Levey. Condition fair

(b) WE ALL HAVE OUR LITTLE FAULTS Comic Drama (Mon. April 30th, 1883)/ ROBIN HOOD Burlesque by Robert Reece. Condition fair

(c) THE RULING PASSION Drama (Wed. Oct. 14th, 1885) by James Willing. Condition worn






MIDDY ASHORE Farce by Bayle Bernard/ EURYDICE! or ORPHEE AUX ENFERS Opera Bouffe written by W.F. Vandervell. Music by Offenbach. Condition fair, but stained on outside back



NEW THEATRE, St. Martin's Lane. W.C.

(a) Mrs Patrick Campbell's Season THE JOY OF LIVING by Hermann Sudermann (translated from the German by Edith Wharton). Cast: Pringle, Campbell, Lamborn, Harvey etc. (inscribed T.F.Howell 27.6.1) (cover foxed)

(b) ROMEO AND JULIET with Juliet Neilson (inscribed 30/9/1911)

(c) THE HOUR AND THE MAN by Frank Stayton Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 1924






NITA'S FEAST Comedy (undated) by T.G. Warren/ LALLA ROOKH Burlesque by Horace Lennard. Music Composed and Arranged by P.Bucalossi. Condition worn


OLYMPIC THEATRE, Haverstock Hill :

TWENTY MINUTES WITH A TIGER (Mon. Sept. 14, 1874)/ TWO ORPHANS Realistic Drama by MM. Dennery & Cormon, adapted by John Oxnford. Condition fair



(a) NELL! Or, The Old Curiosity Shop (Sat. Nov. 19th, 1870) by Andrew Halliday by special permission of the late Charles Dickens. Condition good

(b) SCHOOL FOR INTRIGUE (Dec. 1st, 1873) by J.Mortimer/ RICHELIEU Redressed by R.Reece. Condition good

(c) BELPHEGOR The Mountebank. Drama (Sat. June 1st, 1878). Condition fair

(d) HELD BY THE ENEMY Military Drama (Sat. Dec. 24, 1887) by Wm. Gillette. Condition good

(f) THE WOMAN IN WHITE Drama (undated) adapted from his novel by Wilkie Collins. Condition fair









(a) HARMONIOUS DISCHORDS Comedietta (Mon. 31st March, 1873) / NICHOLAS FLAM! Comic Drama by J. B. Buckstone/ BOHEMIANS Opera Bouffe. Written an re-arranged for the English stage by H. B. Farne. Music by Offenbach. Condition fair

(b) MY LITTLE GIRL Comedietta (undated) by D.G. Boucicault. Adapted from a novel by Messrs. J. Rice and W. Besant. / AS IN A LOOKING-GLASS by F. C. Grove from the novel by F.C. Phillips. Condition good (photo. on cover: Mrs Bernard-Beere)

(c) IS HE JEALOUS Comedietta (undated) / MIRIAM'S CRIME Comedy-Drama by H.T. Craven/ LITTLE TOM TUG Operatic Extravaganza by F.C.Burnand (music selected). Condition fair

(d) A REGULAR FIX (undated)/ TARES Play by Mrs Oscar Beringer. Condition good

(e) A DEAD LETTER Drama (undated) by W.A. Brabner/ THE AMERICAN Play by Henry James from his novel. Condition fair

(f) HEDDA GABLER by Henrik Ibsen. Trans. by Edmund Gosse (inscribed T.F.Howell Mat. Mon. 29.5.93) Cast: Buist, Robins, Cowen, Linden, Sugden, Waller, Hunter (three-fold paper)

(g) ROSMERSHOLM By Henrik Ibsen (inscribed T.F. Howell Mat. Wed. 31.5.93) Cast: Robins, Ivor, Waller, Forde, Gould, Buist (three-fold paper)










(a) KING FOO Eastern Extravaganza (4 Oct. 1873) by F.Adams/ LA FILLE DE MADAME ANGOT Comic Opera translated by Henry J. Byron. Music by Leocq. Condition good

(b) THE SPECTRE LOVER (4 Oct. 1873)/ LA FILLE DE MADAME ANGOT Comic Opera translated by Henry J. Byron. Music by Leocq. Condition fair

(c) GIROFLE-GIROFLA Comic Opera (3 Oct. 1874). Translated from the French of Messieurs VAN-LOO and LETERRIR, by Clement O'Neil. The Lyrical portion of the Opera by Campbell Clarke. Condition good

(d) A CABINET SECRET Comedy (undated but c.1871) by L.H.F. Du Terreaux/ FLEUR-DE-LYS Romantic Opera Bouffe. Music by Leo Delibes. Trans. H.B.Farnie. Condition fair








(a) MAN AND WIFE (Sat. Feb. 22nd, 1873) by Wilkie Collins. Condition fair

(b) A HAPPY PAIR Comedietta (Sat. March 13, 1880) by S. Theyre Smith/ FORGET-ME-NOT Play by F.C.Grove and Herman Merivale. Condition fair

(c) ANNE-MIE (Mon. Nov. 29, 1880) by Rosier Faassen. Condition fair with stains

(e) PAUL JONES Opera-Comique (1889) after Chivot and Duru. Written by H.B.Farnie. Music by Planquette. Presented by The Carl Rosa Light Opera Company. Condition good

(g) Mr. Arthur Roberts' Season CLAUDE DU-VAL Written by Frederic Bowyer & Payne Nunn. Music Composed by John Crook & Lionel Monckton (inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. Mat. 29.9.94) Cast: Thorne, Morgan, Clarey, Stevens, Arthur Roberts, (three-fold coloured card) VG

(h) GENTLEMAN JOE (THE HANSOM CABBY). Musical Farce. Words and Lyrics by BASIL HOOD. Music by Walter Slaughter (inscribed T.F.Howell Wed. 24.4.95) Cast: Arthur Roberts, Philp, Vernon, Kelly, Jecks etc. (three-fold coloured card) VG

(i) LA POUPEE by Maurice Ordonneau, the English Adaptation by Arthur Sturgess. Music by Edmond Audran (inscribed T.F.Howell 6.3.97) Cast: Courtice Pounds, Norman Salmond, Charles Wibrow (three-fold coloured paper) VG

(j) THE ONLY WAY (Sat. April 1st, 1899) Adapted by Freeman Wills from Dickens's novel A TALE OF TWO CITIES.(Special music composed by Hamilton Clarke) Condition good

(k) THE ONLY WAY : A TALE OF TWO CITIES adapted by Freeman Wills from Dickens's novel (inscribed T.F.Howell 17/6/99) Cast : Blinn, Everill, Sleath, Chart etc (Special music composed by Hamilton Clarke) VG

(l) THE MOONLIGHT BLOSSOM Japanese Romance by Chester Bailey Fernald (inscribed T.F.Howell 28/10/99) Cast: Forbes Robertson, Mills, Welch, Bromley Davenport, Mrs Patrick Campbell etc VG

(m) THE VICARAGE Fireside Story (undated) by Mr. Saville Rowe/ LONDON ASSURANCE by Dion Boucicault. Condition good

(n) SCHOOL Comedy (undated) by T.W.Robertson. Condition good

(o) OURS Comedy (undated) by T.W.Robertson. Condition fair

(p) DUTY Comedy (undated) Adapted from Victorien Sardou's comedy LES BOURGEOIS DE PONT-ARCY by James Albery. Condition good

(q) MONEY Comedy (undated) by Lord Lytton. Condition fair

(r) MARJORIE Comic Opera (undated) by Messrs. Lewis Clifton and Joseph J. Dilley. Composed by Walter Slaughter. Presented by The Carl Rosa Light Opera Company. Condition good



















(a) CALLED BACK Play (18 Dec. 1884) by Hugh Conway & Comyns Carr. Condition fair (with advertisement under AMUSEMENTS : SAVOY THE SORCERER and TRIAL BY JURY)

(b) FIRST IN THE FIELD Comedy (Mon. July 6th, 1885) by C.M.Rae/ THE GREAT PINK PEARL Farcical Play by R.C.Carton & Cecil Raleigh. Condition good

(c) ENEMIES (Jan. 28, 1886) by Charles F. Coghlan. Condition good

(d) THE JILT Comedy (undated) by Dion Boucicault. Condition good







SPINSTER'S BEWARE (undated)/ OLD LONDON Romantic Drama adapted from LES CHEVALIERS DU BROUILARD by F.Boyle. Condition fair



(a) DANDY DICK Comedy (Thursday, Jan. 27th, 1887) by Pinero. Condition fair

(b) A SCRAP OF PAPER Comedy (undated) adapted by J. Palgrave Simpson from SARDOU'S LES PATTES DE MOUCHE. Condition fair

(c) PARVENU (undated) by G. W.Godfrey. Condition good

(d) ALL FOR HER Drama (undated: April 12th) by J. Palgrave Simpson & Herman Merivale. Condition good

(e) MARY STUART Play (undated) adapted by Hon. Lewis Wingfield from Schiller. Condition good: spot colour red

(f) COMRADES Comedy (undated: 16 Dec.) by Brandon Thomas and B.C.Stephenson. Condition fair

(g) THE MAGISTRATE Farce (undated: 320th time March 21st) by Pinero. Selection of Music includes BANQUET DANCE (from "The Tempest") by Sullivan. Condition fair

(h) NEW MEN AND OLD ACRES Comedy (undated) by Tom Taylor & A. W. Dubourg. Condition good

(i) HONOUR Play (undated) founded on L'HONNEUR DE LA MAISON of M.M. Leon Battu and Maurice Desvignes by Maurice H. Barrymore. Condition fair

(j) ADRIENNE LECOUVREUR Play (undated) adapted by H.Herman from MM. Scribe and Legouve. Condition good

(k) THE OLD LOVE AND THE NEW Play (undated) by Bronson Howard adapted by James Albery. Condition worn

(l) THE CABINET MINISTER Farce by A.W.Pinero (inscribed Thos. F. Howell Fri. 11.7.90). Cast: Saunders, Cecil, Aynesworth, Brandon Thomas, Weedon Grossmith, Waring, Farren etc. (Programme of Music includes Waltz "The Gondoliers" arr. P. Bucalossi)

(m) SWEET NANCY Comedy (adapted from Rhoda Broughton's novel "Nancy") by Robert Buchanan (inscribed T. F. Howell 17.2.97) (coloured cover) Cast: Maurice, Canninge, Harvey, Short, Trebel etc.

(n) Mr. John Hare's Season CASTE Comedy by T.W.Robertson (inscribed T.F.Howell 12.6.97) (coloured cover) Cast : Gillmore, Kerr, Hare etc.

(o) MAJOR BARBARA A Discussion by Bernard Shaw (inscribed T.F.Howell 28.11.5 Mat. 1st perf.) Cast: Filippi, Harben, Delph, Russell, Thompson etc.

(p) THE DOCTOR'S DILEMMA Tragedy by Bernard Shaw (undated : Nov/Dec matinee performance) Cast : Farren, Lewis, Webster, Hearn etc. (edges foxed)

(q) OTHELLO (inscribed T.F.Howell Wed. 4.5.21) Cast: Tearle, Collins, Clark, Cellier, Basil Rathbone etc. (cover foxed)



















ROYAL PARK THEATRE, Park Street, Camden Town:

TRUTH Comedy (Mon. April 26th, 180) by Bronson Howard. Condition good



(a) CARL ROSA OPERA COMPANY : SEVEN WEEK SEASON from Sat. September 11, 1875: FAUST Sept. 16th/ MARRIAGE OF FIGARO Sept. 17th (English version by C.L.Kenney)/ PORTER OF HARVRE Sept. 18th Music by Cagnoni. Conductor Mr. Carl Rosa. Condition good

(b) HANDS ACROSS THE SEA Drama (undated) by Henry Pettitt. Condition fair : spot blue

(c) BRANDED Drama (undated) by Richard Lee. Condition good

(d) AUNT CHARLOTTE'S MAID Farce (undated) by J.Maddison Morton/ SILVER KING Drama by Henry A. Jones & Henry Herman. Condition good

(e) FOUND BRUMMY an Improbability (undated) by A. Maltby/ LOST IN LONDON Drama by Watts Phillips. Condition fair

(f) FAMILY JARS Farce (undated)/ IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO MEND Drama by Charles Reade. Condition good: spot red

(g) A PHOTOGRAPHIC FIGHT Farce (undated) by J.E. Soden/ LIGHTS O' LONDON Drama by George R. Sims. Programme of music includes QUADRILLE PATIENCE arr. D'Albert. Condition good

(h) ANTONY & CLEOPATRA (inscribed T.F.Howell Tu. 18.11.90 1st night) Cast : Coghlan, Kemble Cooper, Beverley, Black, Stirling, Mrs Langtry (three-fold : red spot colour) VG


(i) Sybil Thorndike's Season: MACBETH (design by Charles Ricketts) (printed date 5 1 27)












(a) RELY ON MY DISCRETION! Farce (Sat. Oct. 5th, 1872) by T.A.Palmer/ TWO STARS Comedy by H.J.Byron/ IDLE 'PRENTICE Burlesque. Condition fair

(b) A DODGE FOR A DINNER Farce (Thur. March 13th, 1873) by T.A.Palmer/ OLD SOLDIERS Comic Drama by H.J.Byron/ MAZOURKA Burlesque by Henry J. Byron. Condition fair

(c) OLD SOLDIERS Comic Drama (April 17th, 1873) by H.J.Byron/ NEMESIS! Musical Extravaganza by H.B. Farnie. Condition worn

(d) LENDING A HAND Farce (Mon. Jan. 19th, 1874) by Gilbert A'Beckett/ BELLE'S STRATAGEM Comedy by Mrs. Hannah Cowley/ NEMESIS! Opera Bouffe by H.B. Farnie (238th time). Condition worn

(e) TWO TO ONE Farce (May 15th, 1878) by Arthur Clements/ OUR CLUB Comedy by F.C.Burnand/ DORA AND DIPLUNACY Parody by F.C.Burnand. Condition good

(f) PEACE AND QUIET Farce (Aug. 26th, 1878) by T.J.Williams/ AN AMBASSADOR FROM BELOW Musical Extravaganza by Robert Brough and Sutherland Edwardes/ LOVE OR MONEY Comedy by Andrew Halliday. Condition good

(g) RUTH'S ROMANCE Comedietta (Tue. Dec. 9, 1879) by Frederick W. Broughton/ MADAME FAVART Opera-Comique (250th Night) by Offenbach. Libretto by MM. Chivot and Duru. Condition good

(h) A NIGHT OFF Eccentric Comedy (Thurs. May 27th, 1886) by Augustin Daly (based upon a German piece by Franz Von Schonthan). Condition good - edges chipped

(i) NO CREDIT Comedietta (Tuesday, April 11th, 1893) by Mis Emily Coffin/ NIOBE (ALL SMILES) Fantastic Mythological Modern Comedy by Harry and Edward Paulton. Programme of Music includes SELECTION from PINAFORE by Sullivan. Condition fair

(j) THE LADY KILLER (17 Oct. 1893) a version of Bisson's 115, RUE PIGALLE. Condition good

(k) THE WRONG GIRL Farcical Comedy (Wed. Nov. 21st, 1894) by H.A.Kennedy (part author). Condition worn and chipped

(l) AN EMPTY STOCKING Play (24 Feb. 1899) by Fred Wright, Junr./WHAT HAPPENED TO JONES Farce by George H. Broadhurst. Condition good

(m) KEEP YOUR TEMPER (undated)/ COMEDY OF ERRORS by Shakespeare. Condition good

(n) A DODGE FOR A DINNER Farce (undated) by T.A. Palmer/ SIR SIMPLE SIMON Eccentric Comedy by H.J.Byron/ LADY OF THE LAKE Burlesque by H.J.Byron. Condition fair

(o) VICE-VERSA Dramatic Sketch (undated) adapted by Edward Rose from F.Anstey's story/ SILVER GUILT Burlesque by W.Warham. Condition good

(p) RUTH'S ROMANCE Comedietta (undated)/ THE BALLOON Farcical Comedy by J.H.Darnley and G. Manville Fenn. Condition good

(q) BEFORE THE DAWN Play (undated) by Henry Byatt/ FANNY Farce by George R. Sims and Cecil Raleigh. Condition good

(r) LODGERS AND DODGERS! Farce (undated)/ THE POOR GENTLEMEN Comedy/ PYGMALION Burlesqe by William Brough.Condition fair

(s) LODGERS AND DODGERS! Farce (undated) by Frederick Hay/ HEIR AT LAW Comedy by George Coleman/ THE THREE MUSKET DEARS and A LITTLE ONE IN Burlesque by the BROTHERS PAULTON (founded on the fascinating French Fiction of Alexandre Dumas). Condition fair

(t) BOYS WILL BE BOYS Comedietta by J. Mackay. Cast : Graham, Eversfield, Nainby and Esmond / OUR FLAT Farcical Comedy by Mrs. Musgrave. Cast : Fawcett, Edouin, Eversfield, Hawtry etc. (inscribed This. F. Howell Wed. Feb. 19. 1890)

(u) JOHN GABRIEL BORKMAN by Henrik Ibsen (translated by William Archer) (inscribed T.F.Howell mat. 3/5/97 First performance) Cast: Vernon, Ward, Harvey, Robins, Tree, Welch, Barton, Caldwell

(v) Six Special Matinees :YOU NEVER CAN TELL By G. Bernard Shaw (Inscribed T.F.Howell 3/5/1900 2nd performance) Cast: Vezin, Charrington, Raiemond (Programme of Music includes Selection from THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE) VG

























(a) RAISING THE WIND! Farce (Sat. Oct. 31st, 1874)/ SHIP AHOY! Drama dramatised by Geo.Roberts from George Manville Fenn's story/ BOX AND COX. Condition worn

(b) Benefit for W.Holland : GANDIN and LORETTE Dance (undated) / THE SECRET Farce/ FORTY THIEVES Pantomime by Frank W. Green . Condition worn





ROYALTY THEATRE, Dean Street, Soho:

(a) FOR LIFE Comedy-Drama (Nov. 21st, 1881) by J.G.Taylor/ GENEVIEVE DE BRABANT by Offenbach. Condition good

(b) SWEET NANCY Comedy (Mon. Oct. 6, 1890) adapted by Robert Buchanan from Rhoda Broughton's novel NANCY. Condition good

(c) CRUTCH AND TOOTHPICK Comedy (undated) adapted by George R. Sims. Condition fair

(d) PRISONERS AT THE BAR Operetta (undated) by Messrs Oxenford & Meadows/ STAGE STRUCK / DON JUAN Junior. Eastern Extravaganza by the BROTHERS PRENDERGAST. Condition fair

(e) Mr. George Alexander's Season HIS LITTLE DODGE Comedy (from the French of Georges Feydeau and Maurice Hennequin) (inscribed T.F.Howell 5.11.96). Cast: Fred Terry, Weedon Grossmith, Alfred Maltby, Frank Dyall, Ellis Jeffreys, Leila Repton (preceded by THE STORM by Ian Robertson) (landscape - folded down centre)

(f) THE SECOND MRS. TANQUERAY by A.W.Pinero (insrcibed T. Francis Howell 28.10.1). Cast : Titheradge, Arlis, du Maurier, Macdonald (three-fold) VG








ST. JAMES'S THEATRE, King Street, St. James's, S.W. :

(a) THE SECOND MRS. TANQUERAY Play (Sat. 27th, 1893) by Pinero. Condition good (cover coloured)

(b) THE MASQUERADERS Play (Sat. April 28th, 1894) by Henry Arthur Jones. Programme of music includes a SELECTION from UTOPIA by Arthur Sullivan. Condition good (cover coloured)

(c) MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING by Shakespeare (undated). Programme of Music by Edward German: Overture to MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING etc. Condition good (cover coloured)

(d) A CASE FOR EVICTION Comedietta (undated) by Theyre Smith/ A SCRAP OF PAPER adapted from Sardou's LES PATTES DE MOUCHE by J.Palgrave Simpson. Condition worn

(e) THE SQUIRE Play (undated) by Pinero. Incidental Music and Songs Composed by Mr. Frederick Clay. Condition worn

(f) IMPULSE Play (undated) by B.C. Stephenson. Condition fair

(g) FORGIVENESS Comedy (undated) by J. Comyns Carr. Condition good

(h) THE GAY LOTHARIO Comedy (undated) by Alfred C. Calmour/ THE IDLER Play by C. Haddon Chambers. Condition good

(i) LIBERTY HALL Comedy (undated) by R.C. Carton. Condition good (cover coloured)

(j) THE HARLEQUINADE and ANDROCLES AND THE LION from Sept. 1st, 1913 (printed date 2-9-13)

(k) JULIUS CAESAR with Clifton Boyne, Henry Ainley, Claude Rains, and Lillian Braithwaite (1920) + full-page illustrated cutting from THE TIMES WEEKLY EDITION Feb. 6, 1920

(l) THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL (printed date 14/9/07) (with photographs)















(a) THEATRE ROYAL SADLER'S WELLS: OLD MOTHER HUBBARD Pantomime (Sat. Dec. 23rd, 1871). Condition good


(b) BLOWER JONES Farce (Mon. Feb. 28th, 1881) by J.R. Brown/ HAMLET played by Hermann Vezin. Condition good

(c) JUST MY LUCK Farce (March 19, 1881)/ MARY WARNER Drama by Tom Taylor. Condition fair

(d) THE DAY AFTER THE WEDDING Farce (June 6th, 1881)/ DELILAH by James Willing. Condition fair

(g) FORTY THIEVES Pantomime (undated). Condition fair

(h) TWO BLIND BEGGARS Comic Operetta (undated) by Offenbach/THE DANITES by Joaquin Miller. Condition fair









(a) AS YOU LIKE IT (Oct. 20th, 1888). Cast : Crauford, Ferguson, Basing, Jackson, Stirling etc. Condition good

(b) THE MIDDLEMAN Play (Tue. Aug. 27th, 1889) by Henry Arthur Jones. Willard, Mackintosh, Esmond Cane (three-fold paper) Condition good

(c) THE MIDDLEMAN by Henry Arthur Jones (inscribed Thos. F. Howell Fr. 1/11/89) Cast : Willard, Mackintosh, Esmond Cane (three-fold paper)

(d) THE YASHMAK Musical Play. Libretto by Cecil Raleigh and Seymour Hicks. Music by Napoleon Lambelet (inscribed T.F.Howell 3.4.97) Cast: Le Hay, Mackinder, D'Orsay, Emney (three-fold coloured card) VG







Royal Shakespeare Company

Director Peter Hall

The 103rd season of plays by William Shakespeare



29 autographs (full cast, very clear in ink and biro) :

1. Marius Goring

2. Tony Church

3. Clive Swift

4. Michael Burrell

5. Patricia Brake

6. Clifford Rose

7. Paul Hardwick

8. Peter Geddis

9. Tom Fleming

10. Peter Jeffrey

11. Philip Brack

12. Ian Richardson

13. Richard Barr

14. Ian Cullen

15. Norah Blaney

16. Ian Holm

17. Leon Sinden

18. Maroussia Frank

19. Edmond Bennett

20. Hugh Sullivan

21. Michael Murray

22. Paul Greenhalgh

23. Yvonne Bonnamy

24. Bryan A. Reed

25. Judi Dench

26. Ian Hewitson

27. Ian Lindsay

28. John Corvin

29. ??



(a) By arrangement with Mr. Ben Greet and the Elizabethan Stage Society EVERYMAN A Morality Play (inscribed T.F.Howell Mat. 27.5.2)




TERRY'S THEATRE (Edward Terry):

(a) BETWEEN THE POSTS (undated : no earlier than 1887)/ THE STRANGE ADVENTURES OF MISS BROWN Farce by Robert Buchanan and Charles Marlowe. Programme of Music includes SELECTION from PRINCESS IDA by A. Sullivan. Condition good

(b) A SHOWER OF BLACKS Comic Operetta in One Act (printed date : 3/4/88) adapted from the French by Messrs. Arthur Shirley & Walter Parke. Music by Ernest Buccalossi/ SWEET LAVENDER Drama by Pinero. Cast: Brandon Thomas, Gould, Bishop, Terry. Condition good

(c) A SHOWER OF BLACKS Comic Operetta in One Act (printed date : 10/4/88) adapted from the French by Messrs. Arthur Shirley & Walter Parke. Music by Ernest Buccalossi/ SWEET LAVENDER Drama by Pinero. Cast: Brandon Thomas, Gould, Bishop, Terry. Condition VG

(d) LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY Play (printed date: 11.5.88) by Mrs. Hodgson-Burnett. Condition good

(e) LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY Play (printed date: 11.5.88) by Mrs. Hodgson-Burnett. Condition : detached, small tear front bottom right

(f) SWEET LAVENDER Domestic Drama by A.W.Pinero (inscribed 15/12/88 275th performance T.F.Howell). Cast: Brandon Thomas, Reeves Smith, Alfred Bishop, Edward Terry etc.(three-fold)

(g) SPECIAL MATINEE : Miss Kate Vaughan. Thursday, December 20th, 1888. LOVE AND HONOUR by Alexandre Dumas, Fils. Cast : includes Kate Vaughan + Monologue HOW IT HAPPENED (single-fold)

(h) SWEET LAVENDER Domestic Drama by A.W.Pinero (inscribed Tu. 26.2.89 T.F.Howell). Cast: Brandon Thomas, Reeves Smith, Alfred Bishop, Edward Terry etc.(three-fold)

(i) SWEET LAVENDER Domestic Drama by A.W.Pinero (inscribed Tu. 26.2.89 T.F.Howell). Cast: Brandon Thomas, Reeves Smith, Alfred Bishop, Edward Terry etc.(three-fold chromolithograph)

(j) SWEET LAVENDER Domestic Drama by A.W.Pinero (inscribed Tu. 22/10/89 T.F.Howell). Cast: Brandon Thomas, Reeves Smith, Alfred Bishop, Edward Terry etc.(three-fold chromolithograph)

(k) SWEET LAVENDER Domestic Drama by A.W.Pinero (inscribed Tu. 28/10/90 T.F.Howell). Cast: Vernon, Reeves Smith, Julian Cross, Edward Terry etc.(three-fold card)

(l) MY FRIEND JARLET by Goldsworthy and Norman/ IN CHANCERY Farce by Pinero (inscribed T.F.Howell Fr. 5.12.90). Cast : Edward Terry, Julian Cross, F.W. Irish, Prince Miller (three-fold card)

(m) THE ROCKET Comic Drama by Pinero (inscribed T.F.Howell Mon. 4.5.91). Cast : Edward Terry, Henry Esmond, Ian Robertson, Robert Soutar

(n) THE TIMES Comedy by Pinero (inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. 24.10.91 First Night). Cast: Lovell, Elliot, Terry, Esmond, Thorne (two-fold card) FINE

(o) THE MAGISTRATE Comedy by Pinero (inscribed T.F.Howell 3.5.92). Cast: Terry, Cape, MacKintosh, Maxwell, Esmond (three-fold)

(p) LOVE IN IDLENESS Comedy by Louis N. Parker & Edward J. Goodman (inscribed T.F.Howell Fr. 23.10.96). Cast: Terry, Ashcroft, Farquhar, Brough (card two-fold) (decorative cover)

(q) THE WHITE KNIGHT Comedy by G. Stuart Ogilvie (inscribed T.F.Howell 26/2/98 1st Night). Cast: Terry, Champion, Abingdon, George etc. (three-fold card) with upright postcard-sized promotional card (two-fold)

(r) THE SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL (inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. 9/7/98). Cast : Fernandez, Poulton, Nettlefold, Tearle, Kate Vaughan (card three-fold)

(s) MY LADY MOLLY Comedy-Opera. Music by Sidney Jones. Book and Lyrics by G.H. Jessop (aditional lyrics by Percy Greenbank and Charles H Taylor) (inscribed T.F.Howell 4/4/3). Cast : Sybil Arundale, Decima Moore, Gaynor Rowlands, Andree Corday, Richard Green, Walter Hyde, Arthur Winckworth, Bert Gilbert, J.T. MacCallum, William Waite, Gilbert Laye, Margaret Parker, Madge Greet, Susie Nainby, Dixon Blackburn and Leonard James (16-page booklet) (outer back wrap colour advert for champagne) VG














(n)£65.00 first night



(q)£65.00 first night





(a) Henrik Ibsen's Latest Play THE MASTER BUILDER (For the First Time in England) Cast: (inscribed T.F.Howell Wed. Mat. 22.2.93)

(b) GO-BANG Farcical Comedy by Adrian Ross and Osmond Carr (inscribed T.F.Howell 16.3.94) Cast: Grattan, Playfair, Geo. Grossmith, Junr., JESSIE BOND etc. (three-fold coloured card) VG scarce


(b)£60.00 scarce



(a) CUPBOARD LOVE Farce (Mon. Aug. 22nd, 1870) by F. Hay/ TWO ROSES Comedy by J. Albery/ DON CARLOS Burlesque by Conway Edwards. Condition fair (lilac)

(b) A FEARFUL FOG Farce (Sat. Sept. 9th, 1871) by F.Hay/ APPLE BLOSSOMS! Comedy by James Albery/ THE ORANGE TREE Fairy Tale by Henry J. Byron. Condition fair (lilac)

(c) TWO ROSES Comedy (Oct. 31st, 1874: 343rd Night) by James Albery/ GREEN OLD AGE Musical Improbability by R. Reece. The Music composed Messrs. F. Clay, &c/ LEGACY LOVE Comedietta by Ernest Cuthbert. Condition fair

(d) AULD ACQUAINTANCE Drama (Fri. Dec. 3rd, 1880) by J.Dilly/ THE GUV'NOR Comedy by E.G. Lankester (120th Night). Condition good

(e) A DARK NIGHT'S BRIDAL Poetical Comedy (Wed. June 15th, 1887) by Robert Buchanan, founded on a Prose Sketch by Mr. R. L. Stevenson)/ SOPHIA Comedy (350TH PERFORMANCE) by Robert Buchanan (founded on Henry Fielding'd TOM JONES). Condition good

(f) MEADOW SWEET Comedy (Sat. Feb.8, 1880) by Terra Cotta/ CLARISSA by Robert Buchanan (founded on Richardson's novel). Condition poor and detached (photo. on cover)

(g) THE BROTHERS Play (undated) by Henry Byatt/ JOSEPH'S SWEETHEART Comedy-Drama by Robert Buchanan (founded on Henry Fielding's novel JOSEPH ANDREWS). Condition frail/poor and detached

(h) THE ROAD TO RUIN Comedy (undated) by Holcroft/ RUY BLAS RIGHTED Burlesque by R. Reece/ A HAPPY CRUISE Comedietta by Ernest Cuthbert. Condition fair

(i) MEADOW SWEET Comedy (undated) by Terra Cotta/ MISS TOMBOY Comedy by Robert Buchanan (based on Sir John Vanbrugh's Comedy THE RELAPSE). Condition good (with photo on cover)

(j) WARNING TO BATCHELORS Comedietta (undated) by James Mortimer/ LONDON ASSURANCE Comedy by Boucicault/ CAMARALZAMAN Extravaganza by Henry J. Byron. Condition fair (lilac)

(k) SCHOOL FOR SCANDAL Comedy (379th Night) by Sheridan/ ORANGE TREE Extravaganza ny Byron/ BUBBLE & SQUEAK Farce by F. Hay. Condition fair

(l) HEDDA GABLER Ibsen's Last Play. For the first time in England (5 matinee performances only : Mon. April 27 - Fri. May 1) by Special Arrangement with Edmund Gosse and W.H.Heinemann under the joint management of Elizabeth Robins & Marion Lea (inscribed T.F.Howell Mat. Wed. 29.4.91) (upright cover/landscape interior & outside back page). Cast: Scott Buist, Elizabeth Robins, Henrietta Cowen, Marion Lea, Charles Sugden, Arthur Elwood, Patty Chapman (Programme of Music includes pieces by Grieg) VG scarce

(m) QUALITY STREET Comedy by J.M.Barrie (inscribed T.F. Howell 25/9/2). Cast: Seymour Hicks, A. Vane-Tempest, Stanley Brett, George Shelton, Charles Daly, George Hersee, Marion Terry, Henrietta Watson, Irene Rooke, Constance Hyem, May Taverner, Rosina Filippi, Winifred Hall, dith Heslewood, Ellaline Terriss (some foxing to central fold, ow good (with green ribbon)












(l)£125.00 scarce



WALDORF THEATRE, Aldwych, Strand:

SHE STOOPS TO CONQUER by Oliver Goldsmith. Programme of Music includes Edward German's THE CONQUERER. Condition fair, centre pages loose (with photos of Mr. Cyril Maude and Miss Wnifred Emery)



(a) SOUVENIR : WYNDHAM'S THEATRE Charing Cross Road. Corner of Cranbourne Street. Opened Nov: 16th, 1899 (fully-illustrated with line-drawings and photographs including portraits of Charles Wyndham and Mary Moore) pp16 VG

(b) CYRANO DE BERGERAC by M. Rostand. Adapted from the French by Stuart Oglvie and Louis N. Parker (inscried T.F.Howell 23/4/1900). Cast: Charles Wyndham, Kendrick, Robertshaw, Mary Moore pp8 VG pp8

(c) NOBODY'S DAUGHTER Play (12 September, 1910) by George Paston. Photos of artistes : Gerald Du Maurier, Lilian Braithwaite etc. Condition good

(d) WHEN KNIGHTS WERE BOLD by Charles Marlowe (printed date 13/4/08)







(a) Mr. Fred G. Latham's Company presents THE SECOND MRS. TANQUERAY by Arthur W. Pinero (inscribed T.F.Howell Sat. 17.11.94). Cast: C.Aubrey Smith, James Lindsay, Henry Benfield, R.G.Legge, H. Lane Bayliff, W. Strickland, G.T. Edwards, Marjorie Griffiths, Mrs Fordyce, Cynthia Brooke, Gwendolen Floyd dir. George Alexander (with indisposition slip) (four-fold card) FINE (with Cardiff Football Fixtures 1894/95)

(b) FAREWELL VISIT OF HENRY IRVING AND HIS COMPANY (inscribed T.F.Howell 19* & 20**/9/4). THE MERCHANT OF VENICE*; BECKET** by Alfred Lord Tennyson; THE LYONS MAIL by Charles Reade); WATERLOO by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle); THE BELLS (folded across)

(a) £45.00




(a) L'ILLUSTRATION : Mlle Magnier (cover engraving) (inscribed T.F.Howell Tu. 13.5.90) (folded card approx. 10.5 x 16 cms) LE SANGLIER Comedie de M.A.Bisson/ FEU TOUPINEL Comedie de M.A.Bisson VG scarce

(b) L'ILLUSTRATION : M.F. Febvre (cover engraving) (inscribed T.F.Howell Tu. Wed. 21.5.90) (folded card approx. 10.5 x 16 cms) Comedie-Francaise LE DEMI-MONDE de M. Alexandre Dumas fils VG scarce

(c) L'ILLUSTRATION (inscribed T.F.Howell 14/6/98) (pp12 paper booklet with ribbon approx. 10 x 15.5 cms) ZAZA Comedie de MM. Pierre Berton et Charles Simon (with illustrated biographies) scarce

(a) and (b) £50.00 each scarce

(c)£65.00 scarce


Amateur Programmes (many with ticket stubs and press cuttings) @ £1.00 each:

1. Seattle G&S Society THE GRAND DUKE July 1999

2. Rock Ferry AOS PF and Pineapple Poll March 1988 Floral Pavilion, New Brighton, Wirral, Liverpool

3. Martins OS THE GRAND DUKE Neptune Theatre, Liverpool March 1976

4. Deeside G&S AOS: THE ZOO/ PF Floral Pavilion, New Brighton Oct.. 1982

5. Deeside G&S AOS: UTOPIAN LIMITED Floral Pavilion, New Brighton Oct. 1988

6. Summer Youth Theatre, Southport Arts Centre PP 1984

Preston G&S Society:

7. PP Sat. Feb.7. 1981 Grand Hall, Guild Hall, Preston

8. PF/ TJ April 1988

9. PC May 1991

10. PP Guild Year April/May 1992

11. IO April/May 1993

12. Ruby Year leaflet 1994

13. GN April 1995

14. Preston Musical Comedy Society : HOT MIKADO Nov. 2003

15. Three Towns OS MK May 1994

16. Three Towns OS PF May 1995

17. Friends in Unison : RG Aughton Village Hall June 1994 (Ormskirk, Lancs)

Wigan G&S Society:

18. SO March 1988

19. MK April 1989

20. PF March 1990

21. PI March 1994

The St. Helens Catholic Amateur G&S Society:

22. SO Oct 1975

23. YG Golden Jubilee of Society Nov 1976

24. IO Nov 1977

25. RG Oct 1978

26. MK Oct 1979

27. PC Oct 1980

28. PF Oct 1981

29. GN Oct 1982

30. PI 0ct 1983

31. TJ/ PP March 1985

32. YG March 1986

33. IO March 1987

34. MK March 1988

35. SO March 1989

36. GN March 1990

37. PF Oct 1990

Crosby G&S AOS :

38. UL Neptune Th. Liverpool Jan 1973

39. MK Jan 1974

40. PP Jan 1975

41. Metropolitan Borough of Sefton/ Crosby Arts Association Souvenir Brochure `75 Centenary Gilbert & Sullivan Mon. 13th Oct. 1975

42. YG Jan 1976

43. RG Jan 1977

44. GN Jan 1978

45. PC Jan 1979

46. IO Jan 1980

47. PI Jan 1981

48. PF/ TJ Jan 1982

49. SO Jan 1983 (producer Betti Lloyd-Jones)

50. MK Jan 1984 (producer Betti Lloyd-Jones)

51. PP Jan 1985 (producer Betti Lloyd-Jones)

52. UL Feb 1986 (producer Betti Lloyd-Jones)

53. RG Jan 1987 (Souvenir Programme) (producer Betti Lloyd-Jones)

54. YG Jan 21 1988 (producer Betti Lloyd-Jones) with Geoffrey Shovelton (+ press cuttings), Neptune Theatre, Liverpool

55. YG Oct 1988 Centenary Production (producer Betti Lloyd-Jones) Crossby Civic Hall 3 Oct.with Geoffrey Shovelton

56. PC Jan 1989

57. IO Jan 1990

58. TJ/ PF Jan 1991

59. UL Centenary Concert Crosby Civic Hall 7 Oct 1993

60. SO Jan 1994

61. PP Jan 1996

A Bentley Production at the Neptune Theatre:

62. TJ/ PF March 1978

63. PI Feb/March 1979

64. MK March 1980

The Ormskirk AO & DS :

65. GN April 1969

66. MK April 1972

67. PP April 1975

68. TJ/ PF April 1978

69. MK April 1982

70. Selection from G&S Sat. 3 Dec 1983

71. PP May 1990

72. Opera d'Piccola : TJ St. George's Hall, Liverpool Aug. 1995

University of Liverpool G&S Society:

73. GD Feb 1978

74. RG June 1978

75. PP June 1979

76. SO June 1981

77. Liverpool City Opera : TJ July/Aug. 1999 in the Courtroom of St. George's Hall, Liverpool

78. Opera Times Late Edition TJ Aug 2000

Chorlton Operatic Society:

79. DOROTHY April, 1920

80. YG December, 1922

81. GN March/April, 1925

82. IO January, 1926

83. The Heston & Isleworth Light Opera Company RUDDIGORE Nov./Dec. (late 1940's/early 1950's)

84. Twickenham AOS THE MIKADO April 1944

85. Twickenham AOS THE GONDOLIERS Oct./Nov. 1945

86. Twickenham AOS UTOPIA LIMITED April/May 1946

87. Twickenham AOS IOLANTHE April (1947)

88. Twickenham AOS TRIAL BY JURY and H.M.S. PINAFORE (1948)

89. Thames-Side Opera Club THE MIKADO Feb. 1952


£1.00 each
1819 1932 PALACE THEATRE, MANCHESTER. Archie Pitt presents GRACIE FIELDS In Revue WALK THIS WAY. Monday, Nov. 16 for Two Weeks. Prior to Presentation at The Winter Garden Theatre, London. Written and Produced by Archie Pitt. Special Lyrics and Music by Gordon Courtney pp8  


1. c.1980 Stockton Tressle Favourites (two-fold A5 card)

2. The Tranters Are Coming (three fold A5 card) (c.1982)

3. 1985 Grand Celebrity Concert featuring Hinge & Bracket with the Stockport Symphony Orchestra. Sat. 9th February

4. c.1985 "Those Dear Ladies" in "Our Lovely Days" (a) glossy A4 two-fold (b) pink paper A4 two-fold (folded across)

5. The Hinge Bikers Guide to the Parish. Stackton Tressel, Suffolk (A5 booklet)




(4)(a)£5.00 (b)£4.00


1821 1959 Christmas Pantomime PALACE THEATRE, Manchester ROBINSON CRUSOE with NORMAN WISDOM (folded acroos, ow good) £15.00


(a) The Opera House, Manchester Tuesday 2nd February, 1937 for Five Nights. Daniel Mayer Company tour : Elsa Lanchester @£8.00

(b) The Opera House, Manchester Tuesday 30th March, 1954 for Five Days. Daniel Mayer Company tour : Pat Kirkwood @ £8.00

(c) 1958 Scala Theatre directed by Patrick Desmond. Produced by the Daniel Mayer Company. Pictorial Souvenir @ £10.00

(d) The Opera House, Manchester Week Commencing Monday, 23rd February, 1959. Daniel Mayer Company tour : Sarah Churchill @ £6.00

(e) Palace Theatre, Manchester Tom Arnold's adaptation on ICE of Walt Disney's Masterpiece : c.1963 (central cast list - a couple of thumb prints) @ £5.00

(f) General Souvenir Brochure of above @ £10.00









1. Combined Programme Souvenir Tower Palace and Grand Vol.9. No.10 Auguest 31st, 1931 (with illustrated coloured wraps - splendid picture of The Grand on the outside back cover). Inside : stunning coloured illustrations of Interior of The Grand Theatre and Grand Theatre Foyer. Cast list of GERALD Du MAURIER in THE WARE CASE. Fair copy @ £20.00

2. Monday 28th Oct. for One Week 1985 PERCHANCE TO DREAM starring Simon Ward @ £5.00

3. Season Brochure 1991 at the Blackpool Grand Theatre (A4) (Feb - June) @ £4.00

4. Season brochore 1991/92 at the Blackpool Grand Theatre (A4) (Oct. - April) @ £4.00

5. Season brochure 1992/93 at the Blackpool Grand Theatre agenda (A4) (Oct. - March) @ £4.00

6. Season brochure 1894-1994 Centenary Year 1993/94 at the Blackpool Grand Theatre (A4) (Oct - March) @ £4.00

7. Season Brochure March - July 1997 @ 3.00

Available singly (or as a lot @ £35.00)

ID Category Composer Description Price
1688 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral CITY OF BIRMINGHAM ORCHESTRA SUNDAY CONCERTS AT THE GRAND THEATRE. Second Season, 1921-22. Seventh Concert, October 23rd, 1921. Conductor : Appleby Matthews. Beethoven Egmont Overture; Beethoven Symphony No.8; 3 Songs by Ireland/Butterworth sung by Fred Roberts; Berlioz Faust; Berlioz Serenade for Two Flutes and Harp; Elgar Pipes of Pan & Jarnefelt songs sung by Fred Roberts; Grainger Irish Reel £4.00
67 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral HALLE Floral Hall, Promenade, Southport Saturday 17th October, 1970 at 7.45 p.m £1.00
68 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral HALLE Another Southport programme: BBC Northern Symphony Orchestra 26 Oct. 1971 £1.00
69 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral HALLE Orchestral Programme: Liverpool Philharmonic Society. The Saturday Series. Paul Tortellier, soloist. Cond. John Pritchard. Saturday 8 Oct. 1960 £2.00
70 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral HALLE Orchestral Programme: Liverpool Philharmonic Society Tuesday Subscription Concert Tue. 25 April 1967. Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King £1.00
752 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral LA TRAVIATA with An English Version and the Music of the Principal Airs at Her Majesty's Theatre (Haymarket) 1877 (inscribed with cuttings) (strung together as spine frail). Davidson's Musical Opera-Book pp28 £25.00
753 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral GLYNDEBOURNE Festival Opera 23 May - 4 August 1968. Tchaikovsky YEVGENY ONYEGIN, Cavalli L'ORMINDO, Mozart DIE ENTFUHRUNG AUS DEM SERAIL, Donizetti ANNA BOLENA 96pp £3.00
754 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral PARSIFAL Royal Opera House Covent Garden Wednesday 25 June 1980 The 97th performance at the Royal Opera House £2.00
755 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral PROMENADE CONCERTS 1937 Friday 20 August: Beethoven; Bridge; Handel cond. Henry Wood. BBC £5.00
756 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral HENRY WOOD PROMENADE CONCERTS Fifty-Third Season 1947. BBC £5.00
1160 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral International Celebrity Subscription Concerts.

Season 1937-38

HAROLD HOLT presents

List of Artists in the famous series (on inside cover); Menuhin Tour dates
for 1938 at back of programme

Photograph of a young Menuhin + biography

Concert includes Sonata No.32 in F major (K 376) by Mozart; Sonata No.2 in A
minor by Bach; Concerto in E minor opus 64 by Mendelssohn; other pieces by
Wieniawski, Locatelli, Dvorak-Persinger, Sarasate

Adverts for HMV recordings (including Menuhin and Beecham)

Condition : good (with colour cover)

1175 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral ROYAL OPERA HOUSE, COVENT GARDEN Tue. 3rd Dec., 1963. MADAMA BUTTERFLY by Puccini. MD Georg Solti. Cast: Turp, Bowman, Veasey, Savoie etc. £5.00
1178 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral ROYAL SHAKESPEARE THEATRE, Stratford-upon-Avon Winter Season 1963-64. Sadler's Wells Opera COSI FAN TUTTE by Mozart. Cond. Davis. Cast: Hillman, Morgan, Dowling etc. £3.00
1174 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral SADLER'S WELLS THEATRE Sadler's Wells Opera. IDOMENEO by Mozart. Wed. 1 Dec. 1965. MD Colin Davis. Cast: June, Wakefield, Kentish etc. £5.00
1176 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral ROYAL OPERA HOUSE, COVENT GARDEN Wed. 12 Oct. 1966. DAS RHEINGOLD by Wagner. Cond. Solti. Cast: Robson, Minton, Guy, Neidlinger etc. £5.00
1177 Programmes/Opera & Orchestral ROYAL SHAKESPEARE THEATRE, Stratford-upon-Avon Winter Season 1967-68. Sadler's Wells OperaTHE MAGIC FLUTE by Mozart. Cond. Balkwill. Cast: Mayall, Chapman, Barstow etc. £3.00
1168 Programmes/Ballet ROYAL OPERA HOUSE, COVENT GARDEN London

For Four Weeks only, Sept. 28th to Oct. 24th (1920's?)

Anna Pavlova supported by Laurent Novikoff, Alexandre Volinine, Ivan Clustine. Conductor: Theodore Stier pp12 + cover (b&w photos): Polonia by Elgar; Amarilla by Glazounoff and Drigo etc. (staples rusted)

1198 PROMENADE CONCERTS QUEEN'S HALL PROMENADE CONCERTS 1938 Sat. 20 August with Alfredo Campoli £8.00
1200 Programme/Orchestral CITY HALL, Cape Town City of Cape Town Municipal Ochestra. Concert: 7 June, 1942 (outer back wrapper grubby) £10.00
1201 PROMENADE CONCERTS Royal Albert Hall Winter Series Friday 19 Jan. 1951 £6.00
1202 Programmes/Ballet Royal Opera House, Covent Garden BALLET SEASON 1952 SLEEPING BEAUTY Sat. 26 Jan £5.00
1203 Programmes/Ballet Royal Opera House, Covent Garden BALLET SEASON 1955 SLEEPING BEAUTY Sat. 25 June £5.00
1204 Programmes/Ballet Sadler's Wells Theatre THE ROYAL BALLET Season 1957 COPPELIA 2 July 3 Weeks £5.00
1205 Programmes/Opera Sadler's Wells Theatre SADLER'S WELLS OPERA: LA BELLE HELENE 4 Jan. 1964 £5.00
1206 Programmes/Opera Sadler's Wells Theatre SADLER'S WELLS OPERA: CARMEN Sat. 8 Feb. 1964 £5.00
1208 SOUVENIR BALLET PROGRAMME from the Rank film FILM (undated - c.1960's) THE BOLSHOI BALLET Filmed in Eastman Colour. A Paul Czinner - I.R. Maxwell Production pp16 A4-sized booklet with colour and b&w photographs £12.00
1217 Programme/Orchestral Royal Albert Hall Special Sunday Concerts Season 1929-30. c.October 13th, 1929: Violin Soli played by WOLFI; Arias/ Songs sung by Mme. JERITZA. £8.00
1218 Programmes/Variety London Coliseum SPECIAL PERFOMANCE Sun. March 28th, 1926 in Aid of The Variety Artistes' Benevolent Fund and Institution. Artistes include GracieFields (staples rusted, pages loose) £4.00
1221 Programmes/Ballet Royal Festival Hall London's Festival Ballet Summer Season 1952 with insert for SWAN LAKE Act I etc. Aug. 20/21st £6.00
1222 Programmes/Ballet Sadler's Wells "THEATRE WORLD" GUIDE TO THE Sadler's Wells Ballet. Text by Audrey Williamson pp20 £6.00
1223 Programmes/Ballet Stoll Theatre FESTIVAL BALLET (undated) with Alicia Markova and Anton Dolin (staples rusted, pages loose) £4.00
1224 Programmes/Ballet Stoll Theatre London's Festival Ballet. Christmas Season 1956 Dec. 19th to Jan. 19th £6.00
1225 Programmes/Ballet Birmingham Hippodrome Royal Opera House Presents The Royal Ballet ROMEO and JULIET/ ONDINE 27 Feb. - 4 March, 1989 £5.00
1226 Programmes/Ballet Palace Theatre Manchester Birmingham Royal Ballet Souvenir May - June, 1997 THE DREAM; CARMINA BURANA; TOMBEAUX; SANCTUM; THE NUTCRACKER SWEETIES £5.00
1227 Magazine DANCE and DANCERS Jan. 1950 : colour cover of CINDERELLA with Helpmann, Grant and Ashton pp22 + Daily Express cutting Jan. 23, 1950 No.1 .. MARGOT FONTEYN £10.00
1228 Magazine DANCE and DANCERS Jan. 1955 (cover: Alicia Markova) pp34 (with Alicia Markova press cutting from Daily Graphic Jan. 7, 1949) £8.00
1229 Programmes/Orchestral THE PHILADELPHIA ORCHESTRA England - Scotland Tour 1949 cond. Eugene Ormandy. Harringay Indoor Arena (London) Sun. June 12th, 1949 (staples rusted) includes FANTASIA film music £10.00
1230 Programmes/Recital Royal Festival Hall Sunday Feb. 12th (c.1954) Beethoven Recital by Julius Katchen (with photo.) £3.00
1231 Programmes/Singer Royal Festival Hall YMA SUMAC The Peruvian Singing Star: souvenir programme flyer + press cuttings May 9, 1954 £10.00
1787 Programmes/Orchestral Royal Festival Hall

COLIN HORSLEY London Philharmonic Orchestra cond. Sir Adrian Boult Friday 1st March 1963 :

Overture Coriolan Op.62 by Beethoven; Concerto No.3, in C Minor, Op.37 for Pianoforte and Orchestra by Beethoven; Concerto No.2, in C Minor, Op.18 for Pianoforte and Orchestra by Rachmaninov; Enigma Variations by Elgar

1662 Programmes/Actors venue unknown Farewell souvenir ill. By C.Buchel : The figures in Charles Buchel's picture (colour) are those of Sir John and Lady Martin-Harvey as Sidney Carton and Mimi (The Only Way) c. 1919 pp4 within card outer wraps £20.00